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  1. I use a lot of wix and webnode, generally for my poetic and gaming hobbies...but was considering starting one for theology-related concepts. I don't feel tremendously spiritually equipped, but I do read my Bible, and my hope in this is that people would kindly correct where I am erring in study, or support a concept or thought maybe they had not considered. Perhaps there are others like me, who really desire to serve Christ but struggle to understand doctrine...a place I am definitely at in my life right now. What do others think--is this a good endeavor? I will say, I would prefer to share these links on worthy Forums as I feel my current Calvinist church may come on a bit too rigid. I also think that if people see how I'm viewing and interpreting, perhaps they can guide me to a denomination that may be better suited, if need be; or if there is a serious doctrinal issue, in regards to salvation particularly, they I may be corrected.
  2. I do understand this sentiment, where grace should be shown...however we must not let grace mean a tolerance of sin, both of our own and of others. If all sin were permissible, then Paul had virtually no reason to visit Corinth. The whole point of the majority of Paul's voyage was to a). spread the Gospel; b). correct false gospels and c). rebuke those living in sin. As far as I can see, the most descriptive example of how we show grace is exemplified by the incestual and immoral man in Corinth, who is rebuked, but whom also repents, and Paul instructs Corinth not only to forgive, but COMFORT, and reaffirm their love (this word reaffirm is the Greek is exemplified by actions, not just a restoration of membership, as most churches today would do).
  3. "Of those 80 percent of Christians who said they have had sex before marriage, 64 percent have done so within the last year and 42 percent are in a current sexual relationship, said Relevant writer Tyler Charles, analyzing the study that did not look into religious identification initially." -https://www.christianpost.com/news/are-most-single-christians-in-america-having-sex.html Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States, with 65% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2019.[1] This is down from 85% in 1990, 81.6% in 2001,[2] and 12% lower than the 78% reported for 2012.[3] About 45% of those polled claim to be members of a church congregation.[4] The United States has the largest Christian population in the world, with approximately 167 million Christians, although other countries have higher percentages of Christians among their populations.[5] -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_the_United_States Let's not get started on the arguments on doctrinal issues as well. But I want to point out that 65% of people call themselves Christians, and of that 65% of American Christian, 64% promote and engage premarital sex. of those 65% professing faith, 45% are actual attenders. I would imagine there would still be 64% of that 45%, perhaps the percentage might be lower, maybe theorize 50% of the 45%, which would lead me to believe that roughly half of the "devout Christians" are only devout in attendance, but not devout in their relationship with Christ. Granted, we are all saved by grace, but for people to renounce one of the most basic behavioral (non-salvific) doctrines is quite alarming. Could you imagine, half of the single people in your church were engaged in premarital sex? But yet, there is hope if they repent. but it must be said...what are they being taught that is either leading them falsely, or what is not being taught, that they might refrain from such sin?
  4. https://www.christianpost.com/news/the-bachelorette-widespread-premarital-sex-among-christians.html Not by much....61% admit to regularly doing it while 80% said they would do it https://www.christianpost.com/news/the-bachelorette-widespread-premarital-sex-among-christians.html And this from a CHRISTIAN source!
  5. 67% of women professing to be Christian engage in premarital sex actively and promote it. so 67% of professing Christian women are not really Christian?
  6. I am in no way criticizing believers for their "past" failures prior to conversion. I am specifically referring to those who profess to know Christ and claim they are devout followers, yet "willfully engage in continuous pursuit of the bad boy."
  7. I wasn't trying to sum it up, I was just making a correction in one statement that this particular sin is not limited to men. Many times Christians have this idea that men are the only ones that struggle with lust, and that just isn't true.
  8. I mostly agree with this..however I would note that females have just as strong desires as the men.
  9. You must take into account that I myself was secular for 20 years, so would have had secular knowledge. Not only this, but there are many testimonies of female Christian's, on the internet admitting to willfully pursuing the bad boys for sex. However, they usually do feel guilt afterward,. The percentage is 80% of female christiand having sex before marriage, and that's just the ones that admit it. I am not smearing..those are facts. I only seek to understand why, and explain why I feel like a failure for being good but not desired.
  10. lol I don't claim to know a lot about the opposite sex...only what I've read from multiple sources. And they are in agreement...secular sources cite bad boys bragging about the Christian women they bedded..Christian sources espouse the woman regretting her taste for bad boys. The problem is if you truly want a God-honoring, saving herself for marriage Christian woman who also desires a goody goody Christian man who prays, read his Bible, and is generally kind...I have rarely found that woman...and if I have...she was already married. Yes, we're all sinful...but once we're regenerated, we are not to live in accordance with the flesh. And let's remember we're talking about devout Christian girls here...not the secular girls whom later converted.
  11. What I typically find is that most Christian women have a "wild bad boy phase" and will ultimately land the Christian man once their innocence has been robbed. I find truly devout Christian women are not a majority, but a rarity. I wish I had some statistic on this, but I don't think you can measure a person's heart.
  12. This isn't a one-off church...this is mostly referencing what I've seen posted from secular sources, both prior and after conversion...and also somewhat experiential from what I've seen over several churches. I would like to stress that there are always exceptions...but it is very rare. I do have a couple friends who married good Christian girls with good morals. In fact, one girl from one of my churches married Brett Harris... author of Do Hard Things and the son of Josh Harris...but that brings about a whole other tangent which I don't even know how to talk about.
  13. I can't seem to shake this notion that the majority of women, especially attractive women (even Christian women), only want the stereotypical bad boy--tattoos, motorcycle, cuss word, slept with more than a dozen women....even their religious background is not important. Having been subjected to secular culture, it is apparent that the secular man will, in many cases, specifically pursue the goody goody Christian girl, and rejoice at all their successes...and what's worse, in most stories, they tell of a woman who pursued them first. I should point out, that these accounts seem pretty reliable, as they do make note that not all women are like this, and have found the are deeply devout girl who would completely reject them, but for the most part, these bad boys are successful and bringing Christian women to bed. But my problem is, why do women fall for it? There are plenty of upstanding men in the church, and yet, the women reject the men who regularly attend church, pray, read their Bible...even the outgoing ones that share their faith. While I don't claim to be good, I don't go out of my way to be evil...but I have noticed a few things: When I first attended church as a non Christian...women were all over me...until I converted...then they wanted me no more...until I had an angry moment where I yelled at the entire church to be quiet as pastor was vying for people to sit down and I was annoyed....I remember very vividly that day being approached by several attractive ladies. I also remember being pursued only when I would leave the church for a while. Recently, a Christian girl said she wanted to befriend every single coworker of hers...I didn't agree this was necessarily a good idea, but that she should be careful...even though she was annoyed at first, she and her friend began texting me 5 times a day...when I responded nicely, asking how their day was...they backed off. I know nobody is perfect, but at some level this makes me feel like I have to be a degenerate if I actually want to find a woman to marry.
  14. I can recall that day when I first felt called by God through Jesus Christ; the miraculous events that led to a new heart wanting to know more about God and Jesus Christ. And within the first few days, I pored over the Gospel of Matthew (because, let's face it, it's the best book in the Bible, and I struggle with pride); there were beautiful words; in particular the Beautitudes--specifically the verse that says "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God,' as an overwhelming rush of desire to make things right with everyone I had wronged over the years came about...though I had thought that wasn't very many. But more than this, two little words were illuminated like nothing else. The words were "stop sinning." In context, it refers to a promiscuous woman caught in adultery; but what did I know, this was my first time reading I hadn't developed any sort of spiritual practice. I just read the Bible, and here were words I couldn't fathom. Stop sinning. The only Christian I knew said that my translation was hard to understand and the only thing that matters is if a church teaches the name Jesus. I couldn't help but wonder if that was true, what was the point of the entire book? I hadn't yet come to passages that mention even demons believe in Jesus. And in the face of this comment from my friend, the words "Stop sinning" kept resonating. I had no idea why. I knew there was something there...but I couldn't quite figure out what...surely we can't truly stop sinning and be perfect...so why was it there? Did the adulterous woman change into a perfect person after her encounter with Jesus? When I first looked at Paul, he seemed completely changed into a perfect being (mostly because I hadn't actually read the entire Bible at that time). So as I continued reading my Bible and looking for answers, I would make sure I "wouldn't sin" everywhere I went. If I saw a piece of trash in the park, you can rest assured I would stop dead in my tracks and make sure that park was "cleansed from all unrighteousness." And then "it" happened. I know the Bible says to love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you...I assumed that meant non-believers. I had already experienced the mocking from my own immediate family for my newfound faith; so I thought this verse was reserved for them, and maybe some other haters...I never expected lifelong Christians to spew forth venomous hate...yet that's exactly what happened. I felt completely justified in what I had been "doing" and who I "was" because I "wasn't that bad." I hadn't cussed in years, didn't party, do any illegal substances, wasn't having sex, and was generally "the good kid who stayed out of trouble." By staying out of trouble, that means living in constant fear and rarely interacting with anybody. It's easy to be on your best behavior if you avoid everyone else's behavior. But then came people who believed they were saved by grace...but had no knowledge of repentance or righteousness. Nor did I. Once my friend's accusations hit me with insult after insult, basically rejecting me for things that were not even sin. I felt as though me, the little new Christian, was being persecuted by the Christians. And yet, rather then "restoring gently" I began reviling, trying to show my friend all the things the Bible said that said they were dead wrong! I felt justified, because I "hadn't done anything wrong." But I was devastated, I lost my family for my faith and lost my only Christian friend because of my faith...so all those "sins" I never did? I did them. Not only did I do them...I did them with all the other "so-called Christians." In one event, even the brother of my then friend by mere chance. I drank with them...sang worship songs while intoxicated beyond repair, smoked weed illegally, had sex with one of the church leader's daughters. I felt guilty...but nobody knew what repentance was there. When I went to college, the very first Bible Study they had was about repentance and forgiveness...and thats when I realized that justification does come from ourselves or other people; justification comes from faith in Jesus Christ alone...but faith is marked by obedience...and one they key elements to Jesus is that he is not only Savior, but LORD; if we have not made Him Lord, then there is no way to repent; it is only in recognizing His Godliness that we find pardon for our sin; and His ability to change our lives through that which He was revealed through His Word.
  15. Well yes and no. Generally I have believed that the Word teaches oneness, unity, and not division, and I am of the opinion that Dr. Cloud is promoting division (albeit he will never call it that). I suppose what is actually going on is that I have found most Calvinists are more devoted to their study of the Word than most other groups I have been a part of..and for this reason perhaps am more inclined to hear SCRIPTURALLY how to discern between both positive and negative teachings of Cloud. However, it should be noted that Cloud, in his video for necessary endings, states that God is separate from us post conversion, there by terminating the relationship aspect of Christianity, and claims that prayer and obedience do not work without psychological counseling of wise believers....one would assume him, a service for which he charges...these claims seemed awfully heretical to claim what God can and cannot do. Ultimately my goal here: discern on good biblical theology using the Word.
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