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  1. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    "And you don't know the power of the dark side" OK all joking aside, I once was a Christian like you. I am not ignorant of the gospel or what Christian's mean when they converse in their spiritual language.
  2. GhostMutt

    Gabbing about Jesus

    Why don't Christians today emulate the miracle's that Jesus did, didn't he say that if you just have faith you can do the thing's he did? I'd like to think that Christianity is more than talk & Bible study, that God's power would follow his believers.
  3. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Actually current day psychology says that no one can change you, and the only one who can change you is you.
  4. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    I've read your holy book & I find it lacking.
  5. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Welcome to me then.
  6. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Why does Jesus need you to convince me of his presence.
  7. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    I'd have something to say if I knew what you were talking about.
  8. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Not if Jesus needs you, no.
  9. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Real change has to come from yourself otherwise you'll change into someone you don't want.
  10. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    A few verses waved over your morning flapjacks won't change the reality of who you are inside.
  11. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Time to run away, arhhh!......run away.......run away.
  12. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    Your Jedi mind tricks only work on the feeble minded.
  13. GhostMutt

    A short intro

    No mate, I'm going to face whatever is before me with some integrity.
  14. GhostMutt

    For those with anxieties

    Commanded not to fear, indeed. But this is not possible overall, and I find it tiresome to hear that we can be completely free of fear (Just say some Bible verses over yourself & the fear will melt away) May I ask as who made the chemical that causes fear? "Only fools have no fear" Worf.