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  1. Alex44

    Love of Money

    Can I love money if I’m using it to increase my love for the Bible, and still be saved?
  2. Can I love money if I’m using it to increase my love for the Bible, and still be saved?
  3. Alex44


    I watched a video on youtube that said narcissits are reprobates. I have three general questions. I seem to fit all of the qualities of a true narcissist. I am scared. can I be redeemed? some say that you never know how far gone they are but what is the point of trying if I truly have believed im one for years? why not just accept im going to hell? also what is hell like?
  4. Hypothetically, if someone was a reprobate, what is God's will/command for them?
  5. Alex44


    Can the Bible save someone from a seared conscience?
  6. Alex44


    What should I do if I know I’m reprobate? Someone just told me I am. I have been struggling with this for so long, but when someone confirms this to you, it stings.
  7. I have a question about a serious issue, and i dont know if i should post it here, but feel free to move it to whatever section. I have a confession. Just to go over briefly, i had an experience in april of 2017 in which i bore witness that God told me to kill myself. regardless of that insanity, i have a confession to make, that i am not proud of. I know this is of the Devil certainly. I am actually looking forward to hell. Im deluded guys and im crying in desperation. I have been dealing with this "april bearing witness (stated above) shi* so long that its totally taking away all my sanity. Guys i dont know what to do. Ive gotten so much counsel for this. help
  8. Larry this is the same person, and I am very serious about this. Sorry it took forever to respond but this thing is just back and forth. I’d like salvation. Oh, PLEASE RESPOND.
  9. I am going through a troubling time in life. I had a traumatic experience in April, in which I ‘thought’ the Holy Sprit told me to kill myself, because I was becoming more and more reprobate everyday, and only heaping up punishment. Now I know do not kill is a command, but this was something I bore witness to, and have prayed about for a year and a half, and still bear witness to this experience. Now I struggle with mental illness, but I beat witness that this is more of a spiritual issue. I’ve been to so many shrinks that shrug this off. I was just praying to the Holy Spirit and I did my best not to harden my heart and ‘force a voice of my own, and as I softened me heart each time the Holy Spirit said something like..’why didn’t you do it yet’? I know 100 rationally this sounds like demons but I TRULY BEAR WITNESS to this voice with an inner knowing, deep down inside, that it is God! Please leave this question here and take it seriously because I am struggling very much with this. I want mature Christians to answer this. God bless.
  10. Alex44

    Seared Conscience

    This is a very serious question because I bear witness to this. I feel in little ways ever since I can remember, I have hardened my heart against God. The Bible talks about a seared conscience. This point of no return. I know Ive disobeyed my conscience ever since I was a child deep down inside. I really fear its sheared. What do I do?
  11. Alex44


    Please be honest. Hypothetically, if a person was legit considered reprobate, what should that person do?
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