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  1. Thank you! 😃 2 Cor. 10:4-5 That is probably my most used Bible verse lol
  2. Thank you! I've been creeping on the chat room but i'm far too shy to say anything lol
  3. Hi thanks for the welcome! Yes i am a believer
  4. THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE WELCOME! REALLY APPRECIATE IT! @IainL AH! lol i'm so excited that there's a fellow South African on here... makes me feel less anxious for some reason. which is strange considering i dont "know" you but the fact that we're on the same continent at least and yea lemme stop bc i can go on and on about anything lol
  5. banshee LOL😄 Thanks for the welcome x
  6. "Congratulations! You have won. Its a year's subscription of bad puns." Nah i'm kidding. Hi! I'm Orielle from South Africa. I have no idea how this site works so i'm just going to creep on here until i figure it out.
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