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  1. Testimony of the day Jesus saved my husband from almost dying. It was near the end of the year 2007, I never wrote down the exact date. My husband worked nightshift on that night. I remember it was 20:00 when I walked to the kitchen and in the doorway I heard "Pray for Jannie's safety" I immediately walked in the kitchen and started praying for my husband's safety. The next morning when he came home, I asked him if anything happened that night. He said yes, I was almost dead. I asked what happened. (Back then he worked for a fuel pellets company where they made pellets out of sawdust) He told me he was standing in front of the furnace because the damper didn't want to work, so he walked out the door to the room where the controls was, to see if everything is okay there. In the meantime the furnace exploded. This happened around 1 o'clock in the morning. His bosses called him in and showed him on the video camera that it was about 8 seconds after he went away from the firnace, that it exploded exactly where he was standing in his direction. He would have been dead if he did not go look in the control room. We serve such an amazing God and He knows everything and everyone of us.
  2. Testimony The day Jesus saved my soul, the day I was born again, it was mid June 2006, I don't remember the exact date because I did not realise it was a date to remember. Well my mother prayed for me a lot and that day, she came to me (we lived in a granny flat in my parents yard then) telling me that Jesus can come any moment and she went home. She came again and said how soon He could come and then she came a third time, telling me that Jesus could come as soon as tomorrow. Well I asked her what should I then pray to get saved and she told me that Jesus would wash me clean with his blood. I realised that if I should die now, my children would go to heaven and I would go to hell, my youngest was 8 months then and my other son and daughter was at school, they were round about 5 and 8 years old. I remembered when she was gone again that I was standing washing dishes and while I was washing dishes I prayed that Jesus would wash me clean with his blood. When my mother came again that day I told her what happened and I was drying the dishes and the pot fell out of my hand and the word coming out of my mouth was Hallelujah. That was weird and I asked my mother what it meant and she said "Praise God" Well from that day my life totally changed and I am so thankfull to my mother for never giving up on praying for me. It is just awesome to be a child of God!
  3. Hello, I was born again in June 2006 not sure what to write here. Mostly seeking testimonies.
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