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  1. i feel like When God tells me to do something regarding the response to salvation, i procrastinate and chicken out. i feel like i have to do it whole-heartedly or nothing at all. but it is getting harder for me to be saved. what are your thoughts?
  2. Whenever i start crying over a bad day, i get this image of Jesus' feet in my face and im crying at his feet. The alternative reaction to my crying is me saying to myself,"stop crying God wouldn't want you to be crying and stop feeling self-pity!"Which view of God is truly God and which view is the devil? Cant the devil disguise himself as an angel of light??? im so confused! please help!!! I feel like im worshipping Satan! i have Ocd and im a non christian so everything is switched around in my head!! also, sometimes i feel like God wants me to pick up a glass bottle and throw it at the mirror! is this God or the devil? One voice is saying," Don't worry about what the bible says, just come to me!" And the other says in a demanding tone and loving tone, "PEE YOUR PANTS, THROW THE GLASS BOTTLE! STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET!!" are these just intrusive thoughts? the devil? GOD????? im so confused!
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