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  1. i have always thought that sowing a good seed was a act of kindness or something that you do for a person that is nice in general......am i wrong to think that way? i mean it also says you reap what you sow.......i have always understood it as you get what you give....but is there another meaning in the scripture......not to say this is a favor where you do something to get something later on...but something you do from your heart for another person is that what planting a good seed is all about.....just checking my understanding of the bible, hope to hear your thoughts....
  2. I was looking at a sermon around Easter and I have been pondering something he said the Bible is not meant to turn bad people good but to save the lost...but isn't that what is meant by lost that your caught in the world and are doing no good for anyone...when you turn to God and you give your life to following Jesus isn't it expected of you to follow the bible.do good in the name of the Lord not to turn back to what it was you were doing. What is exactly meant by saving the lost and does that mean if I'm saved I can go out and do what ever I want as long as I read the Bible and believe that Christ died on the cross for my sins there for I can sin as much as I want...I know it says in the Bible our good deeds are like cloths of dirt but I'm trying to figure out why should a person do things like respect his neighbor or honor thy mother and father or any of the 10 commandments if it's about saving the lost instead of changing for the good and trying to walk in the light of Jesus..looking forward to some understanding
  3. thanks all for your comments and there is some good God loving answers in them, i have though about it after listening to your comments and i think that fine line that i spoke of is motive.....you can sue out of revenge......your not suppose to but you can ask God to take care of something out of being vengeful (not what you want to do because he will never help out of hatred) but the real core of the issue is what is it that you seek is it to get even or is it to insure others know what has been done and so they will not have to go thru the same thing....handing it over to God i like that because God has a since of putting "poetics" in the justice....kind of putting the person whom victimized you in the same position you were in. I asked this question because i was wronged a long time ago, or from my view was wrong and i havent been able to let it go....i have a chance to get a monetary settlement from this "entity" but what am i going after justice or revenge for the perceived wrong. from what i am learning i have to say that yes my heart has hardened from the events that took place.....perhaps it is best if i stopped perusing the possibility of a big pay day out of revenge and start letting God handle it in his way and in his time. think it is time to walk away and let my heart heal. thanks for your comments i consider this thread closed.
  4. it is said that there is a fine line between revenge and justice what does the bible say about the two and also i like to know what is crossing the line when it comes to justice in one's personal opinion, you can quote scripture if you like but i would like to know what that scripture means to you....
  5. I recently ran into a situation where someone who did something to me in my younger years asked me to do them a favor, I refused on the grounds that I didn't trust the reason why they were asking me to do it....getting into my point......does the simple fact that i do not trust them mean that i have not forgiven him his past transgressions, or do i as a Christian have the right to say "hey i forgive you for what has happened in the past, however I can never trust you not to do it again or trust any actions that you are taking when it comes to the relationship me and you have."
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