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  1. Hello: What does rev 22:12 mean when Christ says he is going to give to everyone one according to his work. 12 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work. Are we not in the age of Grace without works. oh wait, does "his work" mean Christ's work?
  2. Hello. What does rev 22:12 mean when Christ says he will give to everyone according to his work. Are we not in Grace without works? Thanks in advance. 12 “And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.
  3. I don't believe that "anyone" refers to God himself. What you have referred me too does not say God cannot add to or take away from The Word. God is not "anyone", he is "The One". It is God's Word, he created it. It's his to do with as he pleases. I believe that scripture is talking about "anyone" from the flesh. As with a lot of scripture it is how it is revealed to you. If you believe that "anyone" includes God himself, then that is what it is meant to be for your pathway. My pathway reads it differently. And that's the beauty of The Word. And also it appears that the scripture you quoted is specifically talking about the prophecies in the book of Revelation, when it talks about not adding or taking away. When scripture is quoted it must be quoted within the context of its origin. Too many people grab a few lines here and there to prove their point when the original context of the lines or quotes have nothing to do with the proof that's trying to be administered.
  4. Who are any of us to presume what Jesus would or wouldn't do and to state it as a matter of fact at that. There was a man (Paul maybe?) in the New Testament who fell to his knees (in the desert maybe?) at the thundering voice of Jesus talking to him. The other people with this man heard the voice as well. Therefore, scripture does state that Jesus will audibly talk to us. I believe he talks to us all but only those with ears to hear are hearing him. It is not our place to question what Jesus does, when he does it, how he does it and to whom he does it to. If Jesus only lives within the confines of the scripture....well that's just too silly to even comment on. The Word is the Living Word and is so referred to because Jesus is The Word. The Word is alive and therefore continues beyond the confines of the scripture itself. If Jesus does not communicate beyond the scripture, then why bother praying for him to do anything in this present time. If someone believes they received a message from Christ, then it is up to me to see if that message resonates in my life. The message may be solely intended for and to help one specific individual and meaningless for the rest of us. The message may also be a test of our faith as well. I find it very saddening that so many Christian's do not believe that Christ would talk to them. He is our Father, the King of Kings, he loves us beyond our comprehension, how can anyone fathom that he would not to talk to us. As a parent, are you able to never talk to your child. Please reply to this post from your heart and your spirit for that is where the spirit of the Word resides. I would like to hear from your personal self why you believe your Father in heaven would ever think of not talking to you.
  5. Start at page one of the New Testament and read right through and finish on the last page of the New Testament. Do NOT take any notes for the first couple of read throughs because that will be your flesh trying to logically assess the Word. Let the Word speak to you through your reading of it. It will show itself at the times you need it to for it is the Living Word. It is important to allow your flesh to let the Word flow through to your spirit. Just read it. Don't get bogged down on any certain part because you feel you have to understand it. Everytime you read it you will find something new. The key is to read it and let it soak into your spirit as a whole spiritual enlightenment. When your Spirit is ready to dissect certain areas for a greater understanding, then and only then will that understanding become simple and clear. The Word was given to us in its simplest form and understanding. The flesh is what makes it complicated. The Word is waiting to reveal itself to your personal spirit because God created the Word specifically for you. How awesome is that!
  6. ""Jesus doesn't speak to us audibly. "" Really? What New Testament are you reading. ""The way you put it would have Jesus proclaiming salvation by works."" Of course that man in mynickname's testimony is receiving his salvation by works. The law was still alive alive when Christ was alive. Christ was still working within the law. Salvation by Grace/Faith did not begin until after the death and resurrection of Christ. So the only way for that man to gain salvation is by works. It is not up to any of us to judge the validity of mynickname's testimony. He is sharing what Christ has spoken to him. Each of us can believe or disbelieve the message but it is not our place to judge if the message is from Christ. The message is correct because that man lived in the law therefore his only way to salvation was through works. Mynickname, you are surely blessed.
  7. Eyesonly


    Believing that we still sin is what keeps one still in bondage. Sin resided in the law and Christ fulfilled all the requirements of the law. The law is dead through Christ and therefore sin is dead too. Sin does not reside in God's Grace and if you choose to accept God's free gift of Grace you cannot sin and once you accept this, then you will be set free from your bondage. And you are exactly where God wants you to be. Have faith in that and that will help you understand his plan for you. You are the adopted child of the King of Kings and heir to all that is his. How awesome is that.
  8. Learningtoletgo 1) it is you who is to accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. He has already chosen you from before your first breath. It is his gift to you and all you have to do is accept it. 2) I think you might be trying to find some worthiness within yourself as per your example of not being a good enough husband. I'm here to tell you are not worthy in any way of God's love and Grace. You never were and never will be. None of us are and that's why it's a Gift. Stop beating yourself up. God just wants you to accept his unconditional love. No strings attached. You are the adopted child of the King of Kings and heir to all that he has. How awesome is that.
  9. Eyesonly


    Hello everyone. The Lord has guided me to this site to help someone. I would like to say first off that I am nothing without God. I rarely quote from the New Testament. God uses my heart and my spirit to speak his Word. I am just a vessel trudging through the dirt and muck on the frontlines of all our Christian Brothers and Sisters who for some reason continue to battle an already defeated enemy. I am no better than anyone of you nor am I better than the worst criminal you can think of for as they are not worthy of God's love, I too am not worthy of God's love. This is my honesty so you can better decide to approve me or not.
  10. Hello, I just joined bit not sure if I am supposed to open my own thread or posty arrival on someone else's.
  11. Hello, I just joined bit not sure if I am supposed to open my own thread or posty arrival on someone else's.
  12. Hello, I just joined bit not sure if I am supposed to open my own thread or posty arrival on someone else's.
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