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  1. Jubal


    Thank you everyone, it's good to be back. In the second week of Nov my partner lost his life and then I went back to my Lebanon to spend time with my parents. To reflect. To rest. To share the love of Christ. I was reminded that Lebanon is not a great place to rest, haha. And I learned home is where Christ is. North America has its own set of distractions, the traffic, the loose morals; the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. But there's NO place I'd rather be on earth than here. It's so good to be home.
  2. My sister was unsaved when she got cancer and God kept her alive until she was saved. I petition Father to extend your sister's life long enough that she can choose Him, and then to extend many years more that you can enjoy Christ's love together.
  3. Jubal


    Hi everyone and thank you for such a kind welcome!
  4. Hi, thank you for accepting my request to join your church. I'm Jubal, a brother of Rain [Starlyn]. I'm saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. My parents are not Christians. I've known the Lord since around age 8. At age 40 I converted to Islam because I was betrayed by church friends and my Islamic friends treated me with love and respect. I was confused. Last year at age 44 I repented of my unbelief and came back to Jesus. My years as a Muslim weren't for nothing. Now I have a better understanding of Muslims, and I know what they experience on the inside in their lostness, and I can help them.
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