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  1. I've been told multiple times that the whore of babylon from revelation is the Roman Catholic Church and the vatican yet I have read revelation 17 and 18 multiple times and a better match seems to be pagan rome which took place in the time revelation was written, why do people keep claiming that the whore of babylon is the catholic church when alot of the evidence suggests pagan rome
  2. The shroud of turin is a long linen cloth bearing a mysterious image of a man who many claim is Jesus Christ, although radio carbon dating puts the shrouds origins in the middle ages multiple lines of evidence (blood stains, dirt etc.) seem to support it being the burial cloth of Jesus. However another factor to consider is this there is no mention of a linen cloth with the image of Jesus ANYWHERE in the bible, so the question I have is, if the shroud of turin is the burial cloth of Christ why would such a miracle be left out of the bible
  3. In revelation 18 the "merchants of the earth" are mentioned several times my question is are they referring to all the merchants of the earth or at least most of them?
  4. At first I thought the whore of babylon was the Roman Catholic Church but after doing lots of research I discoveredidn't alot of evidence that it's actually ancient pagan rome, the one thing that has me still questioning if the whore of babylon is the catholic church (specifically vatican) is the fact that babylon is identified as a spiritual whore, in the bible a spiritual whore is someone who was in a relationship with God but then went after other gods and ancient pagan rome never had a relationship with God, can anyone help me with this confusion
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