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  1. Definitely keep us posted. Praying.
  2. So my due date is the 16th. Its currently the 15th--I have no idea what my baby is hanging around for lol everything is ready--but I'm kinda not ready. I'm really worried about the birthing process and how painful it'll be. Just hoping you guys pray that God will give me the strength to remain calm and focused and just do this. I'm so nervous. If my baby isn't here tommorow. I think I'll be taken in and induced on the 16th.
  3. I agree. Jesus defintely pointed out the truth and was probably came off harsh. I find some people use Jesus' harsh side as an exscuse to be mean and judgemental towards others. Jesus did it perfectly as he balanced his judgement with mercy and kindness. Where as some people just want an exscuse to throw stones.
  4. I realize my actions and mistakes are the result of how I esteem myself. I just want to get to a place where Im ok with myself. I feel alright..I juat wish I was confident like most people. I keep thinking the more I do or acheive the bettwr Ill fewl about myself but now Im not to sure. After I graduated. I expected to feel amazing but I didn't I just felt the same... I just feel ill just be chasing acheivements in order to feel better about myself. Anywho, what are some practical ways to improve self esteem or instill self love?
  5. Yes very near 4 more days and thank you i ccant wait to work in an office setting.
  6. Im going to need to think of something else. Bc my mom is already working on the furniture. She has tvs and couches here that shes gonna leave him him. I think I can buy him a new bedset. so there's that... Or fix up his bathroom. i know my brother will appreciate having a fully furnished home.
  7. Uhg . i really hate that happened to you. I hate when owners dont pay attention to their dogs and let them harass and bite anyone thats out. That's beyond negligent.
  8. No not a pistol for a dog. A pistol for bigger threats...like in the event of a mugger or a suspicious persons
  9. No. Im pregnant. 9 months. Im thinking about whats most important which is my baby.
  10. Wow thats crazy :/ This world isnt perfect so i defintely want to carry something and protect myself and baby.
  11. I can keep the small dogs under control. Its just they cane to us in bad shape. They arent socialized among a few other things. And yeah were planning on moving soon. As i left for an appointment today I saw another big dog roaming without a leash on. Idk whats wrong with the owners. Its not safe to have your dogs roam like that.
  12. Big dogs are great. Its just after dealing with these small dogs. I feel im not a dog person. I feel they take more work than babies. Maybe when my son gets older ill get a doberman or bullterrier.
  13. Where Im at Ive seen quite a few dogs roam unleashed and it baffles me how irresponsible owners can be. My brother told me a story/ pointer about how when he'd walk to work he'd encouter dogs coming up to him and barking that its best to not run. He'd just stare them down let them sniff and they'd eventually leave him alone. The whole ordeal yesterday made me realize that I need protection not just for myself but my baby too and not only from animals but people that intend to do harm. I hate being vulnerable. Idk i may need a small little pistol or something.
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