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  1. How beautiful. Also why is May 1st known as repentance for the unborn...whats significant about. That day?
  2. Gbu? And yeah.. Im dont experience much morning sickness i feel normal...my friend on the other hand is misersble lol. So i pray ppd skips over me.
  3. Yes. Cna..then hemodialysis and if god willing sonography...if i dont lose my marbles to post partum.
  4. Thats fine. I dont think there is any advice when it comes to mental illness.
  5. I worry about being a. Good mom because i have issues with anxiety and dont want my kid seeing me curles up in a ball ...or juat in a haze on medication because im mentally unwell.
  6. Um. Ill be a new mom soon... I constantly worry about post partum and going crazy. Its my biggest fear bc i not only want to be a good mom to my baby but... I decided ill pursue cna then either hemodialysis or phlebotomy and then sonography... So ill need the faculties of my mind. I dont want to be a burden on others.
  7. Not true. If its paying the exact same as my current job theres no need to waste time.
  8. Like what? I cant make a living off of entry level jobs and im trying hard to just find something i can do.
  9. My mom does cna work. Its back breaking and demeaning shes been spit on and punched. It doesnt appeal at all especially for 10 dollars an hour. Trying to find other avenues.
  10. Youre definitely right. Im just trying to find ways to provide for my baby and me.
  11. I agree. I remember reading an article about abortion and whether a fetus feels pain... And when the Dr was performing the abortion the Dr was shown it on a screen and you could see the fetus prior, resting serene and cozy and when the instrument pryed in the fetus was startled and as it was being ripped apart the Dr could see the fetus silently screaming. It truly was the most disturbing and saddening thing Ive read. Idk i feel passionate bc i am expecting and couldnt imagine inflicting such pain on a small defenseless person. Its so sad. So i do agree with you.
  12. I like it in a way because i dont think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. On the other hand, i dont like that there aren't any exceptions such as rape or incest situations. What are your thoughts?
  13. I did everything they wanted and i still didn't get in. They said my scores were too low however they couldn't tell me what a passing score was so i could know what to shoot for... But oddly enough my score was perfect for rhe other programs. My mom said it sounds like they just want to push me into the CNA program but I know what its about and dont want to do it. So im going to calk Monday and if they cant tell me what the pass/ fail score for each course is. ...then 1) i knew they were trying to strong arm me into cna or pct program and 2) They lied. I just hate i wasted so much time and spent money trying to do this. It was so wrong.
  14. Its a medical program and with me expecting. Ill need to make as much money as i can to take care of my baby. All i need is my background and transcript. Classes start on the 21st of may. I really need a better higher paying job. Then from there i still plan on going back to school. Please pray and i will as well.
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