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  1. This is so true. Its tougher when you have no foundation and times are rough.
  2. Yes. He has to. To know whats in our heart.. Also to seperate wheat from tares. Tests can help to strengthen us.
  3. Yes i really could have! But i remember seeing my little cutie on the ultrasound...he actually turned his head in my direction ( well "our" me and the sonographers...) I felt scared but i also felt like he needed to be cared for and loved. He was so small, helpless and vulnerable i couldn't bring myself to harm a tiny little life struggling to live like the rest of us. Plus he's adorable. I love him. And thank you for the kind words. Keeping him is the onlything i know im doing right. That and just furthering my education. I think everything will be okay.
  4. Thank you. I needed this so much. I love my baby im defintely trying to be a better persom for him.
  5. Id never talk down about men in general since im having a son. I want him to be loved and confident in himself. Im not dating or anything period. Im just focusing on my son. Also i do have a great guy friend, despite his depression ..he clocks in and works 120 hours a week..very hard working. Respects women, working toward his degree, has his own place ect. So im gonna bring my son around him so he'll get a glimpse of what a real man is like and how they function.
  6. It is real. Ive been okay so far i just had this one regret. If things feel too overwhelming ill make sure to communicate that with my mom and Dr.
  7. I mean i love my baby so ill keep him. Its just i wish i did things right. Also with adoption everything isn't cookie cutter perfect-- 1) They can face hardships like everyone else and possibly get divorced 2) On thr darker side-- they can turn out to be abusive ( some not all) but the reality is i dont know who Im giving my child to and i dont take that lightly. I trust myself more than a stranger. 3) Even if the adopted parents are perfect and do provide everything financially and emotionally. The child can still have feelings of abandonment. So for me personally I dont want to go that route. My friend did and regrets it even though her and her bf were together.
  8. I have bad luck with guys. I just get the crappy ones...i also dont like the idea of a step father and if i ever date again my child will be in his 20's. But a support group does soumd nice and Id love to go.
  9. I feel its all hitting me since my baby is 21 wks right now. I just regret having him out of wedlock. I feel guilty and sad Im not married ... and I honestly would rather be single for the rest of my life than be a single mom... The guilt isnt for me but my son. He deserves a 2 parent home not 1 and i feel bad I robbed him of that. Im happy for him.. But he deserves better. I already repented and heard the lord say clearly he forgave me...but i still feel bad..not for me but my son.. . Advice from single moms would be nice
  10. Thank you so much... Your comment is so reassuring as youve been in my shoes.. I eill definitely continue to pray
  11. Idk id they have a group like that at church. Well my church. Im gonna try and look for a support group.
  12. Thank you im feeling alot better now.. I just had a late night anxiety crisis.
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