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  1. Ive bern on 3 rounds of antibiotics for a persistent UTI ... After tommorow i would have completed the 3rd round. The Uti has come about from catheters use after my c section. I really don't want to be hospitalized but I feel it may lead to that.. My brothers are sick with a stomach virus and my mother works nights... I worry about who would care for my baby at night. I was on cephalexin these last 2 rounds.. They helped alot but the bacteria is still there even my results after blood tests and urine cultures confirmed my uti was still present. Its very annoying as i just want to care for my baby. Please pray God will reveal to my Drs and nurses what's causing this lingering of the Uti, the proper meds to get rid of it and hopefully i dont have to be admitted.
  2. Thanks for chiming in. This i defintely know. I will always include God in my plan and be willing to go where he wants.
  3. Exactly. Planning and planning ahead is something I do. My friend made it seem like I couldnt plan at all or itd be sinful. But we do reap what we sow and if we do absolutely nothing then we get nothing.
  4. Because doing nothing day in and out is irresponsible. Like my situatiom for example. I have a child.. I need a job but it seems me planning to work and get a place for my baby and is " sinful" So do i just sit and do nothing?
  5. I get that but if we can't plan... Is the alternative to do nothing?
  6. I dont mind God changing my plans... Like before I did dental assisting. I really wanted to do phlebotomy but the school would give me so many run arounds and new things I needed to have done that I didnt make the deadline. Thats when I went to the dental program and everything flowed so smoothly like water from a running faucet. For me I feel when you arent led or going down a path God doesnt want you on you'll have a lot of resistance. Thats how I decide where God wants me to go. With my friend she doesnt think that way..its like there's always additional steps.. And I just don't think its that hard. I believe when a door is closed its God's will. Thats just my interpretation.
  7. It was excellent. I think beau jangles and the other person got it. Its good to plan but be remain in a state of constant surrender to God.
  8. I think that's key to plan but stay surrendered to God incase plans change.
  9. I agree. When it comes to abused children so many factors come into play-- but they can either perpetuate the abuse or learn from it.
  10. I was talking to a friend who's also a believer and got on this topic. Things like a job, school, what major to pursue, how many kids to have and what not. When we were talking I stated in the future, years from now maybe 3 or more I may want another child for my son, If I'm married and if not I considered adoption; all of this depending on my financial stability in the future of course. My friend thought it was a bit rash and impulsive to decide I wanted another child 3 yrs in the future and said it was sinful and that deciding on how many kids you want say 2-3, basically having a set number is sinful and that right way to go about it is to simply have sex (within marriage of course) and let the Lord decide how many kids you'll have. They still hold the mindset that even within marriage having a set number of how many kids you want is sinful as you're not letting the Lord plan it for you. Fast fwd to today, I talked to them about working and a job and how it may be difficult for me bc I can only work set hours bc I only have one car yadda,yadda. We got on the topic of God and I said, I'm basically just going to apply to a slew of jobs and do what I usually do let ask God to close doors that aren't ment for me. My friend agreed this was good however said the devil can leave doors open as well even job wise... and it just seems like a lot of hoops to jump through. I do agree with what they're saying but it just makes me wonder where is free will in this and that God's will is almost down to the most minute things from picking out clothes to what to prepare for dinner. Idk, I get the gist of what they're saying but it seems a bit excessive. Long story short, TLDR; Is planning our lives from how many kids we'd like, job and career we want to pursue is that sinful just to plan ? To me it seems not planning at all, not even talking about ids but important things like a job and career seems really reckless and irresponsible. Id ljust like to hear other thoughts.
  11. Thank you and Im feeling much better than goodness.
  12. This is a good Idea too. Before I delivered I made a long list of ppd support groups. I almkst deleted it because I was doing so well. But its good to have support. We all need it.. Being isolated would makr anyone go crazy...even more so with a baby. I only have one car at the moment but when we move to a better area I defintely plan to get out more ans just take my baby for walks and stuff. I cant wait to attens all the mom groups and outings
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