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  1. Figure of eighty

    Scary health issue

    I don't snore... but I sure am tired and I go into work soon...uhg...
  2. Figure of eighty

    Scary health issue

    Why do you say a dentist? Idk I do need to be checked out.. I have insurance so I need to utilize it.
  3. Figure of eighty

    Scary health issue

    Yeah it's strange I knew to call out to Jesus twice in my dream. I guess he is still with me even despite my mistakes. But I just have to plan when to see a Dr. I'm so busy uhh.
  4. Figure of eighty

    Scary health issue

    It's interesting..in my dream I kept talking about my kidneys, and I felt like I was lifting out of my body... I would also ask God to open my airways and he would in my dream...so odd. But yeah I need to see someone. I just can't sleep now. I have so much to do tommorow and I have work...I'm just ..idk I feel overwhelmed.
  5. Figure of eighty

    Scary health issue

    This doesn't happen too often. But sometimes it happens when I'm too anxious and it never fails to scare the crap out of me. Just now I tried to sleep and in my dream it felt like I couldn't breathe ...like I was having a hard time breathing... It was horrible... Idk what this is it why it happens but it literally feels like I have asthma or something ( I mean I don't. I'm not an asthma sufferer... I'm just describing the feeling) . It's so scary...however when I'm awake. I'm okay . sometimes I'm gasping for air. Idk I feel like going to a Dr. I'm not overweight. So it's not sleep apnea. But I feel it doesn't happen often enough for me to go... Idk.
  6. Figure of eighty

    Im afraid God may leave me

    Alright I will.
  7. Figure of eighty

    Im afraid God may leave me

    Thank You
  8. Figure of eighty

    Im afraid God may leave me

    I just feel sad that I'm not trustful and faithful like most Christians. Even a friend of mine..she had major trust issues like I did but she got help and is now better spiritually, she's faithful to God and loves him. Idk, I just want to be like them, I feel like I'm slipping way from God. I wish I could be fixed. it just scares me because its been 8 years since I was saved-- and I have zero fruit and it worries me greatly ...and then I worry if ill never change or if I force myself to read and pray if it'll do any good.
  9. I feel no desire to read, pray very little...but I do think about God constantly... I wish I had more faith, I wish I pursued god more... I think maybe my sins have blocked God from me..... I just hope God won't leave.
  10. Figure of eighty

    prayers for stability in all forms...

    Yes I do. I haven't even packed yet and I have a 2nd job I start Thursday... and I move in Friday lol...crazy huh
  11. Figure of eighty

    prayers for stability in all forms...

    I'm going to be moving soon and I have extreme bouts and struggles with anxiety and I know it'll go thru the roof when I move out .. please pray I won't go crazy Also trying to get another job nd going to school in the midst thank you.
  12. Guess I need more faith in myself. Really want to go to a Christian counselor bc I feel they could probably help me.
  13. That's a nice story. I can only hope the same happens for me. I just don't see it getting better, not just in that aspect but other aspects as well.
  14. Man thank you all for your responses they really help and they're incredibly useful.
  15. Figure of eighty

    Christianity: Happy, Uplifting, or Difficult, Sorrowful?

    I feel we shod be grateful but o won't lie it is difficult...but I do remember being newly saved and just happy. That I can enough icecream in this moment here on Earth and if anything happened to me I'd also be in heaven. Instead of having an amazing life on Earth and going to hell afterwards. To escape hell is an amazing opportunity, once in a lifetime but you do have to fight for your salvation. Because it's so valuable the devil will try to take it from you.