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  1. Yeah. Definitely. I dont think getting married just to not be a single mom is the wisest thing to do.
  2. Being married used to be a huge desire for me. Now I just dont want it.. A part of me still does but I don't want to want it. I just want to be okay being alone because I feel that's what the future holds for me. I don't think Ill get married and I don't want to waste a second more being upset about it. I just want to accept it and let it go. I truly wish i were like paul to where it didnt bother him.
  3. I have an ultrasound to share Even though im going on 31 weeks.. This 9 wk U.S. is my favorite. Thats my baby. He looked at me and the ultrasound techs when i went in for this 9 wk scan. He's so precioua to me. I love him.
  4. Aw this was very beautiful. I loved it.
  5. No never mocking..and yes you guys will hear about him.... I just dont know which section to put it in here. I wish we could blog.. Ah well.
  6. Idk newborns and babies cry alot. Some work from home jobs require a quiet environment so..idk.
  7. Id still need someone to watch him while i work though. Im just gonna pray about everything and pray God helps me
  8. right only god knows. he's the final judge. people go through alot so I think instead of judging whether theyre saved or not--maybe help them get back to god by encouraging them and being kind.
  9. Turkey and Hungary, Italy-- alot of european countries
  10. Im defintely in this boat. The bible is very dry to me right now. I feel more alive praying and listening to sermons.
  11. Youre so very right. I'll defintely look into work from home would be very nice.
  12. Oh.. thank you lol.. Yeah God knows whats best.. I'm going to try and trust God. and thanks for praying for me... I appreciate that alot.
  13. I can't imagine either-- I just don't know what else to do.
  14. Im getting my certificate as a dental assistant on Sept. 7th. student loans have dropped my credit score from 712 to 490 because I couldn't pay on them(theyre in deferrment now) so Im not interested in taking out anymore loans. I don't know why people think I want to sit on my butt, I truly don't -- but Im not going to neglect my son. I can't.
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