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  1. For me this is a personal miracle. After a year of a manipulative ldr that left me weak and broken and more anxious than I was. When God told me to break it off i was so afraid I coulsnt handle the pain.. Before I could cry or my hands could shake... That years worth of pain was gone. Its like God took it in that instance and from that moment on I refused to get into a relationship so toxiv I feel like i cant leave
  2. I experienced what youre talking about. I think for me personally. Im just going to stand up for myself.
  3. I believe them. As for the tunnel and stuff-- I feel God greets us in the way were most comfortable with or a way He knows we understand. He did come to Moses in a burning bush. God can and will do whatever he pleases. The bible doesnt have specifics on what we'll see the very moment we die so its left to anyone's interpretation.
  4. I really dont understand it. From one aunt that manipulates my brothers to another thats pushy and tries to do whatever she wants with my baby.. Why do people think you can bear christs name and act so ungodly? Instead of treating others as you'd want to be treated.. I find this behavior disgusting and hard to tolerate. To know God and be mean or abusive still is ridiculous. Why doesn't God check these people since theyre supposed to be his people?
  5. Um you have so called Christians that hate blacks and other minorities, Christians that gossip and spread people's personal business. people like this I truly believe are goats and the ones jesus doesnt know. youll know them by their fruit.
  6. Okay. I have this aunt shoot between my other aunt and grandma sometimes they really irritate me. I feel they say what they say to me and do what they do due to lack of respect they can be real petty people For example, my aunt when she came over, she didn't speak or say hey to anyone she immediately came towards my baby. Then when my baby was sleeping she wanted to play with him--I told her not to wake him up and said what are you doing? This idiot proceeds to try and wake my baby up but thanks to God he didn't get up bc see Id be the one up with him not her. Then another time when I was telling her something personal and confided in her about something personal and also told her if my dad could watch the baby while I work thatd be nice but since he can't im just gonna use my grandma. This thing person went back to my grandma and told her everything but left out some parts to the point she was upset bc she wanted to watch my baby but made it seem like I didn't need her and wa gonna use my dad. She butts into my business asks about my child's dad.. Its so annoying--Im sooooo close to cursing her out bc other forms of firmness aren't working and having this idiot override me makes me feel weak as a mother.
  7. Okay now I really think youre right. Im doing alot of lifting with the baby, he's 12 pounds now. Like earlier my mom and I went out and I carried him inside the store..my arms were so tired and even earlier that day I went down to an office and I had to carry a heavy diaper bag and his carseat with him in it. So I can see how Thats alot of strain. When I feel the pain..its like a bit below the incision site. So its probably the surgery.. But i still feel a tad bit of pain after going.( using restroom) My body is so exhausted.
  8. Yes. Its because they put a catheter in me.. That caused the UTI. Now their is bacteria bc everytime I gave urine samples it tested positive for it. My urologist has done well in taking most of the symptoms away ..like irritation while going ...when i last saw him he said the bacteria is clearing. But i read the symptoms of c section infection and i just dont think thats it but ill give anything a try. I just want to be well. At the very least I can say that i get to spend time with my baby.
  9. Thank you so much. Also i thought i was doing well but my Urologist only had me on Macrodentin for 4 days and i feel some symptoms coming back along with pelvic pain.. And abd. Pain. I just wonder if i should switch up urologists.. I just been on 6 antibiotics.
  10. No one knows when God will come back. I honestly ( just my personal opinion s) dont think he'll come back in our life time.
  11. I mean i know what I want to do to the T. But i think dor God to be the head of my life...I have to let him lead and see what he wants. I'll defintely be in prayer.
  12. Whew thats a testimony if I ever read one. Praise God. His peace is amazing.
  13. Youre absolutely right. For now im feeling a bit better.
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