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  1. Since being a mom ... My time is so filled and I have my baby in my hands nearly 24/7... Now when I pray I kind of just close my eyes and hold my baby and pray to myself... I always thought. Like i know God hears our prayers but I know when praying one should be kneeling with their hands clasped. Since I can't always do this.. Is it okay praying the way I mentioned above? God will still hear it right?
  2. Im not talking about frivolous things but needs. I feel i need so much and feel so bad asking God so much... I feel so needy and wish I were stronger.
  3. Please pray my family and I have enough money to move. Im awake now bc i woke up to what sound like multiple gun shots. Im very nervous living where we do now.
  4. Yeah when i see daily events in my feed that consist of missing or murdered children or adults. I just wonder if God weeps everyday-- I know I would. But then I think there's good things to balance out the bad. Like babies being born or given to loving families, people that actually try to please God. Animals..lol But I do agree that thr other facets of God's make up need to be talked about not just his love and mercy. He isnt a big heart-- he experiences anger and saddness like we do.
  5. Its knowing what's wrong and doing it over and over and over again and not caring to do what's right.
  6. This sums it up. Yes we fail and fall bur we shouls always strive to be what God set us out to be. Basically no willful sinning.
  7. Having a hard time with c section. I came home today but... My body isnt doing well. My feet and legs and lower half are so swollen its concerning. My body is in pain so i can't move fasr. If i get admitted again.. I want my baby with me as my mom works alot. My dad does too and the 2 dogs we have got aggressive when my baby cried.
  8. But yes ..im loving Sydney. Such a sweet baby
  9. I know. I opted for motrin but the pain i feel in my back and abdomen is pretty bad. Ive never abused drugs so this is just to help take the pain away.
  10. Lol its fine. Lol im gonna on perocets soon for pain( c-section) lol we'll see how thay goed
  11. I love my Sydney. He's been such a good baby from pregnancy to now. He only cries when hungry and he sleeps well at night. I get so many compliments of him being handsome. I love him to pieces.
  12. Even now. Im in and out But im happy I had my baby No abortion, adoption. All my fears melted away. I know i can care for my bundke cuteness Lol this anesthesia is really stronh. I keep slipping in and out if slee
  13. You guys he's here He came this morning. My body wouldn't dialate so i went in for a c section. No pain at all... Even during pregnancy. I thanked God he came at 9:27a.. ive just been passing out at everyturn bc of the anesthesia.
  14. Idk why but my cervix is super closed and hasnt dialated. Plsxpray it dialates.
  15. Cant sleep much. His heart rate keeps dipping with my contractions. If he continues.. I may need a c section..and im so afraid of not waking back up
  16. Im in the hospital now. Im in the process of being induced but Im spending the night. This is a really neat experience.
  17. They had already had my information ready so all i had to do was show up. Thank goodness. Im very nervous.
  18. Its 8:16. Im in the hospital room... Just laying in bed waiting to be induced.
  19. Oh man. I forgot my bag with my ID. Im scheduled to be induced at 8p its already 7:40p I dont want to be turned around uhg.
  20. Thanm you so much for all the care. Im kind of excited. Please pray for my mom She's come off a all nighter and hasnt slept. Shes verh tired but being with me to support me. Shes been amazing.
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