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  1. I am in no position to take offense. The statement you responded to was a small testimony delivered from love.. pray to the Lord so that he may Grant you the ability to see. Peace be with you
  2. I read your post and I don't know if you want an answer to you making that decision or an answer to the reason why you think you should. I found out that when I asked for an opinion, I already had my mind made up. I just needed confirmation from others.. It took suffering, and I mean a lot to lead me to Christ.. ignorance is not knowing, but there is one thing for sure we are aware in our ignorance...we are aware of our NOT knowing...I mean this with love..pray to the Father in the name of Jesus... peace be with you
  3. Welcome!.. seems like you got the right boots on for the hike... peace be with you
  4. I used to respond a negative way towards another who I felt was being negative towards me... I still struggle with this.. and it will remain a struggle from moment to moment..it is that sinful nature.. When I began to walk with Christ, He began a work in me that made me aware of the way I behaved. The Holy Spirit is building a sensitivity to error within me that is getting stronger and stronger with my submission to Christ. God told me that my being aware of my absolute nothingness made room for him within me.. When you accept that you are nothing apart from Him, you are denying self. When you deny self there is NOT a thing another person can do to you..YOU are out of an equation that will result in your knowing The Father hearing your closet prayers. Some are puppets of a handler neither they are we maybe aware of.. the puppet is not aware of being a puppet. Especially when we are trained to be our own problem solvers. We are trained to treat symptoms of a source that is unseen, when the cure is unseen as well..so if an enemy that is unseen effect it's victims in a way that others witness, than our Father will be shown as we walk with Christ... peace be with you
  5. Welcome, you and all you have to share with fellow walkers of Christ Jesus.. peace be with you
  6. Welcome brother in Christ. I am interested in what Christ has to say through you... peace be with you
  7. Hey there, all the Glory is His alone.. I have to thank the Lord for making me able to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ with this reaction I'm having from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.. Wonderful He Is... peace be with you
  8. I don't think we are capable of assassinating the character of a sheep belonging to the Messiah.. their character will display one that is lead by LOVE.. the character of the sheep should be observed, then you can imagine having that character of the sheep while Jesus leads us.. He Will mature us!... Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....(peace be with you)
  9. Words are produced from one wanting to be heard.. we assume that our words will be perceived in a way that WE expect.. Everyone does NOT hear alike.. Words are confirmation of what one has on the mind, and what one has on the mind is lead by the Heart.. Before I pleaded to Christ to take my heart,. I thought I could read my way to Him.. I responded to other believers as one who read the Bible. And their response was as one who HEARD me.. I was content with their response to my words..it was at that time enough for me to fancy myself a genuine believer.. God will NOT stand for your PIECE of you!... The conviction of the Holy Spirit shined a light on the source of my stupidity.. and it was DARK... WHOSO KEEPETH HIS MOUTH AND HIS TONGUE KEEPETH HIS SOUL FROM TROUBLE.... peace be with you
  10. Feelings are misleading apart from the Lord.. when I wanted something of this world like an A on a test, a job or something like that... I had to study,. Basically I did what seemed I had to do for the proper results.. This does not apply to The Lord.. Creating a pattern of reading scripture, going to church, or Bible study will not add up.. this only creates a mask that eventually will fool even the one doing this. The Love He has for us is the reason we attempt to love him..The Holy Spirit will eventually move you effortlessly.. peace be with you
  11. I experienced what you're going through when my walk with Christ started to increase. I felt soooo lonely. So this feeling lead me to go out and attempt to make friends.. my doing this only lead to a knowing that I wasn't ready to engage with others on a "friendly" level..the Holy Spirit had changed my perception.. so I could not relate to ANYONE!..mom, dad, sisters, brothers, not a soul.. I can compare myself to a cake in the oven...I was still "batter" trying to cut slices of myself and give away...I was mush... The Lord knows what we desire.. and if he isn't first in our heart...the "self" thoughts will be louder than HIS WORD within us...be still and KNOW HE IS GOD ALONE... peace be with you
  12. We should all speak LIFE to one another.. we all do things that may not be alike..the result of things done may or may not appear alike as well..we must not come to a conclusion of one's faith due to Our belief in our own..we need to make sure we stay in close with Christ, every moment..Our desire for the Lord will lead to a chat with him...He will do what HE Will...peace be with you
  13. Wow....I laughed out loud as I read your post...I can relate to the way he exposes how easy we lie to him... Forgive us Father...for we know NOT what we do ...
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