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  1. JustPassingThru

    The hidden war between faiths nobody talks about

    I'm jumping in here a little late, but this is what I know to be true! I'm friends with a dear brother in the Lord who is a commercial airline pilot, since he is Tahitian he was given priority to advance from propeller aircraft to jet engine aircraft to become one of the first Tahitian pilots to fly jet aircraft. They sent him to Florida for commercial airline flight simulator school, he recounts there were 6 Saudi students staying with them in their apartment complex, every morning they all boarded the same bus for flight simulator school, the only difference was the bus stopped at the gate of the Pensacola Naval Air Station and the 6 Saudis left the bus and entered the base, ...they went on to a private school. Fake News! They couldn't even fly a Cessena... More Fake News! They all died in the planes, ...two of them are flying commercial airlines in the Middle East and haven't even changed their names..., he Googled their names on a active pilots site and they were there, ...active commercial airline pilots in 2012..... Just my two cents...
  2. JustPassingThru

    An atheist requires an answer

    It seems you have been given the Biblical answers you were asking for, ...whether considered cold or merciful. I have a different approach to suicide, it's been my experience, and I've had lots, (volunteering to take calls on a Crisis Intervention Hotline), that suicidal people are hurting emotionally, someone has hurt their soul, what I would point out to them is they have had dreams that terrified them, monsters chasing them, falling, running with lead feet, and when they woke up their heart was racing, their skin was cold and they were drenched in perspiration, all at the same time the corporeal body was sound asleep. Here's the hook we would use, ...you are hurting in your emotions (Biblically the soul), and you want to kill your body to escape? If you can experience emotions from dreams when you are asleep, how do you know killing your body will give you the release from your emotional pain that you are seeking after the body is dead, if your emotions can be active and causing stress when the body is asleep? Once the hook is set, then you can start a conversation with them about their reason to end their life and at the Holy Spirit's leading, eventually explain to them the Gospel. When a suicidal person understands that their current emotional pain won't stop by planting the Truth that their soul is separate from their body then they can begin to see the Light, ...let there be Light, there was Light. Lord bless
  3. JustPassingThru

    Need advice

    Are you riding a donkey, if so get off immediately, ....you won't have so far to fall! I remember reading a story in the book of Acts about a man that was super angry at God, going around collecting God's children causing them to renounce an blaspheme Jesus, even killing them, in fact, he was on his way to Damascus with letters from the High Priest and the Temple soldiers to arrest God's kids when he was struck by a light that was brighter than the noon day sun, ...so, may I humbly and in meekness ask, are you that angry with God? This same once angry man, now named Paul, went on to write for us: For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom 8:38, 39 That's us, any other creature, we can't separate ourselves from the Love God has for us, no matter how angry we might be with or at Him, He's the same yesterday, today and forever, God loved Saul even when he was set on destroying His Church and after his conversion he came to the realization how much God loved him, and He loves you the same as Saul of Tarsus and if you were the only human on planet earth He would of sent His Son Jesus to die on the Cross in your place, that's how much he loves you. So with that in mind, again may I humbly and in meekness ask, why not find a quiet place, turn off the TV, phone any and all distractions and just sit down and bare you heart to Him, tell Him why you are so angry, ...it must be from the heart, ...and then come back and tell us what He said to you... Lord bless
  4. Far out! And here I thought I was the only one that saw the disguised serpent in the hillsong pulpit, ...preach it brother!
  5. JustPassingThru

    Quick question for Christians

    Praise the Lord! Our peace, the peace given to us by Father, goes far beyond our human intellect, we don't understand it, we can't explain it, ...all we can do is bask in it and give Praise and Glory to our Heavenly Father! It's our peace, the calm that exudes from us in times of difficulties, trials, tribulations that causes non-believers to ask questions, "...how can you be so calm when X is going on in your life?" David explains it for us in the third Psalm, ...Absalom had usurped his throne, David left Jerusalem running for his life, 1,000's were looking for him, hunting him like an animal to take his life, what did he write: But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah. I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about. Psa 3:3-6 The meaning of the word Selah in our modern vernacular can be rendered: Now, ...just think about that! The signification of the Hebrew in this verse is: Lord, You are a shield that surrounds me, ...David was a warrior, a giant killer, Saul had killed his 1,000's but David had killed 10,000's, ...he knew the importance of his shield, but it was limited, it only protected him when pointed in the direction of the threat, ...our God, Jehovah, protects us, not just from the direction of the threat, but in a full 360° orb about us. When we come into to the maturity of this Truth we don't have to hang our head in fear or depression, but instead we hold our heads high, ...our Father is God, since He is for us, ...who can be against us? Jesus explains it this way, ...we are in being held Father's hand and we are also in His hand, that means Their hands are clasped together one over the other, ...we are being held safe and secure inside of two Divine Hands, ...the only way any difficulty, trial or tribulation can touch us is, ...first, it must be allowed by Father and Jesus, ...second, it must enter through the nail hole in the hand of Jesus. ...Now, ...just think about that! Peace is the most important gift, after Salvation, Father has given us, ...and it's the area in our lives the most attacked by our enemy, ...so BASK in His peace brother, ...get use to it because it will last for all of Eternity. Lord bless
  6. Dear brother, please, may I humbly ask, ...are you trying to live on the other side of the Cross? From what you have said in your two posts it's looks that way, we are born again, new creations in Christ, the old has passed away and everything has become new, ...what I'm saying is we don't have to live in the past, ..we live in the now! Before we were born again we asked for forgiveness, after, all we have to do now is confess our sins, 1 Jn 1:9, the word confess is homologeo, that means to say the same thing as another, to be in agreement with, when we confess we are agreeing with God that we are sinners, ...now, when we sin, the Holy Spirit tells us we have sinned and we confess, if it's the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirit He will automatically draw us to Father, ...if it's the devil he will cause us to feel guilty and we will run away from God. If you do a word search on forgive forgiving, forgiveness, you will find it only applied to man asking God in the Gospels, in the Epistles it is never used as man asking God, ...we are told God has forgotten our sins, tied them in a sack and dropped into the deepest part of the ocean never to be remembered again, separated from us as far as the East from the West, we can travel West and never arrive at East, so, ...if we ask God to forgive us His answer will be, "Forgive you for what, what are you talking about?" ...because nothing is impossible for God so He can chose to forget all of our sin, past, present and future. I hope this helps, Lord bless
  7. Dear precious sister, ...remember Job, he lost his ten children, all of his wealth and prestige and was covered in boils from head to toe, and he suffered for many months, thinking the same thoughts as you, he didn't have the first two chapters of his book to read at the time to understand he was he object of a contest between God and satan. What we can learn from his suffering is our Father is Good and He is Love, He has a plan for each one of His children, we have a copy of the book of Job, we know how it ended, just like Job, He has a plan for you, so may I humbly suggest you turn this time of suffering into a sanctified suffering. ...praise Father for Who He is, we don't praise Him for the circumstances, that just turns our mind back to the suffering, praise the Lord for His faithfulness in the past, speak to Him, thank Him for all of the times He has supernaturally naturally intervened in your life, get into the Word, ruminate on it, maybe do a study on all of His names in the Old Testament and then think about how He has manifested Himself in those Names in your life , read the Psalms of David, he went from deep depression to great emotional highs, ...just get into the Word and then the Word will get into you and comfort you, ...remember, Jesus promised He would send the Comforter to live in us, He's inside of you, ...let Him do His work, ...ask Him to comfort you, ask Him hold you in His arms, ...what we have is real, ...a personal relationship with God. I've read some of your posts, I'm proud, of you and I don't see a child of God weak in faith, ...au contraire! One of my favorite verses in the Old Testament is, it - came - to - pass, ...this will pass and you will come out stronger and more prepared for the plan Father has for you. Dear sister, you will be in my prayers, Lord bless
  8. Brother, what Jesus was teaching is the Law is spiritual, not physical, He was showing the multitude that the curse on Adam and all of his descendants, ...is the sacrificial system was just a type, an illustration of what He would accomplish on the Cross for all of humanity, the sacrificial system only covered their sins, He was sent to pay the penalty due with His Blood, the Blood of God sprinkled on the Altar in Heaven, thus abolishing the handwriting against us so that we could go and live in Eternity with God the Father. In today's sexually immoral society we men would have to walk around blindfolded to not commit this sin (but even that wouldn't work because we could still recall images from our past), because our carnal nature, the old man, is still alive and lusting just as much, and actually more after we are born again than it was before we were regenerated, however, the new man, the new creation in Christ does not, can not, sin, ...that's the spiritual warfare we are engaged in 24/7, ...when the lustful thoughts are presented in our mind our new man, our new nature responds with, "that old man is dead, buried at my baptism, ...I'm washed in the Blood of Christ," therefore I think on whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, I think on these things. Are we perfect, sinless, ...of course not, ...I once heard a man of God say, "the older I get, I sin less, ...but confess more." Lord bless
  9. That's the problem, we are watching the great deception that Paul wrote about 2,000 years ago, ...today, it's in the Church!!!
  10. Nope! Me too, a complete and total, ...A----bout Face!!!
  11. First off, she didn't enter into the beauty contest, ...she was forced to participate or be killed! Second the story takes place at the time of Ezra and it's one of many illustrations of God's grace and providential care for His people, ...even the ones that didn't return to their land after the captivity. As has been previously stated it probably was a sexual contest between the women, ...what were their choices, queen or a celibate life, we must not judge them for their actions, we would probably all do the same if faced with the same choice, also, we must remember they probably were not Jewish, ...thus without the knowledge of God's Law. There isn't anything recorded that Esther behaved in that matter, so we must not add to Scripture with our ideas, ...what Scripture does tell us is; The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: He turneth it whithersoever He will. Pro 21:1 With that in mind and with the rest of the story we see God, in His Providential care, placing Esther as queen so that she can save her people from annihilation. Lord bless
  12. JustPassingThru

    Is it right for a Christian to kill in self defence

    When God said, whoever sheds mans blood, his blood shall be shed, that was way back in the time of swords, bow and arrows and knives, the commandment is not to commit murder, that is premeditated murder, God gave those innocent of premeditated killing of a person by providing cities of refuge, so..., if some gangbanger comes to kill me for a rite of initiation, or a serial killer, or any other premeditated reason to kill me and I kill them first in self defense, then I have fulfilled the law of God, ...only in reverse! Jesus said if we think it in our mind we are guilty.
  13. In response to the OP's question I must say yes, however I also must say that Father can/will/does heal mental illness! I was taught by my pastor that Gods says what He means and Means what He says, what I have read in His Word is that we are born again, regenerated, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, that God predestined us to be conformed into the Image of His Son Jesus Christ, that I'm now, today, a new creation in Christ, ALL of the old things have passed away (left behind) and All things have become new. ...that means even though my old man still lives with me I don't have to let him rule in my life, to dominate me because I now have the Holy Spirit living inside of me and it's my supreme desire that He guide and direct my life. Paul tells me the handwriting (charges) against me has been erased, I see the old man, my canal nature, being replaced with a new nature, that of my Lord, Christ Jesus and I can't reconcile in my mind how an incorruptible seed, the same seed that conceived Jesus, can pass on to my new man, my new nature, corruption in the way of mental health problems. So yes, Christians can have mental health problems left over from the old man, but, I think the story of Jesus walking on water gives us the answer, ...tradition tells us Jewish sailors believed that just before they died at sea they saw a ghost walking on water towards them, the story tells us the the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost and were terribly afraid, He called out to them saying do not be afraid, then Peter said, Jesus if that's really you (and not a ghost) then command me, order me, to come to You and Jesus said Come, ...and Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water. Peter's belief in what Jesus had said was more powerful, more convincing, more believable to him at that moment than the wind and the waves that were tossing the boat. There were 11 other disciples that didn't, they stayed in the boat, ...I have found from reading Church history, from hearing testimonies, from talking with brothers and sisters that the Lord will present each one of us a walk on water moment, ...it's for us to decide if we are going to step out of the boat or look at the circumstances around us in our lives. Lord bless
  14. I'm afraid this isn't going to be very well accepted, but please consider this in prayer and the Word. Just to let you know we are on the same page, I've been crazy, not the political correct "mentally ill, but totally crazy, couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, when out in public I imagined I saw people trying to kill me, talking to myself 24/7, couldn't sleep, didn't bathe, didn't eat, my mind spinning at 100 trillion miles per second, ...diagnosed schizophrenic, paranoid, depressive. County Mental Health was going to lock me up, they considered me to be a danger to myself and others, but God...., now I know it was God intervening in my life before I was even born again, ...for some strange reason they made me an out patient on the condition I took their drugs, the very first time I took their drugs I started to get high, the time-space dimension shifted, the door was open and I was looking through into another dimension, the dimension where the demons live, ...just like when I took LSD, that was the first and the last time I took them! A friend gave me his Bible with the Words of Jesus in red, I found when reading His Words a peace settled over me, my mind stopped spinning and I could sleep, it took 18 months to become sane, sane enough for Mental Health to release me, ...Father also brought a born again brother into my life, who became my best friend, he always had Scriptures for me when I was down, or slipping back, he was always there for me, always encouraging me to read the Word, to memorize verses, to encourage me and most important, to accept me just as I was, ...totally crazy! That was 37 years ago, may I humbly and in the Love of Christ tell you what the Holy Spirit has taught me? Any and all drugs that causes us to be in an altered state of consciousness, is forbidden for born again children of God, in the New Testament the word for witchcraft is pharmakeia and it means to take drugs, not aspirin or anti-biotics or medicines like that, but rather drugs that mess with our minds, mind altering drugs that can open doors into other dimensions that God didn't give to man to experience. Also, Paul tells us we have been given a sound mind: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7 and that coupled with: For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, Rom 8:29 And (we) have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him: Col 3:10 Jesus was never mentally ill, not in Eternity past, not for the 32 years He walked this Earth and not now as a Man sitting at the right hand of the Father, ...Father knew us from before the foundation of this Earth, He knew exactly what would be happening in your life today, ...you have been predestined from before the world was to be conformed into the image of Jesus, ...yes, we all are different, no one is alike, we all have our pah to walk with our Lord, but..., we all have be predestined, while we are here, to be conformed into the image of out Lord, Jesus Christ! I've given to you the verses my best friend gave me when I needed them, times when I was slipping back, times when I felt like I was coming on or having a flashback, times when I felt like it was just too hard to go on, it works, may I suggest you memorize these verses and speak them out loud if you are alone or in you heart if not, when you feel like you're slipping back, or it's too hard or anxious, ...these are more than just words in a book, they are reality, ...reality to those that are born again children of God, ...I tend to remind Father in my prayers of what He has promised me, like, "Father You said I have a sound mind," or Father, "You're conforming me into the image of Your Son Jesus Christ." Dear one, we are in a spiritual war and the battle is being fought in our minds, the enemy of our souls will use our flesh against us, actually we are are own worst enemy, those feeling you feel, that is just your flesh, the old carnal nature talking, energized by the devil, we resist the devil with Scripture and the enemy will flee, just like he did when Jesus quoted Scripture to him, ...remember, the just live by faith, in faith use the promises Father has written in His Word. One last thing, find a church that teaches the Word of God and not here particular doctrine, and fellowship there, ask for help, there will be someone there Father has already prepared to befriend you, ...you are not alone, you are an important member of the Body of Christ and there is a local body that needs your gift and talents. Lord bless
  15. JustPassingThru

    "according to your faith may it be unto you"

    Love Spurgeon, learned much practical advice from him. I'm a fast reader and as a young Christian that is how I consumed the the Word, but slowly and surely the Holy Spirit slowed me down to the point where He causes me to camp on a single word and study it, ...i.e., biblical names are phenomenal, so much Truth to be gleaned from them that add to the narrative, ...and numbers too!