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  1. Thank you brother for sharing this with us, ...I know "why," like you, ...we tend to hesitate to tell what Father has "done" in and with our lives, ...it's because we "know" it's ALL of and from Him, ...and we feel so "impotent" to try and an explain it in a way so as to not draw "attention" to ourselves, ...all the Glory goes to God, ...He is always, and will be forever, ...the initiator and we are the respondents, ...the "key" to seeing God move in our lives is to "be" a follower of Jesus, ...so many want to either lead Jesus, "Lord, I have faith, so you must do this!" or "Okay Lord, give it to me and I'll do it in my own strength and my own way!" The "miracles" have been given too much attention today, ...think about it, ...whenever God "works" it a "miracle," ...because He is God and everything He does is "miraculous," ...so when we are "following" Jesus, we are just watching God do His every day supernatural, to us, ...thing! Folks, the way to "see" God bless you the way Dusty and I have been blessed (and many others here at Worthy who chose to remain silent) is to "obey" what He has put in our hearts to do, ...for Dusty it was to go and take care of this woman, ...for me it was to lose my life and come here, ...maybe you say, "but God hasn't placed anything in my heart to obey and step out in faith and do," ...no worries, ...because God is Omniscience, ...He knows every detail of our lives from the moment of conception to the last breath we take before passing through that door to the other side, ...in His timing, ...maybe for someone reading this it will be today, ...I remember the adds in the Sunday newspaper from Compassion International for children and thinking in my heart, "If there was only some way I could help," and that was before I was born again, ...then after I was born again a missionary came to our church and showed us pictures of children living in squalor and thinking in my new heart, "I would like to be a missionary and go and help children." And here I am, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, ...married to a born again Tahitian "Vahine" who prayed for an American husband that played an instrument and loved working with children, unashamedly living with them in their squalor and being able to bless them and teach them about Jesus. The only question is, ...How BIG is "your" God? To GOD be the GLORY, Great things HE has done!!! Lord bless
  2. Man!!! It's these kind of threads that causes my computer to lock up, ...what's winter, ...ya'll need some sunshine... LOL
  3. I told you precious sister, ...I'm a "freak" to most of Father's children, ...the adult's anyway, ...but it seems Father has made my wife and I children "magnets," ...those that don't even know us come to us naturally. Lord bless
  4. I'm not afraid to speak about how my Father has blessed me, ...but please understand I'm not bragging nor do I place my Faith in miracles, ...to me personally we "see" His miracles when we are walking with our Lord, ...just like the disciples observed the miracles Jesus performed when they were with Him and afterwards when they were "walking" with Him "in" Faith. Father has "multiplied" the food I was serving, once in the states and once here for certain and possibly other times too, ...there were so many "homeless" fed, ...looking back we couldn't of possibly prepared that much food. Father has lead us to teach children and He has "multiplied" those that come to hear about Jesus. Father has told me to "lay" hands on someone and they would be healed and they were healed instantly. Father has supernaturally-naturally swept imminent danger away that was standing right in front of me. Father gave me an apartment that was right on the Lagoon, A cyclone was coming directly at us, and when it hit there were high winds on both sides of my apartment, but there was just a gentile breeze blowing where I lived. Father has "blinded" the eyes of the Immigration Agent who wanted to deport me. Father has "changed" the mind of another Immigration Agent who was about to handcuff me, ...put me in jail and then send me back to the States on the next available flight. Father has healed my body numerous times; ...biceps muscle torn from the bone and tendons snapped in four places and I was back to work in one week rather than six months like the doctors said, healed two collapsed discs in my lower back twice, once in the States and once here, healed a hole burned into my eye by a trigger happy eye doctor with his laser, after being legally blind for 60 years He healed my vision to 20/20, Father has "anointed" me like He anointed Bezaleel to enable me to do the work requested by my employers, ...and too many more to list. In reality my whole life has been a miracle, starting with "not" being aborted by an operation from a back alley doctor on a 15 year old girl in the 40's and being placed with a couple that took very good care of me even though I deserved to be "stoned" by them because of my rebellion, ...but like Blood Bought has said, ...for me "the" greatest miracle in my life was the day God reached down into the cesspool of humanity and plucked me out, ...washed, cleansed and purified me with the Blood of His Son, ...placed His son's righteousness to my account, ...adopted me to be "His" child and "placed" me "in" His Son, ...a Redeemed, paid for with His Blood "citizen" of Heaven, ...and I personally believe I'm going home real soon! Lord bless
  5. This is Worthy, ...actually, a "double" Worthy! Many thanks for explaining the difference between our human faith, ...faith that when we sit down in a chair it will hold us, ...faith that when we turn the key in the ignition the engine will start, ...and what is our "reaction" when the chair breaks or the engine doesn't start, ..."I don't believe it!" and that is our "reaction" to the God given Faith, ...the same, "I don't believe it!" ...and as mere humans we nullify the greatest God Given Gift anyone could possess, ...supernatural Faith given to us by a an incomprehensible, unfathomable, ALL loving God, ...the bear is soaring over the mountain tops, not as a "flying" bear, but in reality has been transformed into an eagle, ...not because he analyzed it, questioned it, said that's impossible, ...he just believed it and his belief was the "substance" of his faith, ...at first he was a flying eagle, thinking like a bear, ...but as he swooped, dived soared he began to change his mind, ....he "is" an eagle and no longer a bear! Praise God for the great thing He has done in our lives!!! Lord bless
  6. I quickly perused 6 pages, ...I want to congratulate my my brothers and sisters for not succumbing to the fleshly comments and responding back in the flesh, ...the Holy Spirit is working here, ...the Light is shining, ...be encouraged, the hundreds of lurkers that never post are hearing the Truth using the Word instead of just opinions, to contend for the Faith,, ...I'm bless these thread hasn't turned into a "mudslinging" party! May the Lord richly bless you and you will have "rewards" at His Bema Seat, ...and yes some will be surprised and shocked then...
  7. Good morning dear friends and Lurkers, ...at least it's 04:30 AM in the morning here in Paradise, ...I apologize for not responding sooner, ...but my computer time is is limited to an hour or so in the morning before I go to work. I would like to look at our friend and brother Nicodemus, and his reply to what Jesus said to him about having to be "born again," ...was it not "nonsense" to him... Webster's Dictionary of 1832 defines for us the word "nonsense" like this; noun 1. words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas 2. language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or contrary to good sense 3. an instance of absurd action Nicodemus, some say he was the brother to Josephus the historian of the time, ...he was reported to be one of the third richest men in Jerusalem, ...he was a "ruler" in the Sanhedrin and the ruler in the Greek is archōn and it used in the NT as; a ruler, commander, chief, leader, ...so we see our brother was very important in the Jewish social life of the time and obviously well educated. We can ascertain from the Word he had been watching and observing Jesus for some time because of what he said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher (instructor) come from God." The word "know" is eidō which means: 1) to see 1a) to perceive with the eyes 1b) to perceive by any of the senses 1c) to perceive, notice, discern, discover Add to that, this very important man called Jesus, ...Rabbi, which means: 1) my great one, my honourable sir 2) Rabbi, a title used by the Jews to address their teachers We also learn that Jesus Jesus referred to him as a master of Israel, a didaskalos, which means: 1) a teacher 2) in the NT one who teaches concerning the things of God, and the duties of man 1a) one who is fitted to teach, or thinks himself so 1b) the teachers of the Jewish religion 1c) of those who by their great power as teachers draw crowds around them, i.e. John the Baptist, Jesus So we see Nicodemus was an intelligent, respected, honored teacher of the Jews. However, the concept of being "born again" was "nonsense" to this teacher of the "Scriptures" to Israel according to our definition above, ...our text will prove that for us. Jesus said, in response to what Nicodemus "thought" he knew about God, you must be "born again," ...Nicodemus, with his human intellect, couldn't understand the "spiritual" signification of Jesus' words, his reply was in the sense of being "physical," "how can a man go back into his mother's womb?" We need to understand the mindset of Nicodemus, like all of the Jewish people of that time, ...they believed they were "entitled" to be in the "Kingdom of God" because they were Abraham's descendants, and they were waiting for their "King" to come and liberate them from the Roman yoke of bondage and set up a "physical" kingdom with Israel as the leading country of the world. The Word tells us Nicodemus' concept and idea of being "born again" was "nonsense" to him, ...first, Jesus used the masculine verb gennaō "born,"...referring to men who father children, and he completely missed the signification of again anōthen, which means from above, or from a higher place (Heaven) ...and Nicodemus replied in the feminine with a reference to his mother in a "physical" sense, ...second, He was thinking about a "physical" Kingdom, where as Jesus was talking about a "spiritual" Kingdom. So when Jesus told him he had to be "born again" to see, to perceive, to discern the Kingdom of God, ...Nicodemus was looking for a Kingdom that he could see and understand with his eyes. That's why any who are "not" born again, can not understand the "spiritual" principles and "concepts" of the Bible because they are "only" seen in the heart and not with the eyes. A true "born again" child of God has to, absolutely must live, ...their new life in Christ by Faith, ...the just live by Faith. Hab 2:4, Rom 1:17, Gal 3:11, Heb 10:38 This simple six word phrase is so important that the Holy Spirit gave us three commentaries, ...not written by men "about" the Bible, but written "by" God Himself, ...Romans explains "who" the just are, Galatians explains how the just are to "live and Hebrews explains to the just what "faith is. The "only" requirement to "see" and "understand" them is we "must" be born again! Lord bless p.s. oh yeah, for any who didn't do their homework, "the devil meant it for evil, but God can turn it around for the good." Gen 50:20
  8. WOW!!! Jesus said, "You shall know the Truth, ...and the Truth shall set you free!" He also said, "I AM the TRUTH!" Boy, ...do we need some Truth here! I'm writing this to the lurkers, those that are weak, young, or untaught in the Faith... Let's look at this verse, "What the enemy has meant for evil, God can turn it around for the Good!" Our dear sister @Flowersun has stated she was confused about her Salvation, ...but look at her now, in there swinging her Sword with the rest of us, ...bravo sis, ...Praise the Lord! So you can see how Father can and does turn things around for the Good, ...He has helped her and He can and will help any of His TRUE children that come to Him asking in Faith. ...what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Matt 7:9-11 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Matt 7:7-8 Jesus said it so it MUST be TRUTH! The Word teaches us when we are truly "born again" our spiritually dead spirit, that we inherited from Adam is made alive again, ...that means we are God "conscience," ...for all of our lives "before" we were "born again" we made our god in our own fallen image, ...but after we are "born again" we can see, here and understand the difference between our man-made God and the Real, True and Living God, ...we understand He is so much "greater" than we could ever imagine and "nothing" is impossible for Him to accomplish. The way we can tell if we are worshiping at the alter of our man-made God is really simple, ...he is impotent, ...that means we have to help him, ...but when we turn to the True and Living God we come to understand He is God Almighty, El Shaddai, ...that is how He introduced Himself to Abraham and that is the way He introduces Himself to us, ...think about it, ...at first, when you were born again, ...we went around telling everyone about our SuperHero, ...no? Do you see the connection about that and these verses: Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. Gal 3:6-7 When we become "born again" it's our spirit that is "regenerated," ...we know what is correct concerning our behavior, but we quickly learn we still do the "things" we don't want to do and the things" we want to do, ...we don't do!" Rom 7 The very FACT this is true in our lives proves what the Bible says about us, ...there are two of me living in this physical body, ...and I have become my own worst enemy. With that in mind: Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for His Seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 1 John 3:9 Before we look at this verse we must understand, ...John's three letters were written after the Revelation, ...that means John had witnessed the Great White Throne Judgement where people had been thrown into the Lake of Fire, ...that really influenced his writing, ...he was writing to the Church because he understood the danger and the results of false teaching. Back to verse 9, since we know from Romans 7 there are two of us living in one body, the Holy Spirit through John is telling us, "only" the new creation in Christ man, conceived from His Seed, ...does not sin, ...is incapable of sin because God can't sin, ...got it? However the old carnal man conceived in the "resemblance and image of Adam Gen 5;3 which is the point of Romans 7, ...he can and does sin up until the day he dies. When we are "born again" we are recreated in the image of God, and since God is three Persons, ...the two of us in one body is joined by a third Person, ...the Holy Spirit. Before Adam rebelled he was in constant "communion" with God, ...24/7, that means God was speaking to His spirit and Adam's spirit was talking to God, Adam was created with his spirit listening to God and it was his spirit hearing from God that "controlled" his soul and the soul "controlled" his body, ...we are born with our spirit dead to God, ...that means our soul is controlled by our body and the info that comes to it from our five senses, ...we hear something that offends our pride and we lash out in anger, ...someone hits us, we strike back, etc., ...however, when we are born again our spirit is in communication with God the Holy Spirit living inside of us and He is giving us the correct info to "control" our body, ..."if" we "hear" what He is telling us, ...we "become" a, "...doer" of the Word, ...instead of just a "hearer" ...see it, ...got it? John 3:3 The "opinion," (and please learn the word for "opinion," used by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament is, ...heresy) ...that "true" born again children of God can "habitually" and continually" live in sin is utter nonsense, ...it's just and "opinion," ...the Holy Spirit won't allow it and the Sanctification process of us being "transformed" into the image of Jesus is the "proof," ...the more we learn to give our lives to the Holy Spirit, ...to control our lives, ...the more the "refining" process of removing the "dross" of who we once were before being "born again" is removed, ...the "Holy" Spirit becomes our standard of living and as the dross is refined out the more we "love" God and want to be found "pleasing" in His sight, ...as we mature in the Lord we find we "physically" sin less, ...but we "confess" more of the "thoughts" that enter into our minds from our old carnal man that is still alive and kicking with all of his strength. Our God, God Almighty, El Shaddai, is not only all powerful, He is Omniscient, ...that means He knows every detail of His Creation from the Largest in the Heavens to the most Minute on this planet, ...He "knew" ALL about us, not only before we were born, ...but before He even began to Create, ...way back in Eternity past when we were just and "image" or "thought" in His mind! We read in the Word, "...the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world," Rev 13:8b, ...that means when we "existed" as just a "thought" in His Mind He already "knew" every sin we would "commit," and the Word tells us the Lamb had "already" been "slain" at the very same time! Since God cannot lie, ...and He himself wrote it in "His" Word, ...do you see how "ridiculous" it is to say there "is" or "are", ...just "one" or "many" sin(s) that wasn't/weren't paid for on the Cross by Jesus, ...millenniums or rather "eons" later? Beloved, ...please remember, the devil is always questioning God's Word, and he has those he has deceived the same as Eve in the world today that "add" to or "take" away from what God has "actually" said to us... Precious saints, "correct" hermeneutics of the Bible, ...that is the "correct" way to "interpret" the Word, ...the number one Law is, ...the Bible never "contradicts" itself, ...that is, ...if what we believe is the "correct" interpretation of a verse, and there is another verse that "contradicts" it, ...what we believe is wrong and not the Bible... Be wise, study your Bibles, "knock" on the door, ...don't be afraid or ashamed to ask the Holy Spirit, ...come "boldly" to the Throne of Grace, ...He won't give you a stone or a serpent. Now beloved, ...watch how this will be "attacked" with opinions and Scripture taken out of "context" as the Holy Spirit wrote it for us to understand, ...there will be "contradicting" verses posted, ...beware! Lord bless
  9. @Resurrection Priest Sorry, ...but I don't "receive" any of what you have said... I have studied the Word, Geneses to Revelation at least 5 times with pastors anointed by the Holy Spirit, I have listened to thousands of hours of expositional Bible Study anointed by the Holy Spirit, ...I have read commentaries by Holy Spirit anointed men of God, and all have "spoken" to me and I "received" what they have been taught by the Holy Spirit, ...I'm NOT bragging or saying I'm some "spiritual" giant, ...why I'm saying this is I have never heard anyone teach what you are saying, ...in fact in 34 years of walking with the Lord, you are the "only" one that I have heard it from, ...I don't believe in "new" revelations for the Church, ...the Bible I hold in my hands is written by God and it has survived for millenniums and doesn't need to be added too... Lord bless
  10. Dear brother, Margo has told us she "came out" of the catholic church, ...maybe she has, but she is still living in the "Confessional Room," ...only she has changed the human priest to Jesus as priest, ...forgetting, or maybe never having been taught, ...maybe a Lone Ranger(?) that yes, ...Jesus is our High Priest, and as High Priest He has entered behind the Veil to present His Blood on the Alter in Heaven making a Propitiation for ALL people, once for all, rather than yearly like the Aaronic High Priest had to. Second error is she has not left the catholic "mass" either, ...in saying we have to "repent" of our sin is saying Jesus didn't pay for that particular sin on the Cross 2,000 years ago, ...so He is being nailed back on the Cross daily to "pay" for that sin, ...I don't find that heresy anywhere in the Word. "Today" Jesus is our Advocate, our Mediater, ...our Lawyer, ...and when an accusation is made against us by satan in the High Court of God, Jesus stands up and says, "Covered by/in/with My Blood," and God the Judge proclaims, "Exonerated!" We are not even there, ...so how can anything we say or "repent" of be of any value in the matter? Lord bless
  11. "This" is so correct precious sister, ...in our "new" life with the Lord we start in the "infant" stage, ...a Baby in Christ 1 Cor 3:1-2, ...and I'm certain you know, when babies are hungry they want to be fed immediately, ...that's why I asked if the Word "speaks" to you, ...nourishing and satisfying like a bottle of milk to a baby. When I was first saved I was given a Bible, ...but I found I didn't "speak" to me, ...like when a radio pastor would read from their Bibles, ...then I heard one say, "Find a Bible that speaks to you and use it," so I went to a Christian Book Store and started reading the different versions and found one that I just couldn't put down, ...God was speaking to me! Granted I didn't understand all of what I was reading as I was flipping through the pages, ...but that version came "alive" to me, ...I still have it, 34 years later, it was falling apart and 16 years ago a brother came to visit and saw my Bible and said he knew someone that could rebind it, ...Father provided someone to take my precious Bible back to the State's, ...it was mailed back to me in very good condition, ...the pages are yellow now, ...but Father still speaks to me through it. Yes, I have a large library I brought with me and now I have many electronic tools, ...but early in the morning, Father will wake me around 3:00 AM, ... He will call me to Himself and I sit down with that old Bible and commune with my God. Dear one, please understand, ...I'm a "freak" in/to the "Christian" Church, ...I have been given an incredible opportunity that very few will ever have or experience, I'm all alone here, ...for the first 13 years I didn't have any contact with the outside world, ...the only One I could talk to was my Heavenly Father, ...during those early years the enemy threw everything he could think of at me, and the only "Person" I could talk to for advice was God, ...through my Bible, ...please understand, my isolation from all of the pressures, problems, advantages, luxuries and fellowship that my brother and sisters back home have, ...I have been forced to learned to do without to survive here, ...however, Father has used this isolation to draw me close to Him, ...so please don't be put off by what this "freak" says from his personal experience of walking with our Lord, I'm only trying to help from what I have learned from the "lessons" He has allowed to come into my life. Be encouraged and comforted beloved, ...He has your walk already planned, ...probably right where you are, ...so find a Bible that is "alive" to you and devour it, ...let Father lead you with/by the Holy Spirit. Lord bless
  12. That's fantastic sister, ...there's just something about fellowshipping with brothers and sisters that brings us joy and peace, ...Praise the Lord Dear sister, ...do you have any study aids to study the Bible, ...like a Concordance and maybe a lexicon? Do you have a Bible reading plan where you read through the Bible in a year, ...even though there will be many things you don't understand or have questions about, ...you are storing the Bible in your heart and mind and when needed the Holy Spirit will bring it to your remembrance, ...it's the promise of God in the "New" Covenant: “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds,” Heb 10:16 Also, what Bible version do you use, ...when you read it does it "speak" to you, ...do the verses fly off of the page into your heart? Lord bless
  13. They don't show American Football here and I don't care for Soccer, ...besides I quit watching football with the demise of the Oakland Raiders back in the 70's, ...even missed their Superbowl game because the Warren & Coburn "Rain for Rent Special" AA Fuel Dragster was being tested after a new clutch had been installed, ...in an industrial zone about a 1/2 mile from my house, ...nothing like a Top Fuel revving at 10,000 RPM, ...it's music to my ears, ...they said they figured all of the cops were watching the game...
  14. Friend, ...the "only" correct definition of God's Word is not yours, ...or mine, ...it's His. Lord bless
  15. I hope you are feeling better now, ...in response to your question, ...what are you doing today, ...if you are walking with the Lord, ...then that is what He wants for you today, ...tomorrow it may be different. Joseph was in prison for ten years, ...but his witness for the Lord was outstanding, ...God was with him and blessing him, ...and he was put in charge of the prison. Then one morning Joseph woke up in prison and went to bed that night as the Prime Minister of Egypt, ...like has already been said, ...God know the plans He has for you, ...to give you a future and a hope. Jer 29:11 From personal experience I know this verse to be true, 35 years ago my daughters and I were spending their Easter Vacation on Maui, half way there the airplane was experiencing mechanical problems and the pilot brought the plane down to 500 feet over the ocean thinking he might have to ditch into the sea, ...the Lord gave me this verse, ...the passengers were screaming and my girls 14 and 11 were terrified, ...one sitting on my right and the other on the left, ...I put my arms around them and hugged them close to me, ...a peace came over them, so profound we all fell asleep, ...the next thing I remembered was the hostess shaking my shoulder to wake us up, we were on the final approach to the Maui airport. Father "will" take care of you if you just learn patience and put all of your trust in Him. Lord bless
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