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  1. JustPassingThru

    SWEARING - Who Does It?

    If anyone is struggling with cussing then just do what our mothers did back in the '50, wash your mouth with a bar of soap, ...guaranteed results, if it work on kids I'm sure it will work on adults!
  2. I’m saved because my wife started praying for me…, My parents were not Christian, my father was a Mason and my mother a Christian Scientist, I was a very rebellious child filled with anger, when I could drive I spent as much time away from home as possible, of course in the ‘60’s I fell in with the drug crowd, started with grass and went on to LSD, most of the “friends” I hung out with were cons and they were always pushing the edge on drugs and playing “mind games” on people, then they decided to start killing people with overdoses and poisoned drugs, on Dec 31, 1967 it was my turn, they overdosed me on a very potent form of LSD called STP. My body started dying, I could feel the nerve endings in my feet turning off, soon I could no longer stand up so I leaned over a table, then my hands and arms started to go limp, now Christian Scientists don’t believe in Hell, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that when I died I was going to Hell, how did I know that(?) obviously God had to of placed that info in my mind,…, finally my arms gave out and I started to fall backwards, as I was falling the only religious thing I knew is the Scientists called God Father, so I cried out, …Father! Instantly straight! I stood up, I could feel my hands and fingers again, I moved my feet and started to walk, I walked out of the kitchen into the living room and I saw all of our “spirit guides (demons),” they we in all of the upper corners of the ceiling with only their heads visible and on their faces were looks of shear terror, the front door was on my right and I heard a voice tell me to go out the door and as I opened it it felt like the Jolly Green Giant kicked me in the seat of the pants, I heard the door shut and again I heard a voice say to me, “I’ll talk to you later!” I was 18 years old, a few days later I received my letter of “Greetings” and was informed my rich Uncle Sam was giving me an all expenses paid vacation in the tropics! I wish I could say I turned to Jesus at that time, but it won’t be until 19 years later, …as an ex-acid freak I was paranoid that “they” would try and kill me again, I lived with this until in June ‘82 my mind snapped, tea totally insane, schizophrenic, paranoid, depressive was the clinical diagnosis, it was by the grace of God that they allowed me to be an out patient rather than confine me in a hospital, a friend took me to church the next Sunday and they gave me a Bible with the Words of Jesus in red, I couldn’t sleep, I hadn’t slept in four days, my mind was spinning like a top at trillions of miles an hour, I started to read in Genesis, logical no, but found the words in red and started to read them, …finally I fell asleep, only for 5 minutes, so I read some more and again sleep, after a few months I was sleeping for a few hours and finally all night, this continued for 18 months until the “experts” declared me sane, they thought the mind altering medicine (same effects as LSD so I only took them one time) they had been prescribing for me had healed me, but I knew in my heart it was those words in read. I started attending church and because I had so much “Bible” in me they put me in the ministry, I was in charge of the youth, I taught an adult Bible Study, I helped in the Sunday School, I organized and cooked for the Saturday Men’s Breakfast/Work day, and anywhere else they needed me, …poor saints, then catastrophe struck, after about 5 months, at a Wednesday Night Bible Study in July of ’86 the pastor was teaching in Isaiah 40, when he read verses 6-8, “The voice said, Cry! And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the beauty of it is as the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, because the Spirit of Jehovah blows on it; surely the people is grass. The grass withers, the flower fades; but the Word of our God shall stand forever. NKJ” ALL of my sin was placed on my shoulders, it physically bent me over in my chair with my head between my knees and I could not raise up, needless to say it was very embarrassing and disrupting the Bible Study, their “golden boy,” that they were encouraging to go to Bible College and Seminary, in that situation. After the study the pastor came to me and asked me what’s wrong and I told him all of my sins were on my shoulders and the acts were parading through my mind, to make an already long story shorter I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me and invited/received Him in into my heart, …I was “born again,” a child of God. I didn’t stay too long in that church after that, my work moved me to another state and I started to attend a small non-denominational church whose emphasis was on teaching the Word of God, it was there I first learned about Grace and experienced the Agape Love of God in His children, (part of my mental health therapy was to go on a vacation by myself so I decided to visit Tahiti, the Lord supernaturally/naturally (that’s another story) provided a trip for me but it wasn’t on Tahiti, it on the sister island of Moorea, I spent 10 days there and when it was time to leave as I was in the airplane speeding down the runway I felt I was “leaving” my home rather than “going” back home.) After about three years in that church (they didn’t allow me to be in ministry, but I could wash dishes and clean the church LOL) the Lord impressed on my heart to return to Moorea, …with three conditions: 1. I was to go on a one way ticket, 2. I was not to have any documents or papers that would allow me to stay longer that the three months visitors visa that came with my plane ticket and 3. I was not to accept any money from a church or an individual. 1. It’s impossible for a non-French citizen to go to Tahiti without a round trip ticket, …but Father provided me with one 2. I applied for a “Green card” and I needed to show them my return trip ticket, …but for six years of renewal they never asked me to show it to them, 3. after two weeks, when my tools arrived, Father provided me with handyman type jobs and I have worked every day for 27 years with the exception of days when I was sick with dengue fever, chikungunya fever, uggh, weekends and holidays. Our Lord is faithful! In October of ’94 the Lord impressed on my heart to go to church Sunday on Tahiti and to go to a specific church, I took the ferry to Tahiti and then a taxi to the church and went inside, as I was sitting on the bench a young woman came in through a door in front of me on the right, as she entered Father whispered in my ear, “That is the woman I have given you to be your wife.” I went back to Moorea and asked Him for confirmation through His Word and during my reading time with Him He gave me Pro 18:22, Jesus said with two witnesses it is confirmed so I asked for another confirmation. I went back to that church the next Sunday to “study” my future wife, I continued going and after a couples of weeks a sister came running into the church shouting, “Brother, brother, the Lord gave me this verse for you!” it was Pro 18:22. We were married 6 months later (2. I have been a French Citizen since '97), she told me she had been praying for an American husband that could play an instrument and enjoyed working with children, …that’s me! Later I asked her how long she had been praying for an husband, she said, “Since June of ’82,” that was the month I went insane, …she had prayed this rank, vile sinner into the Kingdom! Glory to God Great things He has done! Thank you and Praise to You Lord Jesus my God and my Savior, the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world!
  3. JustPassingThru

    Daily Reading 360 - October 27th

    Many commentators believe the "day" in 39:8 was the invasion of Israel that was prophesied in the Old Testament by other prophets, however, for us the Church, the Bride of Christ, Jesus gave us a list of signs that when we see them "beginning" we are to look up for our redemption is nigh. Luke 21, ...we are the only generation since Pentecost that has/are seeing these prophecies being accomplished, starting with May 14, 1948 when the Jews were given back their homeland granted by Jehovah/Yahweh to Abraham. Isaiah 17, EZ 38, 39 Zech 12. Lord Bless
  4. JustPassingThru


    Thank you Listener24, Lord bless
  5. JustPassingThru

    Daily Reading 360 - October 27th

    The players of the 38, 39 prophecy are in place today in Syria, they are Russia, Turkey and Iran, the other two are Libya and Sudan, Turkey has bought an island from Sudan just off of the coast of Saudi Arabia and are very active in their (Sudan) government and Putin has sent Special Ops to Libya to stop the riots and has declared Libya under Russian control just like he has done in Syria.
  6. JustPassingThru

    Tomorrow is November 1st ...

    Way back when, before Jesus, I volunteered to answered a crisis/intervention hotline, starting in the first week of December the number of suicide calls we received increased significantly, at the same time Father was drawing me to His Son for salvation, I was starting to realize the ONLY answer for these callers was Jesus, the ONLY subject would could NOT talk about, my last call, a week before Christmas, was from a disabled police officer who called just talk to someone, he had a bullet lodged next to his spinal column that was inoperable and was in excruciating pain, I tried all of the "hooks" we used but all to no avail, he said he knew I was starting a trace on his call and how much time it took and would hang up shortly, and he did..., he just wanted a stranger to talk to, to say goodbye because he couldn't tell his wife or children, I'm certain he committed suicide, ...I walked away from Hotline and never went back, I was haunted by that call for the next 7 months until in July I bowed my knee to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Brothers and sisters, the same demonic mindset is trying to stop us today from talking about our Jesus, Christmas is Jesus and Jesus is the reason for the season, for us, ...not the celebration of saturnalia, I often wonder if I had broken the rule and told him about Jesus..., may I humbly suggest we pray and ask the Lord to bring someone hurting or some hurting family into our lives this Christmas season, I know for some of us the Lord has blessed us and with all of the food we prepare there is enough room at the table for an extra chair or two, ...and those that He has given enough for just one day, maybe it's an opportunity to share the Love/Bounty of Christ, ...Christmas is a time for my wife and I to celebrate the birth of our Savior, but at the same time we are looking for someone to share it with. Lord Bless
  7. JustPassingThru

    Tomorrow is November 1st ...

    Yep! No work today! It's a holiday for us, that's why I'm here instead of at work... Lord Bless
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    Thank you wingnut-, Lord bless
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    Thank you Iain, ah, a brother from down under also, ...the pleasure is mine.
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    Thank you Frances, Lord bless
  11. Personally, I believe 1 John 2:27 explains it clearly.
  12. JustPassingThru


    Thank you sisters, Willa, can't say I'm familiar with that song, ...being a stranger in his country Heb 11:10 JPT seemed appropriate.
  13. JustPassingThru

    Abraham and Issac: Pictures of the Resurrection, Part 2

    Following along with the typology of the story, ...John the Baptist gave us the answer to Isaac's question, ...Behold the Lamb of God. John 1:29
  14. JustPassingThru

    Secrets are hurting the church

    Home fellowships are the answer, back home our pastor would chose home fellowships of four couples and they would meet every two weeks on Saturday nights for a potluck dinner (with a limit on how much each couple could spend) and fellowship, each fellowship was in a different couple's house with babysitting provided at the church by the youth so that it would be quality time spent together without interruptions, the first meeting was the ice breaker, but after that, ...wow, the Lord is faithful, ...he would put couples together that didn't hang out together at church, couples from different social and financial status, couples made up of two single parents of the same sex, ...the bonding of the church was phenomenal , agape love at it's finest, each meeting was started with prayer and the reading/meditating of 1 Cor 13: 4-8a and Gal 5:22, 23. The whole church participated every month and at the end of two months he would change couples so that every member of the church had broken bread with everyone in the church, after just 4 months the church had become one family in Christ, we hosted a Pastor's Conference and Worship Leaders Conference in the winter and a Halloween alternative party which we invited the entire town to come, the church was known for it's love, kindness, service, ...to God be the Glory, great things He has done!
  15. JustPassingThru

    Protecting One's Heart, Our Speech

    Many good verses and responses, here's some practical experience that I have learned the hard way about my heart: it's "deceitful and wicked" and my heart is more powerful that my intellect, my desire, ...as Paul said, "the good I want to do I don't do and the bad I don't want to do I do," ...that's why "take every thought captive" is one of my most used verses.