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  1. Yes this will be interesting I was on top of different views physically spiritually and mentally
  2. How's is it going I will look at this time has a different time the clearly I'm here text me if you want challenge me if you dare as one 4 one as a whole God bless you disciples
  3. Governing emotions definitely helps with that using bad words
  4. I'm sorry that was very unchristian of me I had a bad experience with them back on topic
  5. Are they good against Jehovah Witnesses just curious
  6. This is clearly a vile sin in God’s eyes, and rightfully so. To take God’s name in vain means to take something Holy and make it worthless, common, or empty. Most people recognize that cursing using God’s name is taking His name in vain, but few people realize that common phrases such as “Oh my God (OMG)” or “By God” or “For God’s sake/Christ’s Sake” and other similar phrases also constitute taking His name in vain. Blaspheming God’s name was worthy of the death penalty in the Old Testament. Warnings Against Filthy Language in the Bible There are several other warnings against using filthy language, having a “loose” tongue, and so forth. Notice how “bad language’ is a common characteristic of ungodly people! This is why it’s important for Christians to avoid using such talk. Here are some scriptures that condemn frivolous cursing and swearing (bold emphasis is mine) or bad language: The Bible also gives us ample warnings about controlling our tongue. Even though it is a small muscle, it is also a powerful one. It can hurt many people and lead us into much trouble and sin. Dr. Adrian Rogers once said this about the tongue, “Speaking in tongues is not a sign you have religion. A sign that you have religion is controlling the one tongue you do have.” Jesus warns us that what comes out of our mouth defiles us, and He tells us that we will give an account for the words we utter one day. He also says that using harsh language (or calling a brother a fool) can potentially lead us into hell. Isn’t that a frightening thought? The Bible clearly forbids pronouncing a curse on others, such as our brothers and sisters in Christ, parents, and kings and rulers. Cursing parents was worthy of the death penalty in the Old Testament: In the New Testament, Peter denied Christ, just as Jesus predicted he would. When accused of knowing Jesus, Peter because so infuriated at the accusation (which was true, of course), that he began to curse and swear, claiming not to know Jesus: Even if someone curses us first, God’s word tells us a great way to handle it: Conclusion: Christians Are Commanded Not to Curse Even though the flesh can sometimes manifest itself in a moment of weakness (just like with The Apostle Peter), Christians are commanded to turn away from filthy language and cursing. God clearly condemns cursing, using rough language, filthy jokes, swearing, and frivolous words. We should also gently rebuke others who make a habit of practicing this sin. If you’re struggling with this sin, it’s time to pray to God and confess your bad language as sin. The Bible says that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. You then need to make a commitment to hold your tongue and speak wholesome words, not filthy cussing. You should also abstain from filthy music, television, and friends who use this language regularly. Sorry I tried my best just couldn't read the whole thing Time short I know parents often use bad words to get their kids attention that's my side of the coin anyways
  7. Christ as always proven that love is more powerful then anything else
  8. Here's a example today I want to my parents house it seems like new experience but the same my mom and my father Olney recognize me I did not notice anything different why'd you kids often need to impress the family and such I know that sounds weird anyways
  9. Sometimes I talk into my cellphone and it misspells the same words over and over again is really annoying I guess you can say
  10. Greetings for many years I've been thinking about lot of Things Somehow or another I feel detached about the general census about Society As I look back I speculations and social relativity there may be some truth to it But you get to the point take the today you as an example I got a into a new car The honesty felt a little funny as gravity Plays an important role in its s performance as much as I Deal about religion how people deal with it Now I'm being who I am looking back I can see interpretations misinterpretations I know honestly too much conjecture Instead of living life the right way I see eaglemaniacs and so on In the past years I am move forward in my beliefs and you can notice this I being who deals with this regular basis Introductions all always awkward in the light of new ideas The question is this without put some of my opinion down how do you feel about politicians musicians who act like Christians in other and really ain't Please let's keep this down earth Explain please?
  11. In the past week, I came across a dilemma An example came up in my social life I thought about it very hard and thanks to the input of the modest community in a solid Response previous posting I figured out how to better my Outlook on any given situation about how to treat other religious beliefs thank you I didn't know where if I should put this in This place sorry if I made a mistake
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