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  1. I will keep away from him, because I get a bad vibe from him. Hopefully concentrating on God's Word will help me to stop focusing on him.
  2. I cant even do that, he does not look at me when I am close, so I feel like I am not able to start a conversation or say 'hi'. This guy makes me feel completly ignored.
  3. I think he did all of this just because he finds it funny to mess with my mind.
  4. Hi everyone. I have a classmate who might like me, but I am not sure, because his behavior is a bit odd. One day, at class, he stared at me for some 20 seconds, with a normal/ordinary facial expression. After that, I thought "he might like me", so I would glance at him lots of times but he would never glance at me, it was almost like I didn't even exist. Then, after 3 months, we were at the same bus, and he stared at me again, this time making facial expression that hinted he was really interested. The expressions were too sexual and I got really shy/embarrassed. After that, I would again glance at him on class and he would NEVER glance at me. He wouldn't say hi, he wouldn't make any eye contact at all. It made me really upset because I could not tell whether he was genuine or just faking interest and playing with my heart. When guys like a girl, they will glance at them often. So what is going on? Why would he stare at me in some occasions then just forget I exist?
  5. Hi everyone. I want to make a youtube channel where I will talk mostly about the Bible and christian teachings. I want to know whether it would be wrong for me to monetize my channel or not? Also, I will write an ebook with christian content, does it need to be given freely or can I earn money from my ebook sellings? I really do not know whether it is wrong or right. There is a priest I like who has a site: https://padrepauloricardo.org/seja-aluno His site has many courses, but they are paid, so maybe it is not wrong? 2 peter 2:3 seems to be against it but then 1 timothy 5:17 seem to be ok with it
  6. On pinterest you can find really beautiful pictures like these: https://br.pinterest.com/resumosconcursosp/escuro/ Sometimes these images have the source linked to them, but sometimes you cant tell who is the owner of these pictures. Also, there are many images on google you do not know who is the ''owner'' of them. Would it be wrong to put Bible verses in these images and upload it on instagram, like this: https://the-soul-doctor.tumblr.com/post/178637190321
  7. So ebooks should be for free then because we do not use paper?
  8. There are a lot of poeple who criticize christians for making money using the Word of God. would it be wrong to write a christian book and sell it? Matthew 10:8 says "Freely you have received; freely give." So, selling christian stuff would be wrong? Thanks
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