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  1. IowaChristiangal

    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    My biggest issue is that it's so difficult for me to just break up with someone because I don'twant to hurt or destroy them. And my experience is that I get hurt and no one seems to care. He knows 100%how I feel but he refuses to change. I fear that if I just dropped him like that he'd spiral out off control(more than he is with his drinking) or worse self harm or suicide. I don't think I can live with that on my conscience. Bottom like I for some reason always feel its my job to fix others it's exhausting to say the least
  2. So my boyfriend drinks and I don't know what to do about it. I've tried encouraging him to stop but it seems hopeless. I don't know what you do. I've thought about giving him an ultimatum but I don't know if he'd pick me over the alcohol. My goal is to have a christian family but at this rate we'll never m move forward.. What should I do?
  3. IowaChristiangal

    Paryers for my pastor's wife

    So my pastor's wife had a brain tumor apx 8 years ago. They did surgery and removed it without complications. I found out in church that they dis a recent MRI which discovered that the brain tumor has returned. Pleas pray for her health and God guidance for the drs
  4. IowaChristiangal

    Neither one of my kids

    Prayers for your children!
  5. So I'm still very anxious and in fear of my enemies. So I've been praying that they find God, become believers, and turn away from attacking me and to serving God. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Also, lately I've been feeling as though I'm in the wrong relationship. I don't know if my boyfriend is right for me and he is seeming less and less like a Christian everyday. Please pray God will guide me and my life.
  6. IowaChristiangal

    Breathing again, I am back!

    I'll be praying for you omega
  7. IowaChristiangal

    Prayer Needed-*********

    Praying for you! I know all to wrk about needing this kind of prayer
  8. IowaChristiangal

    Breathing again, I am back!

    Where are you at that you can't get medical attention? I'll be praying for you!
  9. IowaChristiangal

    Prayers appreciated

    Thank you so much for you're prayers! And never apologize for talking "too much to me" I don't think it's possible. Lately, I don't know what I'd do without the prayers and encouragement from the people on this site. ❤️
  10. IowaChristiangal

    Prayers appreciated

    I know I've already asked for prayer for this(and o feel whiny now), but because of my enemies and the threats, my anxiety and stress is through the roof. I'm having trouble sleeping at night, I get terrible headaches, and I have knots in my shoulders that don't stop. I just pray that my enemies will turn their lives around, become Christians, and start serving him instead of attacking me. And if that's not possible, I pray God will deliver me from them and that they all fall into their own traps they've tried to set for me.
  11. IowaChristiangal


    Saying a prayer for you. ((Hugs))
  12. IowaChristiangal

    how can single people encourage married people?

    Married couples look down at single people. And unless you're related to them you might as well stay away. Because the opposite gender spouse will be rude to you to " get their point across that they're taken"(duh we know) and the same gender spouse will be cruel to you because no matter what they have it in their heads that your after their spouse... It's a lose lose situation. Avoid it. You'll feel better about yourself.
  13. IowaChristiangal

    What does this verse mean?

    Psalms 56:8(KJV) Thou tellest myvwanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book? One of my favorite songs says that "every tear I've cried you hold on your hand" So I decided to look it up asked this verse came up.. Does this mean that God does keep our tears in a bottle? Or is David just asking? Just wondering
  14. IowaChristiangal

    Please Pray for My Mother

    Prayed for your mother today!