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  1. I'm asking prayers for multiple things. #1 is a friend of mine has a daughter who is in an abusive relationship. She's Only 21 and he chokes her. He's choked her till she's passed out before and smothered her with a pillow saying things like "I'll be long gone before they find your body".. I'm really afraid for her safety and more for her life. I trashed to her but it didn't go far. She doesn't want to report it. So I'm praying for he safety. #2 prayers for the salvation of a teen neighbor girl. Pray that she can be led to God. She's currently lost. #3 praying for discernment in a difficult situation and I am worried about. Pray I can get a better routine in place and get my mind and life clutter free so I can be a better mom.
  2. Last week my mom was taken in for emergency gallbladder surgery. Since her blood pressure has been out of wack. Very high in tge 200s so the put her on meda and now it fluctuates between 90 and 150. Please pray God will place his hands on her and heal her.
  3. Where do single Chriatians meet ? I mean I am aware that, like everyone else, Christian people meet everywhere but why is it so hard to meet Christian men? Is there a shortage of Godly men? Next question-same issue: Would God have a woman to be a single mom? Like for punishment of her sins, would He leave her to struggle on purpose? I mean I guess Im sorta answering my own questions because I don't feel abandoned by God but life is harder than I feel it would be if I was married to a Godly man to help but also, through my struggles I've come closer to God than ever before.. So I guess that could be His reasoning...
  4. Requesting prayers that God will be my Shield and guide. There's alot of high stress situations around the corner and I covet prayers.
  5. He also keeps our tears in a bottle or jar
  6. Actually, I hardly ever drink.
  7. It's days like today I feel so low. So depressed. I was going to ask for prayers before but I read other people's requests for real problems. Problems with health and sickness and in my mind I feel so bad to take any prayer attention from their problems. My issues are all less important but they consume me. I turn 30 tomorrow and I just cry. Where has time going? What have I been doing the last 30 years? My bf(well I think we're done) is an alcoholic and we don't get along. I'm a single mom. My job seems so unsecure at the moment. It all consumes me. I pray all the time for God to forgive me, to help and guide me. But idk if anyone else ever feels this way but I'm starting to feel like I'm just annoying Him. Like I know He knows my heart and I'm sincere but then I make mistakes and bad choices and I let Him down. Last night I went to supper with some friends for my bday. And of course I start to feel down and make excuses and I have a few drinks and then BOOM someone says something and my anxiety is spiked and I go straight to thinking of I hadn't drank . and how he must be ready to stop helping me now... Does anyone else just feel sick of living? And then guilty because you l don't really mean it but when it all stacks up you feel so overwhelmed you can't help it.
  8. Praying for the Lord to shield me. To guide my steps and to keep my enemies far from me. I pray that they would turn to serving God with as much zeal as they have been using to attack me.
  9. Please pray for me that God will guide me and help me make wise decisions. I feel as though everything in my life is uncertain, except for God. And i don't want to keep letting Him down by making bad choices. I feel like He's going to just give up on me at some point. I pray that the devil and all his workers will fall into their own pits that they have made for me.
  10. She had an apt yesterday but I have not heard what the outcome was or if they even know yet
  11. My sister(the one who just had a baby), is hanging tests done on a mass they found on her bladder. Please pray that the Lord will have mercy on her and that she is fine and that it's not cancer
  12. I feel like Satan is sending people to attack me. Just when I start to feel as though I'm free from the attacks and I can go on living, here comes another attack that I didn't see coming. I'm so tired of it all. I pray that God would not let me be destroyed my my enemies. I pray that they would be converted to Christians and turn to serving him instead of coming after me. Never before have I felt like actual people are being used as pawns of the devil but I seriously am beginning to think so. But why me? I know he knows he can't have me but he is trying to stop me from being productive and its been working. I'm depressed all the time, I've gained so much weight by worrying all the time and eating when I'm anxious(which is all the time), I have next to zero confidence or energy. For Months I've been begging for God's help. I hope He hasn't given up on me.
  13. Thank you for praying! They did end up losing a horse. But it could've been worse. God did watch over the rest
  14. I have several prayer requests. My coworker isn't a believer and I've been trying to tell him about the gospel but he's so resistant. He doesn't believe in after life. He's really kinda miserable in his life I guess he thinks God doesn't care. He's also impressionable so people make jokes and i think it pushes him further away... Pray for his salvation My mom has been driving a beater car for a long time. All she does is work and never relaxes. Pray she finds a car she can afford. I'd love nothing better than you be able to afford to buy her a nice reliable car. Pray my taxes are maybe enough for that and that my job remains stable. Seems like everytime I start to relax or stop stressing over my enemies, they pop back up and try reaching out to me. Pray for their salvation and that they'd start serving God and not attacking me.
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