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  1. I believe a pastor should step down when he exhibits "lordship leadership" instead of "servant leadership". I've known several who have crossed that line and the church became more like a cult because it was so controlling.
  2. Well, then. I stand corrected and apologize. I think your experience would make a great book and I would purchase a copy. I've had two pastors fall because of affairs and the last one was one from a megachurch. It was all over the internet. Things like that are very difficult to keep secret. People talk, secrets are leaked. As for a Christian not telling the truth. In my years of experience, it's a sad fact that purported Christians are often the most dishonest people I've encountered. Again, my apologies Renee. I'm leaving here anyway.
  3. None of this is actually true. If it were, it would be all over the internet. I did some looking and couldn't find anything about it. Unless the OP shares a link to some proof, It's just more fake news. However, if it were true, threatening someone's life is a felony and he would have been prosecuted.
  4. When we were kids, my mother used to make peanut butter, sweet onion and dill pickle sandwiches. I still make one once in a while. Delicious!
  5. Mine's at the bottom of the list. ...But at least I made it!
  6. President Trump Elon Musk AOC because you never know what insanity will escape that eensy weensy brain of hers. (if you don't know who AOC is, just try googling her) Good for a laugh.
  7. I guess the most ridiculous claims I've ever heard were from some of the "Health and Wealth" false prophets... (profits)? LOL. Another one was from a preacher at a church we attended. He said: "Ann's Alzheimer's is from a demonic presence in her. If she truly believes she can be healed, she will be healed". It took every ounce of restraint I had to keep from punching this idiot.
  8. I just waited two full minutes for this post to open. It's the servers. They need to lay hands on them and pray for speedy healing. Or throw them out and get up to date ones.
  9. Interesting what you said. I share the three churches we attend (depending on where we are at the time). I don't do street evangelism or knocking on doors, which some people call Ambush Evangelism. I tried it once with a group and It's not my style. I (we) just invite them to church, even to the point of offering to pick them up and having lunch afterwords. I let the church do the heavy lifting. In our case, the church is "the vine" which we stay connected to because it's a great tool for sharing.
  10. For someone categorized as a "Junior Member", you speak with the wisdom and authority of a seasoned saint. Thank you for your insight.
  11. Apparently it isn't against the law. It's a business that is advertised and successful. Otherwise he'd be posting from his prison cell. He didn't mention that. As I said before, defrauding people, especially the elderly is a felony in most states yet people like Benny Hinn, Al Sharpton, Joel Osteen and other crooked preachers get a pass. Are they still Christian? Sometimes, we're quick to judge. I prefer a little grace.
  12. Sort of. I could use an example of a drug store. Once they dispense a prescription for a controlled drug, after it leaves their hands, are they to blame if it's abused or handed off to someone else. Or an arms manufacturer who is sued because their weapon performed exactly as it was designed to work. Or how about a Christian Chick-fil-A employee selling a #1 meal to an obese woman therefore contributing to her sin of gluttony. One can take this to the extremes. Kevin was getting dumped on big time.
  13. Are there degrees of simplicity? As St. Augustine said: "Love God and do as you please" As long as that statement is taken in the spirit in which it was intended, that's as simple as can be. If you love God, you'll do everything to honor him. The real question would be what honors God? You can be saved, keep the commandments and you're golden. It's some of the things written by man later on that becomes sticky which begs the question: Yes, you're a Christian but are you a GOOD Christian. There are good Mormons. There are good Muslims, Jews, Hindus. Does the door slam shut in the face of someone who may have been led down a road because of where they live. Is that what God intended? I hope not.
  14. That's just one of those verses that scares the crap out of me. If any friend of mine recited that, I'd be calling the suicide hotline.
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