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  1. In addition to replying to other people's welcome threads you should start your own thread in order to get your membership activated
  2. In addition to replying to people's welcome threads, you should start your own so your membership can be activated.
  3. I used to say that I was a believer. However, I have had and continue to have experiences that have made me think a better term is knower. I know He is real.
  4. Don't know where you got that from. Never said anything about what you are or are not. Just pointed out who I wrote that post for.
  5. My post was really only meant for a Christian audience.
  6. I have prayed for her and for you too. God bless.
  7. I have prayed for you. God bless you. 🐓🧡🐧
  8. What number would the Hebrew word (phonetically) [maga] have? Thanks
  9. I remember reading the post, however I don't remember posting in it. I asked Aimes a question about adult lounge, but don't remember if I asked that in your thread or in chat. As for your original post in that thread, I thought it went beyond not being appropriate, but was shocking disgusting. I now feel it is a good thing that George moved it to adult lounge. Perhaps there you might receive replies about why such things should not be done. Replies from those qualified to give you good answers. I'm not qualified.
  10. Welcome. God bless you.
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