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  1. And once again more confusion on this topic. Looks again like the same concerns will pop up in people's minds after reading 0p. 1.They became a believer, 2. had hard times,3. told God to go away, 4. realized they were wrong to do that, 5. asked God to forgive them and be with them now and forever,6. think all is great, 7. learn there is this thing called unforgivable sin they didn't know existed,8. now looks like maybe too late and there is no hope for them. Is above what op is saying? I almost don't want to push submit button. So often when I as a yes no question, instead of getting a yes or no ,or a yes or no followed by why answer is yes or no I will get a huge response that never answers the question. Oh, well. Guess I will give it another try.
  2. I am sure in this case. How can op be serious that billions of people representing hundreds of first languages should learn archaic British English fluently enough to read and understand KJV of the Bible.
  3. If it happens it happens. But, of course, prayer could increase the chances of it happening. I have prayed for him and for you too. God bless.
  4. Hi 🦋, Thank you for not eating us. 🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣
  5. I have prayed for her and you too. God bless.
  6. I have prayed for him and for you too. God bless.
  7. You are eggzactly correct. Love them all kinds of ways. Not concerned at all about cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on serum cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the majority of fat in eggs is monounsaturated, which raises good cholesterol. Since 1940, at least, they knew lecithin could prevent and remove plaque from arteries. Egg yolk has the highest percentage of lecithin of any food. Thank you, 🐣🐓
  8. No, because God is not a real person. You can not use the natural to prove the supernatural.
  9. George said not to post video in this forum. Reread his directions. Edited by Omegaman 3.0 - video removed
  10. Ambiguous sentences can cause much misunderstanding. It's not clear if it was your grandmother or cousin who had the article of clothing in question come off. By the way, I saw your other prayer request concerning a similar situation with a cousin of yours. They do tend to have difficulty in this area.
  11. I have prayed for him and for you too. God bless
  12. I have prayed for you and everyone involved in this prayer request. God bless.
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