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  1. Welcome to Worthy, Hishandmaiden. Love your name! God bless you! I am quite away from you! From the United States.
  2. First of all, give all to the Lord. Second, while you are praying and giving to the Lord, you should also seek for wisdom. Like some of Brothers and Sisters here are suggesting. I would recommend something easier for you consider your age. How about home-based internet business. It is merely a few hours of work per week. Or um, if you like to travel, try workamping. I have an RV and love to travel in RV. There are campsite hosts and they are just simple living and earning their living. Maybe sell firewood, simple stuff. They are your age. I am just 54. Ha. Or maybe you can do some simple work at retirement home, nursing home, senior community centers, something like that.
  3. The Holy Bible is the best set of series of self-help books. The best of all. I have written self-help books and books on interesting subjects but of course, Bible is best of all. Amen!
  4. Hi Daughter of the King! Welcome! God bless you!
  5. That is true if you have FB on your phone. I do not. And it is blocked. I use Opera and Duckduckgo as well.
  6. I personally dislike FB. Not worth it. There is a problem regarding them if you are not a member of FB. Often the media today are connecting with FB and when you read an article. Say you are reading the news from Fox News and you see there is a link and you click it and then it would be a FB page or post and I do not like that happens because I have a website blocker blocking FB. Media in my opinion needs to stop connecting with FB. They need to their work and write articles, or snapshot posts and do their jobs, not connecting to make readers go to another site. Even if you do not block FB and you are not a member and when you click and it happens to be directing you to FB. Then you get FB page and then FB blocks you if you did not block them in the first place. This is why I dislike things like that happens. I stay away as much as I can from FB, Google, Chrome, and I focus on Opera, this site, another Christian site, Tea Party....
  7. WOWWIE! THANKS. everyone! To some of you, thanks for nice graphics to welcome me. Nice job if you made those.. Unless they are clipart. Hahaha. Hee hee, K-Philly, very funny. I can be very outgoing and I admit I do like to be in front of a crowd. I preach, I teach SS or host Bible Study... went on missions, I even perform. Acting. Did perform at a Renaissance Festival. And yes in Old English! Aye, milady, I p'rf'rm'd and spake in fusty english! (Yes, madam, I performed and spoke in Old English!) Hey Skillet, I see you have your avator with a hanging light bulb. That is also used as for The Lord's Club. Pretty cool isn't it? As they say in Old English, Grammercy, miladys 'nd milords!
  8. Me very shy? I am not shy. I am more of.. pull-back kind of guy. You see, with hearing people, it is harder for me to communicate in hearing world. I am Deaf. Second of all, communicating is easier for me online than off-line. I used to can hear well and talk on the phone as a hard of hearing but due to Meniere's (Tinnitus and Vertigo), I am more of shy away rather than the shy you think I am. It frustrate me to communicate in person. But I still do am around Hearing people. As for Deaf... Another long story I do not want to talk about. Let's just say I am not comfortable being around them for several reasons and a couple of good reasons as well. Hee hee. You made me laugh on what you say. Thank you. I trust the Lord things will happen in His timing and His way. Lord willing. Yes, I sure do have a big heart. When I drew Cory Big Heart, people noticed that he is really me. They recognized right off the bat. Usually artists when they draw cartoons or comics, they usually draw characters based on themselves. Book writers are same way as well as movie/TV writers. So, yes, I agree with you! God bless!
  9. Thanks Frances. I love the vision too. But hard to get people to attend when it is one or two or even zero at a time. Long way to go. I am praying for a facility so that people will see it is really established. Then people will come. This is how I see it nowadays with much establishments even internet out there. Thank you.
  10. Haha. Hee hee. There are other food more healthier. Seen they have egg wraps, turkey sausages sandwich, and more. Some teas are decaf. And I am sure there are coffee decaf. So. I normally have the sandwiches and decaf tea in winter, sandwiches and cranberry juice in warm season. Thanks!
  11. First of all, thank you! Yes and no. It is not at my home. We meet at the meeting room at Dunkin' Donuts. The vision I have for my church is to be open daily like a storefront cafe church would be. Every morning sermons. I understand people have to work but there are many not employed. And each day have bible study for different group of people. My vision is when we are big enough and Lord willing from offerings and donations, built or buy a facility to house TLC church into a cafe style. No pews but many tables and chairs and couches for many to attend services. When there are no services, fellowship anytime. Many churches today just only open for Sunday Schools, sermons/services/prayer meetings on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday or Thursday evenings, depending on what church out there. Anyway, why limit? What if a Christian has day off on Monday can do? He can come and hear sermon. Or to fellowship. What if he is retired at age.. 55, he can come during the day during the week to fellowship with others who are retired. what if there are kids finishing school at 2 pm and parents are at work till 5 and not get home till 6? Not safe to be alone at home. Then they can be bussed to TLC to fellowship and do homework. We will have tutors to help students with homework. And also have Christian/Bible classes as well. And many more. Our own version of scouts as well. Many ministries as well. And Friday night Singles Fellowship nights... Saturday night skits/play/theater or Christian music concerts. Night owls at 11 PM or so has only time to do something because their work schedule are not like the 8 to 5 jobs.. something like that, well, they can come overnight and fellowship. So for now, it is like a house church but at DD.
  12. About the 9/11/2001, as I recalled just 5 days before I arrived home from Florida, I rode the bus home on Greyhound Bus. Anyway, the bus has to stop in New York City from Miami and that is where I had to transfer. I saw the WTC standing as the bus went into the Lincoln Tunnel and I do not know why something is about to happen to WTC soon. Remember I said it is 5 days before it happened. I told the boy who sat in front of me to remember those buildings very importantly. I did not know why I had to say that but I said it. Then I got my transfer at the station there then went home. 5 days later, it happened. I was in shock. And knew now why it happened. But before all this happened, I came on the same Greyhound bus for NYC bound in Miami. A guy who appeared to be Muslim/Arabic appearance. I had funny feeling started right that moment he look trouble to me. The next stop, in Fort Lauderdale, an FBI agent went on the bus to search people. I said to myself, something is not going to be right. It was like this all the way till I saw the WTC in NYC and told the boy. After a few stops in Florida for the bus, I noticed the Arab/Muslim guy (I can tell by the way he looks and dress) got sick of seeing that I was watching him. He moved toward the back of the bus and he got off in NYC. Was he one of the 20 who hijacked the plane? Who knows. But my experience and research by reading many articles, they did say a few came through Florida or was from Florida. I knew it. Still saying I know what I saw before my eyes. I believe God wanted me to witness this to be unfolding. Now, about conspiracies, you need to be careful and some are the work of the devil wanting to make sure everyone blame a certain person or group that they did not do. It is called fake news. So, you should be careful and with prayers and do your research if those facts are real or not. I doubt Israeli did the 9/11 stuff. No. Likely secret societies, deep state, Rothschilds, or any other organizations or even all of them that they all work together actually and faking against each other. heard of One World Government? This was an act toward to One World Government for sure. Now, that is my opinion. That is all. We just need to be ready for Jesus coming soon. And you must spread the Gospel as Jesus commanded us according to Matthew 28:18-20.
  13. Lately I hear alot about the "porch thieves" as they are now called. Or "porch pirates." Well, like someone said, set up the cameras. Heard of this saying, "You can have friends close but keep your enemies closer to your chest." This saying is to keep eye out much closer to you. Thanks to cameras and cell phone cams can really catch someone do something criminal. There are numerous of reason why they do steal. Remember, they are sinners. We all are. And they steal for a reason they should not do. Maybe for drug money.. Maybe they are unemployed and has no careers or jobs to support themselves or something. Or bad habit that they steal no matter what. I recalled someone in my old apartment oh back in 1990s, I caught him stealing a television! Yes, that old square tube analog TV. Then I reported to the superintendent in my apartment complex because I am Deaf and I thought he would call the police for me. he said it was not the first time that TV thief stole something. He stole a lot in the past. The police could not touch him (to arrest him) because he has a mental disability that he is very slow and not know what he is doing so they cannot arrest him and jail him because of that disability. True. So, there are some people like that and check out that thief of yours if he/she is disabled. If so, then maybe you can meet that person and witness that person to Christ and invite that person to church! Jesus healed many people with illnesses, disabilities, and challenged people. Heard of forgiveness? Try that and you might be surprised that person may change. Lord willing. Pray about that person. God bless!
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