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  1. Well noted, so if I were to term fictional, as in the characters of mythology,would that make it easier to see the point. One dictionary defines theology as the study of God. Mythology is the study of myths, a set of stories or beliefs about a particular person, institution,or situation,especially when exaggerated or fictitious.
  2. Would I be right to say theology is based on facts of history to mythology based on fictional assumptions. Given this thought leads me to believe it another way,Theology is to Christianity as mythology is to satanism. One leads to eternal life the other to eternal damndation.
  3. Would like more insight on the subject of the Spirit of Truth.
  4. Been debating this idea that Mary wasn't a virgin by modern terms, but just a young maiden of marrying age. I've found different scripture to hold my ground,however, I'd like to see what others may have to say on this topic.
  5. Is it possible to relate the three, divide the three and compare the three as such. God, the MIND ( thoughts) Jesus,the HEART ( love) Holy Spirit, the SOUL ( will) With the this, you have the trilogy! We are told ..."with all they heart...soul...mind" Math.22:37
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