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  1. CCHL

    will gays go to hell if they do not repent?

    Onelight, I can understand where you are coming from in the context of Adam and Eve but in mine (and scholars) interpretation it simply means Adam was to be provided with a partner, promises it is through historical evidence that has brought about to what Paul was talking about and Butero I'm happy to talk about the Gay community promotes love/acceptance but I would rather it be in private message or on a new thread as I don't want to too far away from talking about Paul here and how the temple prostitution is what Paul was referring to.
  2. So, I just want to say that no one is forcing you to hire the LGBTQ individuals from various communities but the ordinance states that no institution is allowed to discriminate. I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  3. CCHL


    Thank you all. I definitely appreciate it
  4. CCHL


    I am excited to be here and talk with various people about my faith journey!