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  1. Joy, benevolence with no reward, called charity. Rewarded by inner joy of wellbeing from God that you cannot purchase, or share, priceless infact. There is a catch, you must first depart, die of self and sin, to receive Gods joy and Gods strength, giving God the glory for your sacrifice through Jesus Christs example. Know that you Know that Jesus loves you and that you trust God for EVERYTHING. Total faith. You put God first, others second and you a beautiful kingdom sacrifice, dead, you then cannot be hurt ever, because you are dead,from this position you can only consider others totally as Jesus did, raising you up into a new life, where will only consider others. A few examples from the Bible, Jesus forgive then as they crucified Him, Stephen forgave them as they stoned him to death. Paul and Silas sang in the inner prison in darkness, Joseph forgave his brothers. The joy of the Lord was their strength. What a glorious place to be, if you can't sing tough ha, ha With Love, Wnl
  2. Christ is the son of God, no one has seen God, God was not nailed to the cross, and from there, Jesus said FATHER, hope this helps,Wnl
  3. Hi Douge, I agree with your post apart from, Quote, Christ will rule from His throne. I believe it's Gods throne and Jesus sits on the right side, or righteous side of Gods throne, with Love, Wnl
  4. Trying to help, you obviously don't believe the scripture that I have written above 2 Tim 1:9-10 that Jesus was planned to save us before the world began, meaning that we neaded to be saved pianned by God, nobody else. You see you must be a sinner first, to be a none sinner through Jesus Christ. So that you move from to, the positions cannot exist without the opposite, or you wouldn't want to move if it isn't a better position. without sin there would be no point Jesus coming planned before the world began to save us from our sin. With Love Wnl
  5. Amen, brother,God is in complete control, with Love Wnl
  6. Thanks Michael for your response, I feel that you haven't got the big picture. I don't think you have grasped who God is, He is Alpha and Omega and He obviously knows and is in perfect control of what He planned between the two spheres before the world began, You cannot plan a beginning and an end without having total control.or it would fail, a practical eg. Is of Michael Angelos sculpture, in his mind he saw the end from the beginning, or he too would fail. You would not know what the end would be without total control, infact there couldn't be an end God made all things, true, so every thing that He made He has COMPLETE CONTROL OVER simply because He made it. Lucifer (thanks for the spelling lesson as I am not perfected yet) Satan, the Devil, the whosoever God has complete control over. Eg God removed Satan from the earth for a thousand years planned in the future of Gods perfect plan. Ask yourself, who took Satan off the earth, God, proving that God has TOTAL control over Satan, of whom He made. For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever Amen. Dont forget, GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS, hope this explanation helps With Love Wnl
  7. Let's get thing straight here, God made, ALL, ALL, ALL, THINGS. and He made nothing in vain, nothing unto vanity. So this means that all things and spirits where made perfect by God to do the things that they were created to do. E.g. God made Satan to perfect in his ways do the job that God created him to do,tempt us, planned from the beginning. 2 Tim,1:9-10. Who hath saved us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Jesus Christ before the world began, but is now made manifest by the appearing of our saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. This scripture speaks for itself, God planned for Jesus to save us from our sin before the world began, in other words God planned for sin to enter the world, I call the Devine setup at Eaden. Lusifer was not the author of sin, God was, Lusifer was made perfect in his ways to do the job that he created to do, tempt us to sin. Everything God did was for good for His chosen people, as in the Passover, sending the spirit of death, even taking the lives of His chosen people. I could go on, but it's bed time in England, With Love, Wnl
  8. I personally think that Jesus was referring spirituality to a generation with the tempter, physically dead, but spirituality alive awaiting Jesuses return and rapture And then a spiritual generation without the tempter, off the earth for a thousand years with no temptation to sin. Remember this is all spiritual, unseen. With Love, Wnl
  9. Amen, because God Himself told me also to write a book, Wnl
  10. I agree and Amen to your explanation of the Bible and the examples of life within it, but for me Jesus comes formost as He is the only the truth, life and the way that we should follow as did the deciples and others. I would like to add that you don't just receive teaching from the Bible, but directly from God Him self. All through the Bible God spoke to His people and He hasn't stopped, so are you LISTENING and obedient to Gods call. Dont do a Jonah With Love Wnl
  11. I'm delighted that you thank God for your knowledge Your knowledge has to come from somewhere else through the ages, from others or by God Himself, as God still speaks direct to His people as He did in the Bible, so you cannot personally glory in your knowledge. God has certainly given you a great gift to study deep things in life, you are you because of God. God didn't give me your gifts, He gave me different gifts of Godly wisdom in the knowledge that all things of knowledge came from Him for us to eventually discover, that's where the word simplicity comes from. Its simple to God as He already knows everything even the future. As you know mankind has got their scientific studies wrong in human history, e.g. The world was flat, there is only 140 stars stated by Gallilao etc. we have come along way down discovery alley and we have to get it wrong sometimes to find out the truth of the matter. God has given His people special gifts as with you, and others artist, sculpture, etc. I am pleased that you only had a problem with the word simple. God doesn't have to study as you do, because He knows all things simple isn't it. With Love in Christ Jesus Wnl
  12. Wnl Lets keep science simple, you can only discover what God put on earth and all the universe in the beginning. You CANNOT discover anything new under the sun to God, because God made all things for man to discover. You can't discover anything that wasn't here in the first place, it's impossible,God wants you to find everything that He made, I believe that discovery will come to an end, that's when I believe Jesus will return by His Holy Spirit With Love William
  13. Wnl


    Wnl. Hi I'm just trying to find my way round. l would like to breefly give my testimony, but I don't know where to put it. has it got to be on a special forum thanks William
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    Thankyou for your kind welcome William
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