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  1. His_Dandelion

    Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Sound desk
  2. His_Dandelion

    How Old Is a Golden Oldie?

    Yep Hands On, I love being a Boomer, and funky is the right word. My mum used to tell me, if anyone ever asks your age, always say, “I’m as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.” I’ve used this often 😝
  3. His_Dandelion

    How Old Is a Golden Oldie?

    I like this thought, very interesting. I think I stopped getting older at 25yrs ... haha. I’m sure that will be my age in heaven, when I am called home! 😃
  4. His_Dandelion

    How Old Is a Golden Oldie?

    All I know, from experience, NEVER, EVER ask a child how old they think you are. You’ll get no compliments there. 😝
  5. His_Dandelion

    What Can We Praise God For Today?

    That His love is unconditional and steadfast. He loves me, despite me. How blessed am I?
  6. In 1982, My husband and I used to attend a church in Northern Ireland and when it was communion, he would have the bread and the wine and I would get a hand on my head and a blessing. I used to look at my husband and think, it’s not fair, he is no better than me. 😝 So I decided to get confirmed. Confirmed I was, and that same day I flew to England to visit my mum. She took me to a Pentecostal church, and my ears, eyes and heart heard the gospel for the first time, and received Him as Saviour. I was saved the same day as I got confirmed. There must have been a smile on the face of God. I just love Him! My husband came to Christ a year later!
  7. His_Dandelion

    Amazing Grace - Best Version By Far!

    So Beautiful!
  8. His_Dandelion

    Understanding the Enemy!

    This thread as been a worthy read. There is such a lot for me to consider and meditate on. I feel humbled that God led me to find this forum. my biggest problem with forgiveness is forgiving self. I’m generally quick to forgive others but not myself. I somehow have to learn to give myself the grace I freely give others. Guilt and shame are from the enemy and if we don’t forgive ourselves then in effect we will not be effective for God. I often find myself saying, “I should have known better.” - the reality is I should, but the amazing grace of my Lord and Saviour, covers me. If He has forgiven me then I need to do the same. Right, I’m off to deal with a stronghold or two. Thanks again George. Love in Christ to you all
  9. His_Dandelion

    Yoga yes / Yoga no

    Thank you all. I have a fair bit of delving to do but you have all helped me to make my mind up. I will indeed refuse to take part in any way or form. My colours will be nailed to the mast. I am so grateful to everyone’s input. Now I have some YouTube to watch 😁
  10. His_Dandelion

    Yoga yes / Yoga no

    At work we are having a training day and they want us to have a section of doing yoga. I have stated that as a Christian I would be unable to take part. I have been told it’s about emptying yourself in meditation which means that any unclean spirit could enter in. At work they are saying it is a science not a religion. My mentality is that if there is any chance of it being wrong then I should abstain. so .... yoga yes or yoga no is my question?
  11. His_Dandelion

    A newbie

    Thank you for your kind welcomes. Love in Our Lord and Saviour
  12. His_Dandelion

    A newbie

    Thank you angels4u. Trying to find my way around
  13. His_Dandelion

    A newbie

    Hello, looking forward to meeting new friends, interacting with discussions and digging deeper.