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  1. The Shack - to experience the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a beautiful interpretation unlike any ever brought before... It was also a sobering reminder of our Jesus Love for me!
  2. @PepperS lol 😜 Wow... offended much??!? I see... so this is the behavior of one who supposedly represents our Jesus... sad 🤔 Again, just highlights why non-believers are so turned off by such self-righteousness and hypocritical attitudes that are present in the church today (and so many years for that matter)... *sigh Anyhow... you win, it's ok I will not hold this site and the other believers who represent this forum accountable for your lack of love... simple really... "out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks..."
  3. Brother @simplejeff I get your very knowledgeable... and no doubt you have encouraged many... but for real?!! really?? Bro as you have spoken, 'out of the abundance of the heart, mouth speaks..' Again you wonder why non-believers get turned off or give believers grief... cos we the body of Christ have been known to use scripture to justify our stance/ point/ argument.. bro just take a chill pill... even non-believers understand the term K.I.S.S... (Keep It Simple S...)
  4. And?!? Does that make what I am stating any less true...?!? Plus I must've really touched a nerve... interesting... Bro/ Sis @PepperS... At the end of the day... if peeps wanted to hear a sermon... then they would just go to church... forums and alike (just for the record, I've been in non-christian/ christian forums probably just as long as you if not longer)... So just pointing out the obvious... Like I said... if the sister wanted to know the 'long-winded' answer she would refer to a Concordance... Just saying...
  5. Hmmm it's great that we are all here to encourage each other... though as a new comer to this forum... 'some' peeps are bit over the top or is it just me...?? At the end of the day... knowing the scriptures is one thing but if your life do not match your words... simple keeping one's mouth would be suitable... The sister asked for a simple answer not a sermon or lecture... so turn it down team... And you wonder why non-believers get turned off by the children of the light... Cos they talk too much, then listen... the Lord gave us two ears and one mouth, use them in that order! Drop the mic!
  6. Oh ok thank you for that... just something that has come up recently that is done when studying Animal Communication... just seemed to be strange when 'animal telepathy' came up... Just ensuring that there was no other sinister going's on behind it... Again appreciate the response.
  7. @Melinda12 I encourage you continue to find whatever encouragement you can find through other peoples life stories or testimonies... I too have started a habit to read what other believers have to say through their books/ life stories in conjunction with the Bible... I have to admit I've not read any of Corrie Ten Boom's books, but I am familiar of her life and the testimony she is a true inspiration as you say to all believers... Some books I would like to recommend to encourage you further in your journey with our Father are... The Final Quest by Rick Joyner The Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary. K. Baxter The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan The Power of Right Believing by Joseph Prince May Jesus be your continual source and inspiration forever more...
  8. Dear Sister @existential mabel... I'll keep this short and simple... it's always interesting to read and see certain peoples beliefs one way or the other especially in these forums (especially when 'some' get a bit carried away 🤐... just saying 🤔)... Anyhow, at the end of the day, 'you' continue to live Jesus in your life, as you walk with Him, the Holy Spirit will guide you and give you the words to speak to whomever the Father puts on your path. There is no text book on sharing Jesus, other then your life, regardless if it is to non-christian/ believers alike... 1 Corinthians 16:13 New Living Translation (NLT) 13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous.[a] Be strong.
  9. Hi fellow brethren Just wanting to ask a quick question please; for those who animal lovers here and may even have alot to do with the animal sector... I've recently just come across something called 'animal telepathy' but not sure if this is for real or if its a bit dodgy? Anyone able to shed some light on this topic, be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. Appreciate the kind words...
  11. Thanks everyone for the welcome... nice to you meet you all...
  12. Hi new to this site, interested to see how this community engage and encourage one another. Cheers
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