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  1. For starters, come judgment day, I'll probably be holding up the line. Anyway, it's an eternal decision, so I very much doubt this will come lightly. The Bible directly states that all things will be revealed. So an entire look through my life on each and every moment? That's 49 years of unseen video as of now, not including all side quests on how I have affected others. I most likely will need a puke bucket for that. I just don't think it's as simple as hoping to find your name in the book of life and then walking through the gates, that's all. Is it possible to have something like a hundred year or ever longer trial over our soul in the way we think of time? Thanks ahead for any responses. Sorry for posting another thread here so shortly, but I'm being moody again.
  2. From supernovas and black holes throughout the immense universe, to tiny insects and all that is unseen. He knows and created everything. From the last days with the signs that will be given, the thousand year reign of Christ, and the final battle of Armageddon, He seems to know what will happen before any of us will see. Can it be asked my eternal destination before judgment with Him? One day I'll be happy, and the other I'll be completely terrified. I'm so tired of the constant mood swings. I know that God will have his full wrath poured over on me from this life. I just would like to know if Christ will be my shield when it happens. Anyway, can my eternal destiny be asked before it's even decided in my timeline? He already knows, so is it okay to prematurely ask a known answer from Him on this? Thanks ahead for any response. :)
  3. Then perhaps you should not make public assumptions of others since you don't seem all too good at this.
  4. Sorry to ask, but who is this in reference to?
  5. Write them on the doorposts of their house. Maybe?
  6. A gallbladder that loves making stones.
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