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  1. No offense but we live in a different society, people just care about themselves these days and don’t really care about others, there’s good people out there but we need more people like that but the people that are doing good deeds are afraid that they’ll either get judged or disliked because their helping those in need,like honestly we need our younger generation to be helpful and caring about others, for myself I was taught to be caring and helpful.
  2. Thank you and I will and she’s a Christian thank you everyone for the prayers and support
  3. Good morning, Everyone just a quick update my Grandma is moving to a assisted living residence this week,Thank you for the prayers
  4. Hello, Everyone I'm asking for prayers right now for my Grandma, shes not doing well shes has been having TIA's or mini strokes this past weeks and we need prayer for her and our family. My wonderful brother has been staying over at my Grandmas house and has been staying with her this weekend and past days, my mom and dad have been helping. Thank you so much. God Bless you all. Zachary.
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