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  1. thanks, i really enjoyed your comments, they were really refreshing, it good to talk to someone who uses Gods greatest gift, the mind
  2. we live in a world of wonders where nobody considers anything wondrous, we live in an age of possibilities where nobody thinks anything is possible, they put a man on the moon for goodness sake and u are all talking to people oversea on your computers in an instant, Solomon would have envied our time on the earth
  3. by believing we can save the world and the faith to see it through.
  4. can we please have a creating writing and poetry forum on this sight, it would be a good outlet for creative types like me and may encourage others to do the same
  5. noblenut

    many healed

    one of my mininters told the congregation that many were healed last week, i don't know any detail but praise the Lord
  6. the whole world was in anarchy a week ago, with various weather extremes, if it wasn't for the faithful we could have all died
  7. pain tell us somethings wrong and suffering makes us strong and the world is evil, its usually the world the causes pain and suffering but God uses it for his own ends, read Genesis, the story of Joseph
  8. why would happiness be fleeting, doesn't God want us to be happy of coarse he does and i am happy everyday because of him
  9. i couldn't agree more, thats like a christian going in a mosque to preach Jesus(though we get the muslims to come to our church for english lessons)
  10. if God possessed people no one would ever sin
  11. i am an ear u must be a mouth and grapes are good to eat but not thorns the theasles, be open minded as God is and be gentle with the way u treat people, though a harsh rebuke is sometimes needed
  12. good one neigh but that isn't what i meant
  13. my time is both fulfilling and exciting, i never know wat a new day brings
  14. sorrow and discipline, but read isaiah on fasting
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