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  1. 6 is the number for work in the bible, for 6 days God created the world, for 6 days the jews were to labor, for six years the fields were to be cultivated and for six year an israelite could be a slave, so the number 666 more then likely represent the works of the beast
  2. well a book can be an idol, if people follow what it says, a rival book to the bible, i cant be sure but i am pretty sure, the fact that people follow what this idol says and a book can speak when it is read, if u have a better explanation do tell.
  3. the number 6 is a very significant number for man in the bible, on the sixth day we were made, for six days we are to work and rest on the seventh, for six years debts can be collected and cancelled on the seventh, for six years a hebrew can be a slave and released on the seventh and the number of years fields can be cultivated and harvested. i would suggest that the three 6's or 666 in revelation may represent one or more of these things, perhaps debt, slavery and labor. it is the number given to man by God.
  4. the image of the beast the speaks is a book a sacred book, it is made sacred because the false prophet breaths life into it and to breath like into something means to make it sacred. and nothing else can speak like a book does, they speak to people everyday when people read them.
  5. i was thinking of how the ancient roman empire was the most corrupt and immoral civilizations that ever existed and how we compare to them today and the truth is we have, that is our western world has become the new Rome. think of all the corrupt laws and the violence and vulgar things on the media. that is also whom the beast is the roman world in the last days and babylon in the east.
  6. sometimes when i think about things i want they sometimes happen. i have all i need and want and that is a gift from God but more then anything in this life that i know he will grant is eternal life with him.
  7. nobleseed

    Jesus's son

    i have just gone a step further and taken it literally, though we are all his children those he redeems from sin. though i think it is possible he may have an actual son if i am right about revelation, though who is to say, i confess there is a lack of cohesive evidence and except for rev 21 7 it does not actually say he will
  8. well i think Solomon Said it the best," do not answer a fool according to his folly or else u will be like him, answer a fool according to his folly or else he will be wise in his own eyes". and i look forward to hearing him in the life to come and u too. i am sure we will have good conversations.
  9. well that can be the case, but let me ask u a question, when u have breakfast in the morning do u have food or poison? logic would tell u to have food and not poison, sure u could take poison on faith but if u did u would die. logic and sense guide us in life and if faith had no wisdom and did not make sense then why do u believe in the first place.
  10. very well said and enlightened. u certainly have the truth in your heart. but how do we correct the errors that have polluted scripture and how do u teach the obstinate. maybe it is up to God to correct and not men like us
  11. because there is nothing more precious then a child in Gods eyes and i know he is a just God who will pay those who wrong them in full. and their is no greater abomination then child molestation.
  12. u confusing being logical and being wise in your own eyes, Jesus talks about it in the example of sowing patches on clothing and putting wine in wine skins. there is a logical way or right way to mend cloth and one that will not work at all and makes the tear worse. the same with wine skins. and is it not logical to believe in God and the risen savour. nothing else makes sense.
  13. it has become obvious to me that the christian church as a whole has not had many good teachers, that they are like little children that have not been taught properly. people on this forum are even saying the bible does not have to make sense, that it is all taken on faith. if we believe in nonsense then there is no truth and if what we confess makes no sense then why would non believers listen to us. God is a wise God and he wrote a wise book of truth and knowledge. as it says the senseless man will never understand. so stop u silly interpretations and understand properly with a sobre mind that is fruitful
  14. nobleseed

    Jesus's son

    actually one of the prophesies refer to him as everlasting father in Isiah.
  15. truth is alway logical and there is no truth without understanding, or knowledge without wisdom. i do not know what bible u are reading but things that do not make sense are never true
  16. actually Jesus called it an eternal sin, an meaning more then one, if u study your bible carefully u will find more such as betraying a righteous man and lying to God, and what do u think Jesus meant by milestone around the neck, i am sure he could not make it more clear that those who defile children will be condemned
  17. no he means children. that is the context of the verse.
  18. i meant the passage where Jesus talks about he how causes a little one to sin
  19. has anyone ever heard of an abuser becoming a christian? such a thing would not be, they are warped and they stay that way. and its also a myth that abused become abusers, there is no evidence for that whatsoever, actually u would find the opposite true that no abused would put another person through what thye have been through
  20. children a very precious to God. to even say that a molester can be forgiven is an offence. and see mathew in regard to causing children to sin
  21. child molestation is a bit beyond the realm of common sin.
  22. yes it does or else i would not believe it
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