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  1. If you believe that all psychiatric drugs are placebos thats your choice. It does not make you right. I do not get what your issue is here. Have you got a mental problem you dont want to talk about and are getting defensive about? You are really hostile about mental health and mental illness. means all and any drugs. so Tylenol is, you say, sorcery. cancer drugs, you say, are sorcery. All drugs are sorcery according to you. Why single out mental illness drugs for your negativity?
  2. compassion for a soul in deep distress is a good thing.
  3. link to another thread on the same subject started by the OP a year or two ago, with lots of useful postings:
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46885828 May has lost by 230 votes - which is unheard of. Interesting times ahead.
  5. who has backed up your vision and confirmed it is from God and tested it from scriptures with you?
  6. why do you keep saying this to me, and mentioning Simon? I have NEVER suggested trying to buy the Holy Spirit. I hope you have misunderstood em, or I have misunderstood your words. I am not looking to buy something, or try to get something that is not freely given by God, and am a bit shocked at the idea.
  7. We have to provide the means for the poor to survive and help themselves. That means jobs which pay enough to live on, and affordable places to live. I hope people arent saying that the disabled should be forced to starve, freeze or be homeless. I include the mentally ill as disabled. I dont want charity for the feckless. I do want people to have the opportunity to help themselves if they can. Blaming someone for not working when there is no job, or blaming them for hunger or homelessness when they cant earn enough to eat or pay rent is not right. Discerning the difference is important. Compassion is the thing. Loving our neighbour as ourselves - we are all neighbours. Is there enough charitable voluntary giving on its own to support those who cannot support themselves?
  8. yes, like fire which does not hurt pouring over my head and down to my feet. Invisible fire just after my water baptism years ago. but no visible tongues of fire around me. Maybe other gifts, but no tongues speaking either for me. I started this thread because someone said it is only true baptism if I do tongues. I am questioning that statement. I know dedicated Christians who have other gifts, but no speaking in tongues. I wanted to know if having to speak in tongues or you are a lesser or not a real Christian was true, like someone said on here. Looking at scripture, I dont think they are right.
  9. Mind expanding what you are getting at? Its sounds to me like the fire from God isnt part of a baptism like Wade is saying it is, but is a sign of Gods presence and power which could happen at the Holy Spirit baptism and other times. I didnt sense or see fire at any baptism I ever went to.
  10. You did say this, and now you say this Is your work hardly getting done, or not? Both of these cant be true at the same time. Still waiting for scripture to back up you saying people HAVE to speak in tongues to prove they have the Holy Spirit, if they dont, they have not got the Spirit Baptism.
  11. They spoke clearly and fluently, as native speakers of the language they talked to the foreigners, not baby words and a couple of syllables learned over a dozen years. I am just not buying this. Show me the scripture where it says every believer speaks in tongues, and if they dont, they are not baptized in the Holy Spirit. Me, I can babble any nonsense into google translate and it comes up with something similar and identifies it as a language. Try it and see.
  12. I bet that please your employer - not. You should be working when at work, earning your pay. Are you adding to baptism? where does it say this in the Bible, in the NT? What do you mean - fire? I also want scripture of where the bible says tongues is essential proof of the Holy Spirit baptism and the gift every person receives. I have not see scripture yet to show it.
  13. Hey, lets pick ONE person, in ultra special circumstances, and use him as out benchmark, instead of the teaching of the Epistles as a whole!!
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