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  1. I go to a catholic high school, I am non denominational christian. Yet my religion class is pushing that it is real. I don’t believe it is. Yet how do I back up that claim? Any advice is needed. Thank you! Edit: thank you to all who took time to respond. For some reason I cannot reply, so thank you!
  2. Kenzie

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    @BeauJangles thank you! I love music! Recently I’ve been listening to brown skin girl by Beyoncé as it is really uplifting and helps me get through these issues. Thanks to you now I have another song to encourage me 💕
  3. What is your favorite verse? Why do you like that verse and are there verses you go to in time of need? Just curious
  4. @PromisesPromises! thank you! You always have the right words to say that cheer me up. Seriously, I’m at work right now and when I saw your reply I had to head to the back because I almost teared up . Thank you so much !
  5. @other one 😂😂 that made me laugh! Thanks for your story. And yeah my mom is something else lol. It’s funny because I just realized this is more of a her problem than me. So yeah, I’ll do what you said. Thank you!
  6. @Christdiedforoursins thank you for sharing your story and understanding where I am coming from. I think that is cool that you grew up around the Tswana people. I love different cultures and I’m always fascinated with the beauty of other people and how God made them.
  7. @ayin jadethank you so much! And interracial relationships are a blessing! My first relationship was interracial. It was only a school thing tho lol. But thank you for your encouragement!
  8. @DustyRoad wow, that’s an incredible story. I love the history of people. Thank you for your words of encouragement 💕
  9. Hi, I’m here again lol. Thanks for all of you who have helped me through my crisis a couple weeks ago. QUESTION: How do I deal with my family who discriminates against me because i am darker. Now, I am vulnerable with this topic. I don’t know how racially diverse worthy is, (doesn’t matter) but I don’t know if any of you would understand what I am saying or relate. I am grateful for any advice. Like some of you know, my family is not supportive of my mental health. I can not tell them my issues. So I come here. I am very grateful for all of you, truly! Anyway, I’m a black young women (17). For all of you who don’t know what colorism is. It is “prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group”. Colorism is a huge problem in the black community. In my experience, among some people I know and in society, dark skin is looked down upon. The thing is, colorism is a topic that makes people uncomfortable. I think because no one wants to admit that it exist. And because they may be colorist aswell. So here’s my problem, my immediate family is very colorist. This started with my mother who is of darker skin. Now, both my parents are black but my father is lighter skin. His complexion is more like George Lopez, while my moms is like Naomi Campbell. I have 5 sibling. My older brother and myself take after our moms complexion and my younger sister and younger 2 brothers take after my dads. Well you would think that my mother would not have a problem with having darker kids but she does. She projects her self hatred onto me. She has been verbally (& physically) abusive to me since I was 8. Whenever she wants to insult me, she targets my skintone, which is the same as hers, and also my hair and weight. She has uplifted my siblings as better and more beautiful than me because of their lighter skin. She makes comments indirectly about their hair and skin as being better than mine. It hurts. It hurts because she has brainwashed this to them, making them believe that they are better than darker people like myself. It hurts because i am singled out and this has been going since I was a young child . My mom is a narcissist so she really won’t accept blame. We have a looooonnngg history of just craziness. We have been doing better, but we never got along. I was always to blame. But that’s besides the point really. I have never struggled with accepting my skin; (blessing), but my low self esteem was because of my weight and I just think I am ugly. I recently realized that what is going on in my family is NOT okay! I have talked to my parents about this and how satan wants to divide our people. And colorism is a trick he uses. While they accept what I’m saying, they continue to make these comments. I am gaslighted all the time about being over sensitive when I get upset. For example, the reason I am writing this is because 10 minutes ago we were having family time and I told my dad that his comment about my brothers girlfriend was disrespectful and colorist. Of course he denied it. But then my sister jumped in and began to scold me. BTW, she is VERY vain and thinks that she is better because she is lighter. She doesn’t understand the struggles dark skin women face. My sister thinks she is prettier than me because of her skin. And for the comments people make about her being prettier than me because she is lighter. I’m sorry that this is so long. It is just that I’m very sad rn and feel less than. As much as I try to stay strong, their comments get to me and sometimes I question myself. I have always took pride in my skin but other areas I struggle (body). I hate when people are sad. Especially when other little darker girls hate their skin because of colorism and society. For example, my younger cousin who is 4 believes she would be prettier if she had light skin. It happens in the black community a lot. The media influence has a lot to do with it aswell as the whole slavery stuff. But I want to be an activist and a lawyer one day. And tackle problems like this. I know colorism is also a problem in India and south Asian counties. Anyway, if you made it this far God bless you lol 😂! Any advice is needed. Please pray that I can strive forward, I just feel drained and forgotten . I’m trying to do better and listen to god... but I admit I am struggling. Thank you, love all of you !💕
  10. 💕💕💕 you inspire me
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