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  1. To clear up anything. God was not a part of my life until recently. Like within only a few months have I discovered god and truly praying. So please understand that to me I feel like what Brian did was a mistake and he is as human as I am. I have made lots of mistakes in my life and was forgiven. I would love nothing more than to see him forgiven as well and come to the Lord. I would love to have a home with him again as I do love and care for him deeply. But I would love to see him saved and understand what I have just recently understood. Thank you to everyone praying! It meas so much to me and I know it will help. I appreciate everyone single one of you. And I feel there is a reason behind this all.
  2. I would just like to go ahead am state to anyone that keeps saying things like God wasn't at the beginning of the relationship. Well god wasnt a part of my life at all until recently. I've only just started to have god in my life. So I do not feel like it's that big of a request to pray that Brian would come to the Lord too.
  3. She isn't a minor she is 19. But to me that's a teenager.. Just to clear that up
  4. Hi my name is Micki. Can you please pray for my husband Brian... I pray that he would want to come home.. He cheated and left me at the beginning of 2018 for our teenage girl next door that he only knew for a few weeks. We were together for 6 year and only had been married for 4 months before this happened. No fights between us nothing before this happened. Idk what changed in him he isnt the type to do this kind of stuff. I have also been dealing with cancer while going through this at the same time. I juse finished up chemo and radiation treatments. And reached out to Brian in October. We have only just now slowly started talking again. I just pray that God would be with him and that he would want to come back home to me and want to rebuild our family and marriage again. I do forgive him and I do love him unconditionally. It just breaks my heart so much. I just pray so hard that God could get through to him. I know only God can. I pray that Brian could find Jesus and have a relationship with him. I know Brian is an amazing man, he jas just made some mistakes the same as we all do. I know God as a plan for his life.
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