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  1. nigh


    Thank you everyone. Still struggling. :\
  2. nigh


    Please pray for me. I’m struggling in a lot of ways lately.
  3. nigh


    Hi @turtletwo, I’m going to message you about that verse sometime. Thanks for the encouragement.
  4. nigh


    Thank you all.
  5. She is feeling okay so far and having surgery soon. Please pray that it will go well and it won’t be cancer. Thank you!
  6. nigh


    Please keep praying for me and some of my family.
  7. A cancer survivor I know has found out she has a new tumor in a new place. Not sure if it's cancer, but it could be bad if it is. Please pray for her.
  8. nigh


    Please keep praying for my salvation and for some of my family members.
  9. nigh


    Salvation, but also repentance. I just cannot seem to figure out how to do this. I try to believe but then realize I’m looking for a feeling. I cannot figure out what my goal actually is. And I try to repent but it feels like too big a task. I don’t even know where to start. I confess my sins but again I think I look for a feeling of sorrow/regret which isn’t necessarily true repentance. I feel like I’m running in circles. I feel like I’m trying to do the right thing or come to him the right way so that I’ll get a response. I don’t know how to change that. I know I need to just go to him, but I’m so confused. It seems like I do the same thing over and over again by accident. I’m getting desperate here.
  10. nigh


    Thank you all so much for praying. It's sort of a long story, but I'll try to explain. In middle school, I had the realization (like most kids do I guess) that I couldn't ride on the faith of the adults around me, and I had to believe for myself, and I didn't think I had my own faith. After that, through most of high school, I ran from God even though I knew I wasn't saved. I was so scared of judgment and hell, and my OCD kind of latched onto that, and I mostly tried to avoid the issue. Finally before I went to college I decided I had better deal with this problem instead of running from it, so I started meeting with my pastor and his wife, but I never could seem to really trust or love Jesus. I was really hung up on having to give up certain things. I went to college and ignored the issue somewhat for a while, but it kept popping up over and over through college, and I would go through these times where I was scared and tried to seek God, but I knew I didn't really love Jesus like I should--I even didn't want him to come back so I could live my life on earth. I had some assurance on and off for a while, but last August or September I realized that I thought there were some things about my life did not seem to look like what a Christian's life should look like. I've been seeking salvation since then. I have tried to believe and at times thought I did, but I have realized I have problems with submitting to God, self-centeredness, and unbelief.
  11. nigh


    Please keep praying for my salvation. I am very discouraged.
  12. nigh


    Please keep praying for me and my family members.
  13. nigh


    Please pray that my dad, sister, mom, and grandmother will be saved if they are not.
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