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  1. I would find that thinking G-d used evolution to "make man" would be limiting Him in His power and ability. After all, if G-d is almighty (as the Scriptures describe Him to be), they why should He constrain Himself to use a means of making anything (let alone man) that required Death had to be present even before Death came to this world via sin? When He created everything, G-d called it "good" and "very good" in the Scriptures, with no mention of other things being "not so good". This would mean then that as these creatures "evolved", the former would no longer be present, lest things that were "not as good" be mentioned. As for the making of man, would G-d confer His divine image to what had once been an ape (if evolution were true)? I find that to be a bit insulting to G-d, given that at no time do the Scriptures ever liken Him to one!
  2. A thing I have seen in the past several years is that young believers are taught more about "feeling good" than solidly knowing what they believe and why. Can they even defend the basics of their beliefs against those who would question them? Far too many in our world seek to tear down, and the young do not know how to defend from this.
  3. I just signed up today. Hi.
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