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  1. Hi, I hope everyone is well, I'm a guy in my early 20s, from the UK, and I have been toying with the belief in God, Jesus Christ, for a couple of years now. I come from a non-religious family. There's quite a few things that stop me from totally believing, but one of the main ones is the idea of all the pain and suffering in the world. I know this is a very generic and hard to totally answer question, and something that non-religious people often say, but it is truly confusing me. I just cannot understand how God doesn't stop Christ-loving, devout Christians from being brutally murdered, being in extreme & painful car crashes, getting kidnaped.. you get the idea. The reasonings I seem to understand the most (but not completely) is that of course God gives people freewill, and sadly some few people use that freewill to commit evil acts against others, - but so many more people do great and kind things too. I just wish he gave freewill, but also took evil acts out of peoples minds! I also really cannot understand the things that humans, no matter how evil, cannot control but God could - like car crashes (ones that are not caused by people, ones caused by icy roads maybe), natural disasters, etc.. I have such a fear of being in a car crash..lol!! I'm hoping someone on this forum could please help me with my struggle on this idea, as it really is stopping me from believing in Him. Thank you very much in advance, for any replies :)
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