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  1. Thank you Ayin, I will take that to heart.
  2. Thanks, I understand. I am trying to put together the real issues. As I mentioned, I listen to a lot of books. Thousands of hours, I think it has been at least 5 to 7 years 8 hours a day. Of course it has not all been science and history but that is a passion with me. Please do not misunderstand, I am not saying that I know anything, just that as I listen to some of the thinking and modeling that has shaped our current and historical understanding of the universe, it is not as clear as many would have us believe. Data is interpretive, I am convinced that a kuhnian approach is what would benefit current inquiry. What do you think?
  3. enoob57, I wonder if I did not effectively communicate my meaning in the statement that I have a high opinion of human ability. My attitude is that humans have nothing that they have not received. Every ability, talent, proper passion is simply because we are created in the image of God. Is it any wonder we reach for the stars? We are dust and that is amazing, inasmuch as even that comes from His hands. Thank you for helping me clarify that.
  4. Radioactive Decay Rates May Not Be Constant After All Alex KnappForbes Staff I write about the future of science, technology, and culture. I don't know, I am not ready to jump yet.
  5. I love to listen to books at work. I finish drywall. I listen to a lot of science books and the great courses series. The more I listen the more I understand my ignorance. It seems that there is a lot of leeway in creating the models we want to subscribe to. It is a daunting task to properly wrap ones head around all the implications that the empirical data suggests. It seems to me that this battle will continue until the end of the world. As a Christian who wants to be found faithful to Gods word. I am literal to a fault. My hope is that unless sound reason fails, which it might, I refer to some of the multiverse ideas, and acceptance of eastern religion in science, that the anomalies will build up forcing more rational ideas. I am always keeping my eyes open for the "failures of scientific inquiry" book. Not just religion bashing, but a sound book that realizes that everyone gets it wrong and that sectarianism is a human fault, bar none. A real critique of scientific thought. Let all of the inconsistencies on both sides be answered. But the world will never believe, though one were to raise from the dead. I know that I am butting in to your conversation, please indulge me. This is my very first time online. I found this thread, found it interesting and hopped in. I cannot dialogue concerning all of the evidence and supposed necessary implications. But I want to try. Here is a question. How do we know without doubt that the Earth is over 4 billion years old? also, what is the data that suggests otherwise? The question might be to big. But hopefully those who know can be succinct.
  6. one, may I ask your determination for what you accept as literal?
  7. Here is my two cents,“The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.” ― Thomas S. Kuhn
  8. Am I simplistic in saying that our theology is based on what we believe the Bible teaches? How we come to those beliefs is another question. That is, upon what do we predicate our beliefs.
  9. Freeeagle, would you clarify your inquiry for me?
  10. Faither2, I am trying to understand the point of this conversation. Can you please tell me what point you are trying to make? I mean nothing rude here. I simply don't understand. I am new to the whole forum chat thing. Thanks.
  11. Greetings, what about soil microbes?
  12. Thanks, angels4u, glad to be here. I hope it lasts.
  13. Well, here is my third post. I will put it into the Aether and see what happens.
  14. A little confused about getting approved. Video said three posts, so here is Two.
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