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    Jesus,Christ, Bible, Christian novels, dogs, cats, horses, birds, butterflies, flowers, beautiful old architecture, Beautiful art, fashion design, my art, my poems, my stories, prayer, listening to God, sharing my faith, Christian movies, chocolate, sweets/good food,

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I am from Florida and I like warm weather, I hate cold weather. I live with my parents but I like that, they need me to help out around the house and yard, and I need them sometimes to help with bills, I have a slight mental problem but I handle it by seeing a doctor and praying. The Lord keeps me sane, so does the medicine. I would like to help witness and share my faith and God's love to the mentally ill, they need help and I think authority figures need help learning how to deal with them. Art therapy is a good start. I am an amateur artists, I think the old fashion word is 'Sunday Painter' but I don't paint on Sundays I watch Dr. Charles Stanley and read my Bible. I would like to go to church on Sunday but my parents don't want to take me. My mom sleeps late, and my dad is not into churches because he is disappointed with the Republican influence on fundamentalist churches like baptist churches, and he doesn't want to go to the trouble of getting ready to go to church. 

Anyway, I take art lessons during the week days, only one day a week. And I practice at home. I also like to write fiction stories, I am in the middle of a few stories, I try to make them godly. I write romantic, adventure, fantasy some spiritual warfare stories I put into the fantasy stories. I have tried drawing Biblical art, I've drawn Jesus, a nativity scene, the good shepherd, resurrection, angels, Queen Esther, and Genesis creation. 


I have sinned and looked at things I was not suppose to look at, drawn dirty pictures, read dirty books, read about magic and mythology Gotten involved with dragon stuff and dragon stories, I went to dragon websites, believed dragons were good, learned about werewolves, but I prefered unicorns and fairies, the light side of fantasy. I have rebelled against God and the Bible, I was hurt and offended by some of the difficult passages in the Bible that seemed outrageous, sexist, cruel and unfair to me, not realizing I should trust God and not trust my human understanding but have faith in God that He knows better than me, and there is a reason for everything. I have come a long way in my walk with Christ, and am putting my doubts aside and trusting in Christ. I am getting rid of the dragon thing, but I still like unicorns, I like the ones with both horns and wings, it's be amazing to ride a winged horse and fly in the sky. I also like fairies with butterfly wings, I see them as nature spirits, God created them to watch over people and protect nature, probably from people. Perhaps fairies test people to see if they are good or bad. Or they could just be butterfly angels, angels with butterfly wings instead of bird wings. 

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