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  1. My brother, even foreigners are not safe. Charles Wesco, was shot in front of me In Bambui, Cameroon. He died and the American Embassy asked all of us to leave the NW and SW as our lives was at risk. Praying for you always
  2. @plavious can you have any mean to receive the donation if any yourself? The Baptist churches and hospitals have their problems. @1to3, I know of everyday ghost town and it will be easier for him to collect his gift if he is in possession of a National Identity Card and move to a safer zone. Pastor @Ndi you can help him out, may be to a neighbouring country. Pas Sinclair
  3. @Wayne222 ,@Debpand all, your cannot carry a gun and do not commit crime. I have been working here and fully aware of the situation. I have been in Cameroon since 2005 before the crisis started in 2016. These arm men are fully involves in charms. They are fighthe against the military. They force the population to give them food and money. They have burned down homes and even villages. They have killed thousands including top government administrators. The have rape and also do kidnapping. By the time you join them, they give you charm that makes you forget you family, that make you resist bullet penetration and that gives you the courage to kill. I know they are doing it because of what they suffer and for food but remember vengeance is the Lord. Sinclair
  4. Am praying for means to help you.
  5. @plavious I know Cameroon so well. I remember when my American friend and missionary Charles wesco got kilied by military before my very eyes. I also know it'svery difficult for you and you family especially now that hospitals are deserted and people internally displaced. For me, I prefer to die and live than to die and die again. Think of what happened to you family if you are killed in the process. What happens to you, your salvation. Can you write to some charity organization for help? I have invited pastor Bertrand tof sign up and may help us on how he managed to reach Equatorial Guinea. If unfortunate that we have comfort on the other part of the world but Africa is a nightmare. Am praying for you.
  6. The people of Ambazonia are suffering. Am an American missionary at Bible Baptist Church, Bamenda. Anybody who talks about this gruesome act of killing in that land is killed and buried in a mass grave. The American embassy just evacuated us to Yaoundé for safety. Pray for the youths, the children, women and for peace in that country. Love Pastor Sinclair
  7. Looking for to join our discussion.
  8. Thank you for accepting
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