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  1. New is always a challenge.
  2. One has a home church. One lives in a home. The reality is we Christians, are placed on earth to tell the good news to the world. Can one live in a hut on a desert island and reach the masses? Or would it be wiser to move to a Christian homeland whose sole purpose is to use all of its power and resources to spread the good news. And in the real world keep its children from being aborted or its girls from being sold into slavery.
  3. Has it come time to start our own Christian Homeland, where Christ is first in the hearts of all my countrymen?
  4. Trying to participate
  5. My Father`s house has many rooms.
  6. I am new. Just on for 1 minute. is there a you tube that shows and explains the process? That would help both of us.
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