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  1. Dave Shirvis

    'to know'

    thanks to all who replied to my post! blessings! (couldn't quite figure out to reply to each one individually yet!)
  2. Dave Shirvis


    thanks Tze -- interesting name you have there- can't figure out what nationality that is?
  3. Dave Shirvis

    'to know'

    thanks Willa!
  4. Dave Shirvis

    'to know'

    John 17:3 Jesus said eternal life is 'to know' Him and Father God-- 'to know' in this sense is like Adam 'knew' Eve and she conceived-- 'to know' means intimacy with God, not just know about God-- God is good, and well worth 'knowing' in the intimate sense
  5. Dave Shirvis

    eternal life

    John 17:3 Jesus said that eternal life is to know God the Father and Jesus
  6. Dave Shirvis


    praise Jesus, He is worthy!