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    swimming, crafts, fellowship with other believers, prayer, adult coloring books using colored pencils, reading books non fiction , doing Bible word finds, paint with water Bible activity books, coloring in Bible activity books, making Christmas crafts, I also play Rated E & Rated T games on PSOne

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  1. I worship the Lord through prayer & reading the Bible & listening to Contempary Christian music
  2. thank you for posting this I agree with you, there are many false teachers whinch are false that do request lots of money from their church members & also T.V. evangelists also do the same thing, what a shame
  3. thank you for shareing this :)
  4. I will pray for discernment on what you said
  5. hello Diane, good to see you on here, well I don't know if you can call these experiances a falling away from the Lord but I have felt at times that God has been distant in my prayer life at times, but I know that Jesus is listening
  6. even though i'm single & not married yet I believe in respecting my future Christian husband & obeying him, but I do not & cannot allow my future Christian husband to hit me psyically or verbral abuse me, pastors that teach that you must stay with your husband even if he is hitting you that is wrong & totally false, you must get out of the situation don't let him continue to hurt you
  7. thank you for ahareing this I needed to hear this today, I've been trying to listen to God's voice for his plan for my life,
  8. believers are to be a Christ like example to the world, & yes people look at Christians differently because they might want to know why believers act the way they do & if Jesus is real & people who see us might be drawn to Jesus by our example
  9. I've never seen an infection that bad of somebody having a Tatoo removed that looks painful :(
  10. I don't care for Tatoos at all, it's sad, but God gave us free will as believers to make choices about what we put on our bodies
  11. I agree with you Christians need to show compassion towards others & share the Gospel in a Christ like example
  12. that is true I agree with you
  13. I agree some evangelists do preach on damnation & sin there are some pastors who do preach fire & brimstone messages in some churches, & yes I agree that are probably people here who do not believe that do read our posts & see some argueing & division going on & they probably think well if that's what a Christian is then I don't want to be one, I do believe that we need to set a Christ like example
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