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    swimming, crafts, fellowship with other believers, prayer, adult coloring books using colored pencils, reading books non fiction , doing Bible word finds, paint with water Bible activity books, coloring in Bible activity books, making Christmas crafts, I also play Rated E & Rated T games on PSOne

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  1. I don't know if anybody knows who Joshua Harris is he wrote the book called I kissed dateing goodbye, he has also said that he is not a Christian anymore & has walked away from the faith, this is preety shocking to me because I have read his book, but of course we need to be discerning about Christian authors too but this really shocked me, it also saddens me that a Christian musican would walk away from the Lord too but these are the last days & discernment is needed
  2. I don't see any hersey hunters on Worthy but I do agree we need to be discerning about what people say on here pray & study God's Word
  3. this is a hard one, there are many celebs in Hollywood who are Christians & are either blacklisted for their faith or they get beaten up, it's hard being a Christian in Hollywood I hear, & yes you shall know them by their fruits & by praying for them too
  4. that is true we should not sound a trumpet when we give generously, good point made here
  5. thank you for shareing this I will pray with discernment about this
  6. Jesus died for everybody, everybody who accepts him as Lord & Savior and repents & believes that he died & rose again
  7. I've never heard of that either sounds preety strange to me,
  8. there are true pastors & then there are false pastors, there are true teachers & then there are false teachers, there are true prophets & prophetesses & false Prophets & prophetesses we just need to be discerning about who we watch on T.V. or listen to on the radio
  9. that's true some Christians can have trouble trusting God for his plan & purpose for their lives, even I have struggled with that, I've been praying to find his plan & purpose for my life & yes it's going to take some prayer to find that out, but I know I can trust him
  10. I think the Gospel is believeing & accepting Jesus into your heart as Lord & Savior & that he died for your sins & rose again & is coming back in the 2nd coming, you cannot earn your way to heaven, you must have faith in Christ's saveing power, his shed blood on Calvary
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