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    swimming, crafts, fellowship with other believers, prayer, reading books, doing Bible word finds, paint with water, making Christmas crafts, my recent art craft is making art doughs will start doing that at some point

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  1. that's a very good question, I don't think churches are not growing but then again me & my parents have stopped going to church whinch is a total bummer I think churches might be the Babylon in the book of Revelation who knows
  2. I do understand, you do have the right to block cyberbullies from bullying you I think you did the right thing, I won't let anybody cyberbully me either on here not that it has happened but I won't allow it, I do think that praying about it might also help
  3. Amen good point here true God does not promise that each person will find a spouse, he does promise that each of us are either called to be single or married
  4. I try to pray for discernment half the time mostly, but I know that I have to be careful about what voice i'm listening to I have to make sure that's it's the voice of God & not the voice of the father of lies
  5. here are a few Christian artists & songs that I've heard on Christian radio just recently that have touched my heart God only knows by King & Country, Fear is a liar by Zach Willians, the break up song, Red Letters by Crowder,
  6. yep I agree as believers we should be encourageing other believers & pray for them too
  7. I didn't know that nonbelievers couldn't post in the main section it sort of seems sad to me that we cannot share our faith with them in a nonjudgemental way in the main section, yes I think freedom of speech should be considered but I also think that there would be a lot of argueing & division if nonbelievers posted in the main section, I just left a site where argueing & division were happening constantly I hope it doesn't happen here too
  8. yep that's true I just read an article that yoga & pagan medtation are on the rise in this country :( nonbelievers are turning more to them then to Jesus
  9. yep I agree with everything said here, nonbelievers are very deceived, truth no longer matters in this culture, it's preety sad it's almost like we're seeing more & more false teaching & more nonbelievers turning to other religions
  10. this is sooo true how many of us do want God to give us our own way but the problem is if we do things our own way without God then we land into a big mess in our lives, I like to do crafts my own way but sometimes that doesn't always work out it depends on what kind of craft i'm doing
  11. this is a great topic, i'm currently reading the book of Job & I do agree that although Job's friends were trying to help they did nothing but tell him that something was wrong they were actualy no help at all, they thought they were comforting him but they were shooting off their mouths, I agree that we as believers need to be discerning about the company we keep
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