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    swimming, crafts, fellowship with other believers, prayer, reading books, doing Bible word finds, paint with water, making Christmas crafts, my recent art craft is making art doughs will start doing that at some point

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  1. good points here this is so intresting
  2. yep i agree with this good points here
  3. yep I miss the 90's too life was so much simpler then, I also miss the 70's & 80's too, I was a little girl in the 70's & a teen in the 80's & 90's, i hated high school though i was teased alot
  4. you do have some good points here, I've seen homeless people with those signs asking for money, the problem is I don't want to give them any because then they will use it for alchol or drugs, I know that some people say well why does it matter what they do with the money but I agree that the homeless shelter is probably the best place to help out, some of the people who have signs sit there all day with that sign but then their car is parked in a undisclosed location, another thing I've thought is giving them some food or water
  5. that's preety sad what Jim Carrey did with the painting preety sad, but all we can do is pray for him
  6. I agree with everything said here, good points here
  7. interesting thoughts here, I wonder if that is true or not
  8. God hears us when we pray, he never leaves us nor forsakes us he never stops listening to his children,
  9. pray about it & then ask God if you should leave this fellowship of believers, if you're starting to feel uncomfortable find another church where you will get fed & where the Bible is taught & you feel accepted
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