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  1. Welcome Susan 😊
  2. Hello, and welcome friend!!!!!
  3. Hello, and God bless. We have a lot of love for each other around Worthy.
  4. We have a WONDERFUL friendship!!! I love the Owl and I love YOU!!! 😚
  5. It`ll be okay, as death is inevitable. We grieve, and we do our best to move on. It never means we stop thinking of them. We always love them no matter what.
  6. Thanks...my cousin was unique. All I could do was love him, despite how he lived his life. I wanted to honor him with a realistic poem that captured who he was. I don`t do phony. Bubba knew this about his cuz.
  7. I always knew there was a cure...God could've helped, of that I`m sure You couldn`t seem to find you way, your struggles were great, every single day You did the only thing you knew to do...drown out the pain you were going thru You wanted better, I`m sure of it...you just really didn`t know how to quit Your mind was sharp, I`ll give you that...you could recall things in 2 seconds flat You could fix about anything, turning a wrench, or replacing a spring You never wanted to be alone, you were always chatting on your phone [haha] You sure did like to belt out a song, I`d hear you from my house, loud and strong You loved my Mom so very much...guess Aunt Toni had that special touch I won`t forget you, just know that cuz....unique and different...That YOU wuz
  8. I always love the thought that our tears are kept in a bottle. Makes me wonder how big my jar is.😥
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