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  1. Hello Darlin! My friend French Fry LOVES Silky Chickens!!! (GIMLF)
  2. My friend French Fry LOVES Silky Chickens!!! (GIMLF)
  3. You're a real cutie!!! Indeed I do! Love the dedication my sweet friend.
  4. That`s my buddy! He`s very friendly, and creative. Welcome to Worthy.
  5. I met Turtle from day one... someone warm and caring We both had this in common... writing poems and sharing Thank you for allowing our friendship to grow I care about you deeply... more than you may know God decided that you should be my friend And and I can assure you that you will be... right to the very end Love you 🐢
  6. She sure had a way with words didn't she. One of my very Favs. I just forgot about it. BEAUTIFUL words!!! Thanks sis. ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Welcome Susan 😊
  8. Hello, and welcome friend!!!!!
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