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  1. Thank YOU for responding. I love you too sister 🥰
  2. Cold shoulder from a brother or sister...when LOVE should be the constant bond Why wouldn't we ALWAYS want to show that we are very fond We share the greatest commonality there could ever be We've all been born again...we have ALL been set free Instead sometimes we take things to heart and get an attitude We we could be loving on each other, but no.....we choose to feud It doesn't have to be this way but seems pride gets in the way It's really such a waste of time, because none of us are promised another day One one day we will see that we were wrong But it's really best if we just try to get along We we don't always see eye-to-eye and that's understandable but to take things so personally without even knowing all the facts...leaves a lot of room for improvement. I include myself in this. We make (((our))) feelings top priority sometimes. I pray the Lord will help me to do better in this area. after all it's really about him and not about me to begin with. I love my brothers and sisters, but if I only choose to SHOW them when I agree with their point of view, I'm really cheating them out of a blessing. Dear Lord help us all to get our focus where it needs to be.
  3. APB for Bob, tho it's not likely it'll do any good 😩 SugarBear's Momma wants to get involved in the (((fun zone))). 🥰
  4. I love Mondays! I look at it as a chance to start fresh. Never a dread. Praise God for each and EVERY day!
  5. Me and my AMAZING Momma relaxing after a good lunch and paddle ball session. I love her too the Moon and back a GAZILLION times. She's my GREATEST encourager.
  6. That make me lol for real. Very true!!!!
  7. I too resemble that remark. "sugarbear 24:7" Lol
  8. The mom thing really has nothing to do with it 😜🤪
  9. Ping, would this be appropriate? Hahaha
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