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  1. I am so old fashioned, but I still strive to follow the Bible. It seems as if dating couples, even Christian couples have redefined what is acceptable between a couple sexually before a life long committment. I believe when one has sex, they have united as one. I know our culture is so different than Jesus day when girls were married young and parents chose the marriage partners. Now our young folks have way too much time together which makes it nearly impossible to not get the hormones working. I have even heard it said that since we have the birth control pills, sex is ok because pregnancy is not longer as much a threat. Appreciate any comments on your thoughts concerning this growing concern among our youth today. Ruth Earleen Snider
  2. What would Jesus have us do about this immigration crisis? How can we have a country without borders, but are we turning our backs on orphans and widows. Such a hard problem to know what to do.
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