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  1. Mutation of the body. I once saw a video on you tube. This guy was reading from the Quran but inside the Quran was a bible. He was in fact quoting from the bible and interviewing Christians about what they thought about this verse : Then you shall cut off her hand, your eye shall not pity her. (Deuteronomy 25:12) Thinking it was from the Quran, those Christians were all speaking negatively about the Quran. Middle east culture Mutation of the body was very common in ancient time. David cut off Goliath head. 2 Samuel 4:12 David commanded his young men, and they slew them, and cut off their hands and their feet, and hanged them up. This is our beloved David. The bible is written within the context of the history and of the culture of that day. When the OT was written this was the ancient laws at that time: However the difference between the Quran and the Torah is that this Law was given to the judge to administer. The Torah put a limit on the extent of mutation a judge or a king could administer: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth (Exodus 21:24, Leviticus 24:20, Deuteronomy 19:24). The punishment must fit the crime and not be excessive. If you have taken an eye, your punishment must be limited to an eye. In this way, the Law protected both parties. The innocent party is fairly compensated. It protected the evil doer, his punishment is limited to his crime, it can’t be too lenient, and it can’t be too severe. But with the Quran, a man who is hungry may steal a loaf of bread and they would cut off his hand for stealing. This punishment is too severe for the offense he has committed. missed opportunity to be a witness This video went viral on you tube. This is what happened when christian don't know their bible. They missed the opportunity to be a witness on how righteous the Laws of the bible are compared to that of the Quran. another example is with revenge killing. revenge killing is very common in middle east culture. But with the bible, God placed cities of refuge throughout the land of Israel to protect the innocent party from the avenger of blood. https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  2. James 1:12 Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. This man has persevered. As a result he has matured and his faith has become strong perfected in the LORD. how should the righteous face hardship. You are under great trials how do you handle it? With Patience and hope. The Greek word for patience is "hupomone", which describes the trait of one who is able to abide under the weight of trials and maintain fidelity and hope in God. You are under great trials in which we do not understand what is happening. But because you put your faith in God even more so, the trials causes your faith to grow even stronger. Because you put your hope in God, the trials causes you to abound in hope. You are becoming like a tree planted by the rivers of waters whose roots goes down deep in the rivers of God. God Himself is becoming your strength your hope your portion forever. https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/237877-unlocking-every-66-books-of-the-bible/
  3. what is worship? I need to spend time in His presence first and connect with His heart . I do this by singing praises to him and pouring out my love on him in songs. what the Lord is after is a surrendered heart that is poured out to him. Like Mary of Bethany who poured out the costly ointment at his feet. this much Lord , I love you. https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  4. Jesus said to the young rich ruler, go and sell everything that you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. But he went away sad for he had great riches. The young rich ruler, his love for God was small. The love of money was his god. that's why the bible commands us to sow abundantly into the kingdom to stop greed taking hold of our hearts https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  5. This passage from Joel is within the context of God's people turning from their own way , renting their hearts and seeking him in prayer with fasting. Then he said : I WILL RESTORE. I also believe that God will restore back everything that the enemy had stolen. But again you will have to seek him for it. It wont just drop on you. https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=VlUuA64rntE ( 0.28 seconds)
  6. Yes , there are lots of ministry out there that just want your money. But why not find a good church where you can give with confidence. You are giving to the LORD and you are bringing your all tithes and offering into his storehouse. God loves a cheerful giver. if you are only giving the 10%, then your heart must be very small. https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  7. He told me that it is to LOVE him with all my heart all my strength and all my mind. In fact Jesus said that this is the greatest commandment of all https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  8. the idea in John 3:16 is : keep on believing and don't stop! https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/
  9. welcome Blessedknitter! I know you will love being with worthy forum
  10. because Abraham stood before the presence of the Lord, his faith GREW strong. when you study the life of Abraham who is the father of all faith, you find that everywhere he journeys in the land, he built an altar to the LORD and call upon his name. This is the secret of not loosing your faith: you need to set aside a time to spend in the presence of the LORD daily Oskeedos, welcome to Worthy
  11. yes, I have already got everything approved by a moderator. I was told that after it had been approved, I could use the link on my post
  12. Confess one’s name before the Father and before his angels The story is told of Alexander the Great. Alexander was one of greatest warrior the world has ever known. By the age of 18, he had already conquered the entire eastern empire. By the time he was 33 years old, the western empire had also fallen into his hands. In a single military strike against the Persians, Alexander overcame half of their 40,000 Persians army, losing only 110 of his own fighting men. A powerful warrior, his fame was so widespread and revered that soldiers from all over his empire desired to have some kind of personal acquaintance with him. To know Alexander personally and to earn his recognition was the highest honour a military man can receive. Therefore, on special occasion, Alexander would host ceremonies. During these ceremonies, he would summon especially brave hardworking soldiers to a giant platform to stand by his side. Then before a large audience of adoring military men, Alexander would give public recognition to these special soldiers who had fought so hard and had gone the extra mile in battle. He would place his arm around these faithful fighters one at a time and would publicly declare: let all the empire know that Alexander is proud to be a brother (comrade) of this soldier. With this in mind, I believe there would be similar ceremony in heaven, when Jesus the mighty warrior king would summon all his brave hardworking soldiers, those who had gone the extra mile in battle, those who had been faithful to him even unto death. Then he would publically acknowledged each one of them before the Father and before his angels: let all heaven know that I Jesus the faithful witness, the first begotten from the dead and the ruler over all the kings of the earth is proud to be a comrade of this soldier.
  13. Giving in the NT SERMON ON THE MOUNT Jesus starts with giving first. I would have started with prayer, fasting then giving. But Jesus starts first with giving, then prayer and fasting. Why!! Giving is an emblem of the covenant. In ancient times, this is how they would make a covenant: They would take an animal, normally a heifer, cut in half, head to tail. Then the two parties would walk through the middle of the sacrifice. You cannot have a covenant without the shedding of blood. The shedding of blood implies a life lay down. They were saying to one another: I am laying down my life for you. You cannot be in a covenant and hold on dear to your life. Then they would exchange their assets. All that I have is yours and all what is yours is mine. Abraham was in covenant relationship with God. In Genesis 14, after his return from victory over Kedorlaomer and all his allies, Melchesedek came out to meet him with bread and wine and God said to Abraham: I am the possessor of heaven and earth. All I have is yours. What can Abraham give to God! He was rich in livestock. I’ll give you 10% of all that I have as a token of the covenant that all I have is yours. Today we have the new covenant. We take the emblem of the bread and the wine as a sign of the covenant and we give the tithes as a token of the covenant that everything we have belonged to God. . The tithes existed long before the giving of the Torah. Later on, God incorporated it in the Torah to make it easy for the people to remember it. Tithing is where we begin but this is not the ceiling. Israel was commanded to give beyond the tithes. https://worshipwarriorsministry.com.au/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=VlUuA64rntE
  14. you have taken this scripture out of context. it relates to the gifts of the holy spirit , in this instance tongue and interpretation of tongues
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