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  1. Jesus said that blasphemie against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven unto man. What it is blasphemie? Blasphemie is a sin committed by words. Every word that insults God is blasphemie. If someone speak a word against the Holy Spirit have committed unforgivable sin. We have to believe in the gifts of The Spirit. Cessacionists repent of your unbielief and believe in the miracles and wonders that the Holy Spirit Works today. If someone atributtes to Satan the manisfestation of the Spirit commits this blasphemy like the pharisees. Then we have to watch and take care with our mouth.
  2. Acordingly with the bible, God chosen before of the foundation of the world some individuals to be saved. This election was based only in the free decree of God without the works of man. Some were chosen and others are reprobates. Olny the chosen ones will be save.
  3. I have 32 years. In begin of my conversion 15 years ago I begin preach and after I had many expierences with God. I received some revelations about some persons and me, in visions and dreams. I believe that rapture is before the tribilation. About the time I dont Know, but its can happen in any moment. About the identity of antichrist i dont know too. Only after rapture this thing will be clearly reveals. There are many antichrists today, but about the beast of revelation 13 the identity is not revealed clearly to us yet.
  4. This experience was in real life, in others experiences i was out of my body. Yes I am a prophet, in the case of blasphemy its a long history. I was worried about this, but God comfort me with the experience. About the last days the bible shows to us what will happen.
  5. God spoke in portuguese, my native language.
  6. Its truly happen to me The Lord is witness that i am saying thruth. The liars will go to hell
  7. He take my rib and He said if I want i can make a woman for you. I ask for him to make this. He made me sleep and i feel God taking my rib. But He not made the woman. He only wants demonstrates that he makes any wonder that He wants.
  8. Its refers the unforgivable sin. God said if i intend committ blasphemy He will impede controling my tongue and toughts. In that hour He demonstrates this. God put my tongue in my throat and said to me speak something i cannot speak. After He impedes me of think. After He said i can take your heart out of your body and you dont die. He move my heart to go of my breast, but i ask to no. In that hour my tongue retorns.
  9. Yes. I am from brazil. I am a learning in english.
  10. No. Only in that hour. My tongue was put inside. And after God by his power impedes me of think. Its happen because God said that impossible that i committ blasphemy.
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