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  1. The Lord hears everything. Sometimes it takes time for him to answer a prayer, because he has to teach us some things before we'll understand his answer.
  2. If you stopped altogether, it might help your bf stop.
  3. The way you casually said, "and I have a few drinks." suggests to me you also have a problem with alcohol. If you have more than one or two, you've had too many. Maybe the first step is to stop drinking. That might help your bf stop drinking.
  4. I have been harrassed on other "Christian" websites for sharing my understanding of the Trinity, but I'll share it again here: I believe the Trinity is the Lord serving us in three different ways. He is a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  5. Yes, I said that on another thread recently, didn't I? One has to decide, then, if they want to try to get their church back on track, or if they'd rather find another church.
  6. Yes, the Lord is on our side. Sometimes that means a kick in the shins, but he's always doing what's best for us.
  7. Yes. Jesus is God in flesh, as I understand it (Matt 1:23). He is Lord of all creation.
  8. On the one hand, there is no limit to how many times the Lord forgives; on the other hand, he expects us to learn from our mistakes, so if we keep making the same mistakes over and over, it might take him longer and longer to forgive us.
  9. Live a righteous life so you can look them all square in the eyes, and tell them what's on your mind, if you think that will help.
  10. I believe heaven is what our lives become when we repent of our sin: From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matt 4:17 RSV
  11. You need to understand, though, that sin brings trouble into our lives. That is why the Lord told us to repent (Matt 4:17). He was telling us that for our own good.
  12. Eat at Wendy's at least once a week, preferably on Sunday after church.
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