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  1. The way I see it, people who love sin define "repent" as "feel sorry." They convince themselves they feel sorry and continue to sin. People who define "repent" as "turn from sin" (or "stop sinning") stop sinning and are rewarded with the peace that results.
  2. Well, yes, we have to stop sinning. To me, that is what "repent" means.
  3. I might have to agree with your assessment of Paul. Did Timothy make similar remarks? I think Peter did.
  4. I would think such a website would cost a good deal of money. You'd have to pay the server, and you'd probably need help setting up the website and learning how to use it. If you are not an expert with computers, you might need continuing help. You could probably start threads on this website dealing with the topics that interest you.
  5. I say holiness begins with keeping sinful thoughts out of our head.
  6. The Lord has been solving my problems for many years. That is to say, I've been listening to him for many years, and he always solves my problems. Would you call that a miracle?
  7. Mature people take responsibility for their own sins. I doubt Adam blamed Eve for the sin he committed.
  8. I would equate repentance and obedience. We are repenting of our sin.
  9. Adam knew he wasn't supposed to eat the fruit and he ate it any way. I would call that being deceived.
  10. I think "entering into the kingdom of heaven" is simply the relief we get when we repent of our sin (Matthew 4:17).
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