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  1. I'm trying to make the point that we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble despite being saved. Would you disagree with that?
  2. I'm supposed to quote every instance in the Bible where the Lord addresses this subject?
  3. It wouldn't seem to me that a lot of people take sin that seriously, other than when a sin is committed against them.
  4. We are all called to repent. Unbelievers, among other things, are called to repent of their unbelief. Certainly the Lord straightens out our lives when we repent. We sin and make a mess out of our lives, we repent of our sin, and the Lord puts us on a new path.
  5. "Another chance" refers to the Lord straightening our lives out when we repent of our sin.
  6. Well, we're more than a hundred posts into this. The point I was hoping to make in this thread was that we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble, saved or not, by failing to repent of our sin. That's when the Lord has to step in and straighten our lives out for us, if we are willing to repent.
  7. I don't remember failing to answer a question directed at me, if it was a short post, and if there was just the one question, and if you were quoting one of my posts.
  8. I think it has something to do with the forum the thread is posted on.
  9. Well, I had mentioned that we don't want to be among those who let ourselves be tempted by Satan to forsake the Lord to pursue self-aggrandizement. You said you had difficulty taking me seriously. Well, in our church, the United Methodist Church, we are on the verge of splitting in two because of people who totally disregard what the Lord said about homosexuality.
  10. Paul tells us that if we have control of our desire, it is better to remain single (1 Cor 7:36-38). That lets some of us off the hook, I think. As for those who can't have kids, they are hardly to blame. I don't really think the Lord was demanding people have children. I think he was just encouraging them to.
  11. I believe that Jesus is God in flesh, and we are all God's children. God isn't going to go to bed with one of his children.
  12. I can't find any method in this thread to "like" a post. I wonder how come.
  13. There was one question directed at me by someone. My reply did not directly answer the question, but then I was asked the same question again, so I did in my next post. Is that what you are referring to? Sometimes people seem to be setting a trap for me.
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