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  1. Hi everyone. I have been very distressed. I've had feeling of wanting to leave the church, but it could just be the rough time in my life to. I am looking for answers. Anything helps, pleasee... Jerry
  2. Hello, I identify as a Evangelical from the lovely state of South Dakota. I am new to all of this social media and am quite dissapointed in how people make fun of, devalue, and hurt honest Evangelicals like myslef. Why do you think this is? I don't see any right answer, but I am curious as this news is disheartening for me... - Jerry https://twitter.com/FalwellHanson
  3. Hey guys, I am new to this blog and just trying to understand what are the most affective ways to post within here? I want to create a dialogue for a lot of people to hear the concerns I am going through right now.
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