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  1. She is distressed financially because she is in transition to another job which is a dream job for the electrician Union as a doctor, but I can see the the devil trying to hold her back from the promise from God through depression, wine, sickness, and most recently, compromising relationships that will solve her financially woes now but with a catch... be it sex, etc. her new friend is a stripper which I don’t approve of and she knows this
  2. Please also pray that his mighty angels will protect her and minister to her. Thank you so much.
  3. She is stubborn with antibiotics because she took some once and almost died. She can’t see clearly out of her left eye.
  4. Thank you so much. It’s deep rooted. She is a doctor, and can’t see right out of her left eye now. It stems from her FaceTiming her son who is 5 years old, she tripped and fell and broke her nose and cheek awhile back and needs surgery. If you could pray for healing in her left eye and face, by his strips we are healed, it would be greatly appreciated. She got better after the first prayer but is relapsing. She snaps with uncontrollable anger which usually means a demon is oppressing her so more spiritual warefare led by the Holy Spirit would be greatly appreciated
  5. Whoever prayed, it worked, she is eating now, she can actually walk by her self. Please pray that God heals her broken heart and to give her wisdom and peace that passes understanding. God Bless!! Thank you so much!
  6. I recently started dating an ER Doctor, her name is Leslie. She was hazed by a male dominate culture in ER. She has PTSD. Her Husband left her, she drinks a ton of wine, she says she has a broken heart. Her Dad is a prominent Judge here is Las Vegas, Her Mother is a prominent Lawyer too. Her Mom was on CNN and rubs it in to her face. She has a son that her ex is a stickler about visitation and her Mother thinks she is the mother of her child and holds her back from seeing her child. She is depressed, heart broken, and feels powerless. She is Catholic, I am non-Denominational. I need a Prayer warrior for her, like of old. Like waking up in the middle of the night led by the Holy Spirit for her. She doesn’t eat!! I tried everything. Some goes down and sticks, other food, she refuses or throws up. Please, any Holy Spirit Driven Prayer warriors out there, please do whatever prayer the Holy Spirit leads you to Pray for Leslie here in Las Vegas. There are more complications that I don’t want to share, but if you are Holy Spirit Driven, the Spirit will lead you in your prayer. FYI, it is deep rooted. Thank You, God Bless, and to be blessed is to be Happy. Jeremy John Chapin
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