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  1. In a life that is surrendered unto the Lord there will be times when the Lord’s will is not our will and we may feel sadness or disappointment. It is not a lack of faith, and it is not wrong to feel sadness or disappointment when what we seek is not given, but we must not allow our disappointment to lead to discouragement or to questioning the will of the Lord. Acceptance does not always come easily, or quickly, but in the surrendered life acceptance must always come.
  2. When we surrender our life unto the Lord and lay all upon the heavenly altar we are to surrender our plans, our hopes, our dreams, our wants, our needs, and our desires unto the Lord and then we are to look unto the Lord to bring them to pass. When dreams, hopes, and plans are surrendered unto the Lord it does not mean that we give up our dreams, hopes, and plans, it means that we entrust them all to the Lord, and look to the Lord, and the Lord alone, to bring them to pass. Surrender unto the Lord is not giving up, surrender is giving over all things to the Lord and entrusting our life to the Lord.
  3. Beaujangles, I am sorry to hear that you have had and are having difficulties. I will pray for you. I know "Beaujangles" isn't your real name but the Lord will know of whom I speak. You are loved and appreciated here, I for one, appreciate your presence here seen by thoughtful posts to so many. Your voice of reason has always been appreciated by me.
  4. When you deeply love truth, you will declare truth always and will never speak words to lessen truth or change truth.
  5. John 8:31-32 “So Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, "If you continue to accept and obey my teaching, you are really my followers. (32) You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” There is freedom and power in truth that is accepted and obeyed, for truth frees us from lies and deception and truth brings great power, and the power of truth is the power to stand when you love truth with all your heart and when you stand for truth and defend truth with all your might.
  6. Unexpected gifts can bring great joy unto our hearts, and undeserved gifts can bring a mixture of joy and guilt for so many blessings in life are undeserved. Mercy is often unexpected, and often undeserved, but it is mercy given when unexpected and undeserved that is the power of love.
  7. To stand fast in these days of darkness and confusion we need to use the power of love and the power of peace, for the evil ones of darkness have no love and they seek to remove all love from your heart and they seek to disrupt all peace and all joy. That which is rooted in evil offers temporal pleasures and momentary satisfaction but can offer nothing with depth, nothing that has root and true value. What do we value? What do we hold to be precious and true? We must focus upon that which is lasting, upon that which is pure, just, and holy, that which is beyond now, that which has depth and value.
  8. I can't help but notice that some who swear by Paul's writing on some things are quick to dismiss other parts such as this scripture. The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is important to read all things in context and it is also important to build line upon line and precept upon precept, but not its also important to only pick and choose the scriptures you want to simply help you in your own personal doctrinal grid.
  9. There is power and freedom in sincerity for sincerity is the truth spoken and truth done.
  10. I do not agree that Manna was a naturally occurring substance. I was a miracle from the Lord. It does state in verse 4 of Exodus 16 that it would rain from heaven and not that it would come from insects. It also states in verse 31 what it tasted like. It becomes an appropriate symbol of the Lord Jesus as he refers to himself as the bread from heaven, see John 6:32,33. It was the "food of angels" and sustained the Israelites. Also it does show the need to obey his commandments. The Lord was teaching of the observance of the Sabbath, one of the ten commandments. They could not keep the manna overnight or it would stink and have worms except on the even approaching the weekly Sabbath. On what is now know as Friday they could gather two days worth for that day and for the Sabbath as the Lord did not want them to gather on the Sabbath day, See what it says in Exodus 16:20 -28.
  11. The Bloom of Love ‘There is a flower that grows; it is a flower of beauty, a flower of hope, It grows from a tiny seed that falls upon the earth, it’s life begins. The seed sends forth its root and it’s gentle stalk reaches unto the light, It seeks the earth to give it water and it seeks the light for love. The light of heaven is the light of love; it gives love and rain to all, The water of life is the Lord Jesus; this tender flower needs thy rain. Fall down upon tender stalks so that we shall send forth our blooms, Let the bloom of love open to receive thy gentle rain and light of love. As gentle as the wind your voice gently caresses the blooms of love, The Lord he is tender and he is kind, he nurtures his tender ones. He waters and he gives us his light of love, by his hand we grow, Let me grow dear Lord, let me blossom and have blooms of great love. See the beauty of the flower here on earth, give me deep roots oh God, I am but a tender plant; I have no strength, no power, no might. Caress me with thy rays of light; let your gentle rain feed me Lord, I want to bloom in you; I want to grow upward toward thy light. May my life be as beautiful as the flowers that your hand has made, May my heart be pure, may my words be gentle, may my deeds be kind. Let the bloom of love grow deep within my heart my tender King, Let me grow in thy garden of love; let me bloom in thy gentle love.
  12. When I find it difficult to trust the words of those who tell me to trust them, when I find it difficult to believe that my good is their goal and intention, I turn to the Lord, for in the Lord I can trust, for the Lord is always truthful and trustworthy and the Lord truly desires my good. I trust in the goodness of the Lord, I trust in the love of the Lord, and I trust in the mercy of the Lord. When others disappoint and fail me I remember that though I may not receive all that I desire from the Lord, the Lord has never failed me.
  13. Isaiah 26:2 “Open the gates, that the righteous nation that keeps truth may enter in.” The power to grow and to change for the better will not come when truth is no longer recognized and accepted, for when lies prevail over truth, and when truth is no longer important, the separation between good and evil will increase, and when truth is cast aside and forsaken the world will go deeper and deeper into the darkness.
  14. “An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.” Dwight D. Eisenhower These are words of truth that clearly apply to our world today for we have the so-called intellectuals speaking many words that contain very little truth, for they speak about that which they know very little, yet feel superior to those who know the truth and those who speak the truth. Words matter, so let our words be rooted in truth, plain and simple truth.
  15. Psalms 22:1-3, “My God, my God, why have you left me? You seem too far away to save me, too far to hear my cries for help! (2) O my God, I keep crying out by day, and I am not silent at night, but you do not answer me. (3) But you, O God, you are the Holy One, you that inhabits the praises of your people.” Present praise brings the presence of the Lord unto you. If the Lord seems far from you, if the Lord seems to be silent unto your cries and does not seem to answer your prayers use the power of praise, for the Lord is holy, and He is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise, and the Lord is with those who seek him and those who honor him with their praise.
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