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  1. The Christian walk is not always a walk of perfection, for we at times fail and fall short of the glory of the Lord, and heavenly mercy and grace are ever upon us, but to know the fullness of the Lord’s heart, mind, and ways a surrendered and obedient heart is required and is to be sought by all who truly desire to know Him and to please Him.
  2. Psalms 93:1-2 “The Lord reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The Lord is clothed with strength; He has girded himself therewith: The world also is established, that it cannot be moved. (2) Your throne is established of old: You are from everlasting.” The Lord God reigns!!! The Lord sits upon his throne in heaven and He reigns. The fact that He is God above all things and that He reigns needs to be understood and written upon our hearts. The Lord reigns, He does not sit idly by and watch and do nothing, He reigns, and the Lord has all power and His reign is established and shall be unto everlasting. The Lord is upon his throne and He reigns, let this understanding be our strength in the troubled and confused times in which we live.
  3. Love life, and love life with fullness, and the fullness of life is found in love for others, for without love for others there is no fullness in love, and therefore, no fullness in life.
  4. Proverbs 27:3 “A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.” There are many lessons to be derived from this verse, but today my focus is upon the weight of small things when they are allowed to be joined together. A grain of sand has practically no weight but a bag full of sand can be quite heavy. Life is comprised of many small things, and if we allow that which is trivial to be given weight we can create burdens upon our heart. Do not give weight to small things and allow that which is of no great importance to become heavy burdens in our lives.
  5. Look at it this way... it saved you from all that candy and all those cookies. If that doesn't kill it, invite it to watch some "Tom and Jerry" loony tunes with you!
  6. Appreciate the response and the words, "well done is better than well said", I like that phrase. My dad has truly been a loyal soldier in God's army, I sometimes refer to him as the "old general" now. It was indeed my dad that taught me to fish. We still go fishing together. He likes to sit alongside a lake now in a chair. We use to wade the streams doing trout fishing but now when I fish with him, we sit and fish for bream (shell crackers), and what ever else wants to take a worm. My dad and mom, both living, he is 85, she is 83, live next door to me and both are great blessings.
  7. A number of years ago there was a man within our church organization that spoke wrongly against my dad. I say organization for we were part of a group of churches(I only mention this because it was only on some of God's holy days that we would all see each other.) My dad was aware that this particular man had spoken wrongly against him. But when our church groups were meeting together and my dad saw this man, he walked over to him, shook his hand, spoke a few words of a kind greeting unto him. I was surprised by this for I felt animosity toward this man for the things he had said against my father. I approached my dad and asked him why he went out of his way to speak to and to greet this particular individual. My dad smiled at me and simply told me, "I needed it." I pondered those words and have thought of them from time to time when someone has spoken against me. In church we are a group of people that are attempting to follow God to the best of our ability, but we are not perfect and do make mistakes. Sometimes people realize their mistakes unto one another and will ask for forgiveness, sometimes however words are spoken or actions taken that hurts another and the one involved either is unaware of the hurt caused or still sure of their own position, either way forgiveness is never sought or apologies made. When this happens, do we hurt the individual that has wronged us by feelings of animosity and actions of silence or do we harm ourselves? My father chose to forgive this individual for things wrongly spoken though no apology was ever made. But forgiveness also must be put into action. I have learned many lessons from my dad over the years and this is one of them. My dad just turned 85 and I continue to learn from him. He is a man that walks in the light of the Lord. He and I will still go to nursing homes together and he will tell me that he wants to go visit the "old people". Anyway, off the subject, but just wanted to share a lesson learned from the action taken by my dad and his words, "I needed it."
  8. The bond of love that is rooted in sacrifice will stand but love rooted in selfishness shall not endure. The giver's heart knows peace and joy that a selfish and greedy heart shall never understand. There are takers, and there are givers in this life, and by the power of choice we determine which we are and which we shall be.
  9. I love the praises. We can never praise the Lord enough! I start each morning by lifting my hands into the air, I thank the Lord for his protection through the night, for a new day and the power of a new day and for life. I always thank him for a hot shower and a cup of hot coffee. I then find things throughout the day to thank him for. In my morning prayers, I always thank him for my wife and family, for his people. I also thank my Messiah for his love and sacrifice for me. I thank them for a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, for clean clothes upon my back and for food in the pantry. Each day is a new adventure and I find myself thanking them and praising them throughout the day. Perhaps for a deer that crosses my path, for the birds at my feeder, for a empty parking space for a break in the traffic, so many things. Bottom line.... you can never thank them enough and you can never praise them enough.... but I will never keep trying! At church, before singing praises, I always ask the congregation if anyone has any praises to share from their week. I always love the responses. And today, I praise them for the responses received here.
  10. My father and I will visit some of the nursing homes in our area and have found it to be a very rewarding time. There are so many loving and kind men and women in these homes that have been simply forgotten and pushed aside by their families. So many with so much to share if people will take the time to listen. I have many stories from my visits that I could share and many lessons learned. I want to share one small experience of a simple praise from a sweet and lonely lady. On one of my visits, I was walking down the hall of the nursing home. I wasn't there to visit someone from church. My father and I simply go to visit many that don't get visits from friends or family, often the director will give us a list of names. One of the homes we go to is fairly large and it would truly take all day to go to every room and visit with every person. We pray every time before we go in asking the Lord to guide us in our visits. Some days I have more time than others. On this particular morning, I was moving fairly quickly to another section of the home when I noticed a lady sitting alone in her room. She was sitting in a wheelchair and was doing her best to reach a sweater that had fallen to the floor. I paused, knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. She smiled and invited me in. I picked up the sweater and handed it to her and then I sat down in the one chair in the room. I asked her for her name. I was surprised for she gave me what was obviously a man's name. I had to ask her how she came by that name. She shared a humorous story of her parents and how that name was chosen. We talked for a good while and I had prayer with her before I left. As I went to leave she looked at me with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes and said that she did have a praise to the Lord that she wanted to share. I paused and she said simply, "I praise the Lord for a fallen sweater." There are so many things to praise the Lord for everyday. I just felt led to share this story with you. What little things can you praise the Lord for?
  11. Faith shall be challenged by the trials of life, but faith is the peaceful assurance that this too shall pass but that the promises of God shall not.
  12. The heart of the Lord is revealed in truth, and His truth reveals the true heart of man even when man does not walk in truth revealed.
  13. Are our greatest weaknesses revealed in our actions or in our excuses?
  14. Hope that is built upon the eternal truth of the Lord will be steadfast when the cares of this life seek to cause our faith and hope to waver. Look to the eternal truth of God, for eternal truth is beyond this life and will give strength unto the days of our living.
  15. The moral character within our heart can be greater than any negative influence from without, for the wellspring of influence is within our heart, and the waters which flow from the source are within our control, so the potential influence for good lies within us and is shaped by our heart more than any external influence.
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