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  1. Will the day come that removes the veil from my heart and the hearts of others? Will there be a time when others will truly see me and truly know the depth of my heart? I see their faces each day, faces at work, faces in the stores and restaurants, faces of the stranger, faces of friends and family, so many faces do I see each day. I see their faces, but I fail to see the hearts of so many for there is a veil upon my heart and there is a veil upon their hearts. We hide the traces of our tears with smiles and with words of feigned hope, and we use humor and laughter to veil the sorrow within. Faces can hide the truth within and faces can hide the breaking heart and the lost soul, but eventually that which is veiled within shall be released. Will love be expressed this day with honesty and unfeigned lips? Will the veil be lifted even for a moment so that truth will be revealed unto another? I fear to remove the veil, for if my true self is known will I be received or will I be ridiculed and rejected? I hide the traces of tears and I walk in the shadows for there is a veil upon my heart that prevents the fullness of love, light, hope and joy from entering in or being released. The veil protects but the veil doth also make me prisoner.
  2. Psalms 99:6, “Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.” Will the Lord answer if we call upon him or is this a blessing given only to select few? Is it possible that we have not for we ask not, and could it be that if we would seek we would find and if we knocked the door would be opened unto us? Call upon the Lord, tell Him about your wants, you needs, your hopes and your dreams, ask the Lord to be mighty for you, to open doors for you and to hear your prayers and to answer you. The Lord God and His Beloved Son Jesus still hear the prayers of men, women, and children and they still answer those who will believe and seek.
  3. Tattered and torn are the signs that declared that the circus is coming to town. Signs stapled to utility poles and on the sides of an old barn, signs faded by time and worn by the rain and the sun. All were once colorful and new, and the images and the words upon them brought joy to many a child’s heart. Faded memories of the events of a childhood now past, remnants of a simpler time and a very different world. Buildings that were once new and magnificent now stand silent with broken windows and boarded doors, and they slowly crumble and surrender to the grass and the vines that encompass them about. Things once so new and anticipated now stand as decaying memorials to a world passed by. Only the old remember certain joys and happy times for generation gives way to generation and the old is tossed aside like a new toy when something better takes its place. The wind blows upon the old sign declaring that the circus is coming to town, and it is torn from the old post and is carried away, and as it tumbles through the air another memory fades away and is no more. The wind remains, for the wind is time and the wind is change, and the wind carries away the memories and the memorials of a simpler time and a simpler life.
  4. Romans 6:3-4, “For surely you know that when we were baptized into union with Christ Jesus, we were baptized into union with his death. (4) By our baptism, then, we were buried with him and shared his death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the Father, so also we might live a new life.” A new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate are words used to express a desire for renewal, a desire for change. New beginnings can be difficult for there are memories to remind us, our memories, and the memories of those who know us can be a barrier to that clean slate we at times desire. I cannot change my past and begin my life over, for what is done is done, but I can find renewal and a new beginning by the power of repentance and forgiveness. I cannot go back to a moment in time and begin anew for the past has already been written, but my future, and the future of all living has not yet been written. We have a blank page this day and for every new day that we live so at any moment in future time we can begin anew and find the fresh start that we desire. Blank pages in every moment, hour, and day before us so we arise every morning to a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new beginning. I cannot change my past, but by the power of the blood and name of Jesus I can find forgiveness, redemption, restoration and a new life. I am most grateful for the new beginning this new day brings unto me.
  5. Psalms 77:3, “I will keep God in memory, with sounds of grief; my thoughts are troubled, and my spirit is overcome. Selah.” The cherished memories of life sustain us and mold and shape us in ways not always understood. Some memories serve as reminders of lessons learned and mistakes made, while other memories serve as gentle reminders of the goodness bestowed and the things that make life all worthwhile. Memories are reflections of our soul, and memories serve as an internal witness of our life and the lives of others. I keep the memories of my childhood and early life within my heart and mind, and while I rarely reflect upon these memories they are the bedrock upon which my life has been established. To keep in memory does not require daily reflection for some memories never leave us, for they are us and shall forever remain. I keep the Lord in memory within my heart and mind. I pray each day, and I worship and I reflect upon the Lord, for the memories held within are the foundation of my strength. When trials come and when my thoughts are troubled I reflect upon the Lord as He is and as He has been in my life. Memories bring strength and power in the present. When I am troubled I will first remember the goodness and mercy of the Lord, and the power of memory will calm me and assure me that the Lord will do as he has already done. Keep the Lord in memory and troubling thoughts will fade away.
  6. The Lord is all that is needed in all things, for the Lord is above all things and the Lord is the power above all power. In our search to fill the needs of life there is One that can satisfy every desire, every longing, and every need, for the Lord is the power. No matter the trial, no matter the challenge, no matter how great the obstacle, no matter how hard the battle, the Lord is all that we need for the Lord is the power above all power and He has power over all things.
  7. The concept that someone has everything in order and that they are completely in charge of every situation is a misnomer for no one truly controls this day or tomorrow. We can prepare and make ready but only the Lord God knows what lies ahead. We live in the present and that is all. Our past has great impact upon our present and our future, but the present is all that we have. We plan our days, weeks, months, and years but any plan beyond the moment is still a plan and not yet reality. Some people seek to control every aspect of their lives and seek to master every situation but this is a supposition not based upon reality. Some appear to be in control while others appear to be completely frustrated and seem to struggle with many aspects of day to day life and go through life overwhelmed by the immensity of it all. The overwhelmed when encountering those who appear to be in complete control are either impressed or irritated. Life has innate struggles, for life cannot be completely planned and controlled by our desires and actions. Life contains many unknowns and many unforeseen circumstances, so do not be discouraged if one of these unknown and unforeseen things causes you to initially struggle or seem uncertain. I know not what today or tomorrow may bring, but I know the One who holds all my days in his loving hands, so in trust and surrender I will face the challenges of a new day, and I may conquer all with ease or I may struggle for a while, but the Lord that guides me truly guides me, and will see me through all my days.
  8. The United States is very much like that. God's truth is many times labeled as "hate speech", because often God's word isn't politically correct.
  9. Do you hesitate to praise God and share the word of God because you do not want to offend another? Our nation uses the term, “political correctness” which is simply a combination of words to express a theory rooted in the darkness. Men teach that you should be silent in your belief and in your praise for it may offend another who does not believe. We are to seek to be at peace with all men, but the testimony of praise is not to be silenced by the philosophy of darkness. All breath and life is held within the hands of the Father and he is to be praised. Do not let the foolishness of others lead you to be silent in your praise, for praise must be declared. Speak truth always, and speak truth even when the ears around you do not desire to hear truth. You are not to be offensive unto others, but you must not be silent in your testimony of praise. I try not to be offensive in manner, but I accept that in our day and age, truth will offend. This should not lead us to silence and we should never hide behind "political correctness". I truly believe that "political correctness" is a way that darkness and evil uses to silence truth and light. It isn't "politically correct" to state that children need to be taught the ways of Christ and praise and worship should be in our schools. It isn't "politically correct" to state that God created man and woman and that marriage was established by God, and that marriage is not to be between two men or between two women. It isn't "politically correct" to state that abortion is the greatest evil and the greatest blight against our nation. In the name of "political correctness" darkness is proclaimed and light is silenced.
  10. Psalms 33:4, “For the word of the Lord is upright, and all his works are certain.” Are the words that we speak right and true, and are our actions certain, are they completed faithfully as promised? I reflect upon the concept of certainty this day. It is said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes, but a life filled with uncertainty is a life of solitude and inaction, for in life there must be things that are certain, things steadfast and true. Are others certain that your words are always words of truth, are others certain that you will faithfully complete all tasks and always keep your word? Do we not need others that we can always rely upon, those that we are certain will be honest, faithful and true? Never being certain of the words or actions of another causes us to live a life where we are always leery of others, a life where no one can ever be trusted. We must first be men and women that others can be certain of, certain that we will speak truth and execute all actions faithfully as promised, and then we must trust others enough to allow them to prove that they are faithful and true. Never trusting others is the formula for a sad and lonely existence, for even if trust is violated at times it is better to live a life where we see good instead of bad and we see light instead of darkness. Others may fail us at times, but we need to trust others and give others the opportunity to prove that there are more things certain in life than death and taxes.
  11. That which man builds can be built once more, and that which the Lord has made shall be unto everlasting, for there are things that the Lord has made that no man can destroy. Death comes unto man, and though the flesh is no more the spirit remains in the hands of the Lord. We erect monuments as memorials of loss and war, and we rebuild but we do not forget. This is a day of remembrance, a day to mourn the loss of the innocent and to honor the heroes who stepped forward to help others in need. This day, like all days, is a day of remembrance for the Lord God for he never forgets and he remembers all that have died. There will be no large gatherings this day, and the media will not report about the death of so many innocent ones in our nation. I, too, mourn for the loss of life that occurred on this day sixteen years ago, and I mourn for the people of this nation who are suffering through all the disasters that continue to afflict us. Many speeches will be given today as we remember that over 3,000 people died this day, but there will be silence for the estimated 61,000,000 that have died through abortions performed in this nation since 1973 (Roe vs. Wade), and there will be no speeches for the more than 1,000 babies that shall be aborted this day. I do not mean to take away from the tragedy that occurred on this day in history, but an even greater tragedy occurs day, after day, after day, in our nation.
  12. The Hope of Another Within my heart there is a hope that has lingered all the days of my life, At times it has been clearly spoken but mostly this hope remains deep within. It is a hope not born of my own thoughts, for the origin of this hope is not of me, It is a hope beyond me, but is a hope that defines me in ways not fully understood. Dreams come and they go, hopes rise up suddenly and just as quickly fade away, Our plans and our dreams join with our hopes and desires to shape our lives. Some hope will not pass and some dreams will not fade away for they are higher, Higher than my thoughts, higher than my vision and higher than my strength. My hope is beyond my life, for my hope is beyond my power and my deepest desires, Within my heart there is a hope for more, a hope for something that will astound me. A world greater, a world gentler and kind, a world beyond anything I have known, This hope of better is beyond me, for it is not of me, for it is the hope of another. This voice of hope calls unto me, this light of hope guides my thoughts and my dreams, The hope that I belong to a place not of this place, to someone beyond this life and world. The hope of another lingers within my heart, for I am become the deep hope of another, I am the hope and the dream, as all mankind is the hope and dream of another.
  13. The Lord God is my mountain and the Lord Jesus is the holy city built upon the mountain of God. Upon the mountain, I shall be strong and within the holy city I shall be blessed. I desire to ascend the mountain of the Lord, so I seek my hands to be free of all wickedness and I desire my heart to be purified by the living waters that flow freely from the fountain of all life. I desire to dwell within the city of my Lord, to spend a day within his courts, and to find the joy and peace that transcends all understanding, and there in that holy place upon his holy mountain I desire to remain all my days. I seek to ascend the mountain and I seek to find the dwelling place of my King and my God.
  14. There are no walls more impenetrable than those erected within the human heart, there are no secrets more vanquishing than the ones locked deep within the human heart, there is no silence as complete as the unspoken words of the heart, there is no blindness greater than the sightlessness of the heart, there is no sorrow more grievous that the heart that has been betrayed by one allowed entrance into the depth therein, and there is no fortress more formidable than the broken heart that is afraid to trust and to love again. The human heart, more than flesh, more than spirit, it is the center of life physically and emotionally. The dwelling place of love and joy, the dwelling place of envy and strife. Cold and uncaring or warm and filled with compassion and love? Do we not have power over flesh and spirit, do we not have power to shape and mold our heart and the hearts of others? The human heart directs our words and actions far more than most see and understand, so desire a heart of goodness and love, desire a heart free of the walls and barriers that prevent words from being spoken and actions from being completed. Desire a heart that sees and a heart that feels even before it sees. Desire a heart that will forgive, a heart that will trust, a heart that will open the gates unto others so that they might dwell within and make us whole and complete, for hearts joined are greater than hearts that beat alone.
  15. Psalms 38:22 “Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation.” Come quickly and help me Lord for you are my help and you are the one who saves me. I am in need of your wisdom, I am in need of your strength, and I am in need of your mercy. Deliver me my Lord and help me, hasten my Lord for my need is now, and my need is beyond my power and my wisdom, I need you Lord, for you and you alone can save me. Hear my plea from your throne on high and come quickly my God and help me, for my heart cries out unto you for my deliverance and my salvation. Some needs will wait, some needs will pass, but some needs require the Lord to hasten unto us to rescue and to save.
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