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  1. Some things no matter how hard you try to forget just keeps coming back...
  2. Hi. Sorry for yet another question, just still finding my way around here. I want to go to Adults Lounge but it says I must have a password? How do I get one? Thanks.
  3. Hi all! Please pray for my sister to get pregnant. She will turn 39 this year, been married for like 8 years. Thanks a lot. God bless!
  4. Yeah I can. It was my bad, I didn't watch the tutorial video.
  5. Sorry if this sounds like I am being impatient, I didn't mean to, I am just curious. Also, how much time does a newbie's post be approved before one can explore the forums, etc?
  6. Just wanna ask those questions. Is there like a minimum number of posts before I can do that? Thanks.
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